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Kimberly Meeks's Past Articles

7 articles

Infiltrating Immorality Into Law


published: July 29, 2012


As long as there are a group of people exclaiming their “constitutional given rights,” the government will ride in like a knight in shining armor on a big white horse ready to save the ...

Liberal Lies Lead to Major Misconceptions


published: June 17, 2012


According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 47% of voters approve of Mr. Obama’s job performance, while only 52% disapprove. Given the current state of the country under the leadership of one of th...

Restoring American Exceptionalism


published: February 07, 2012


In an effort to sidetrack attention from Obama’s embarrassingly waning popularity, the liberal media has revved up their anti GOP campaign in honor of the upcoming election. MSNBC, the crowne...

RNC Chairman: Repudiate Obama’s Failed Agenda


published: January 08, 2012


In a January 4th Fox News Article, Obama admin David Axelrod referred to Mitt Romney as the symbol of “what concerns most people about this economy.” He also stated that Romney’s ...

The Annihilation of Capitalism


published: October 18, 2011


Throughout the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, liberalism has deceptively infiltrated the American political system, in the name of progressivism, threatening the dismantling of the foundations...

Obama Uses Global Aid to Fund Green Welfare


published: September 04, 2011


After succeeding in just about every means necessary to destroy the US economy, Obama’s precious secret weapon, the “cap and trade bill,” will serve as a final attempt to destroy ...

Tea Party Starts a Political Revolution


published: August 21, 2011


“The Tea Party didn’t start this fire, they sounded the alarm,” said Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, during his Senate speech on the deficit battle. Tea Party popularity has grown ...

Kimberly Meeks Articles

Kimberly Meeks

7 articles
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In 2010, Mrs. Kimberly Truett graduated from Barton College with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Her passion for politics has since driven her pursuit towards a career in politics.

In 2010, she gave a speech during a rally organized by her local Tea Party, where she was labeled a “future torchbearer” by the party’s leader. In January 2011, she landed her first position as a political writer for the Conservative Dispatch (, where she provided commentary and analysis on current political issues from a conservative perspective. She resigned as staff writer for the Conservative Dispatch in April 2011, when the website’s creator announced his pro gay marriage stance, and the pro gay marriage direction the Conservative Dispatch would, therefore, pursue. As a result, the remaining staff writers resigned as well, and the Conservative Dispatch is no longer in publication.

Mrs. Truett is only just beginning her career in politics. She hopes to work her way towards becoming a political analyst someday. Although her determination and passion will guide her, it will be her faith in the promise of the American dream that will sustain her down the long path ahead.



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