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ConservativeCrusader TM is centered on quality op-ed articles that examine current events from a conservative point of view. Several up-and-coming as well as seasoned writers have come together to build one of the most comprehensive conservative web sites on the net. We are focused on educating the politically curious and providing them a forum where they have a chance to interact with each other, our staff and with our regular contributors. Our demographics are news consumers, ages 21 years of and up, who like being politically pro-active and interactive.

Being a ConservativeCrusader means being pro-active in keeping the conservative philosophy and causes in the forefront of American ideology. "You, Me, Everyone!" is our solgan. Why? Because it takes you, me and everyone to make a difference. Conservatives can no longer be the silent majority. We to have too take it to the streets, to our neighbors, to media outlets and most of all too our officially elected officials."The squeaky wheel gets the grease" and the far left crowd has been squeaking loudly for many years.

Read some of our articles, check out our headlines and you will get a good feel for what we are trying to achieve. We are a responsible, honest and professional group of people who are focused on an honorable task of guiding our great nation in the "right" direction.

Site Features


The bulk of the ConservativeCrusader web site is centered on our op-ed articles brought to you buy a variety of conservative writers from all walks of life. Surfers can enjoy an ever growing collection of compelling material. New writers are constantly joining ensuring a flow of fresh content, new ideas and perspectives.

With all this material and with no end in sight you need a way to find just what you are looking for. Our comprehensive Search tools will help you do just that.

Find that gold nugget of information you need for your next debate with that crazy liberal uncle or co-worker. Search through articles using key words. You can search within categories, by content, title or even by an authors name. You can view all the articles that particular writer has submitted to the site. A list of our authors can be found here. The site map will guide you through the over all layout of the site.


Not only dose ConservativeCrusader have top-notch, compelling articles but we give you the viewer several avenues to voice your opinions and participate. The 3 main streams of communication for our readers are: comment submission, the forum board and free chat.

Submit comments and vote on an articles that you really enjoyed or disliked. When entering a submission try to keep it short and to the point. If you disagree with someone be sure to explain why and list examples if you have them. Once a comment has been submitted it can take up to 24 hours for it to be reviewed and posted to the site. We will not post bomb-throwing, blow hards that can\'t talk in a respectful, thoughtful manner. No vulgarity, bigotry or hate speech of any kind will be tolerated.


An important component of our mission is the mission. There is no crusader without a crusade.

Some people do more than vote and for those battle-harden folks we provide a list of ways to get yourself involved. Visit the Action Items page for a list of causes and contacts. We are constantly looking for conservative causes to list on our site. If you have a cause or know an organization that might be interested in listing their cause on our site email us. We are particularly interested in conservative protests, sit-ins and counter-protests.

The most important and easiest thing any crusader can do to make their voice heard is to VOTE! We at ConservativeCrusader can\'t stress this enough. Contacting your elected officials is a great way to get things off your chest and we need as many conservatives as we can get to do this. However your vote is the only surefire way you can directly affect the course of our country.

We give you plenty of links to get yourself going. There are links that can help you get registered to vote and links for you to contact your elected officials and media outlets so you can let off some steam.

Support the site

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ConservativeCrusader is privately owned. We are not a non-profit organization. We are conservatives, which means we are capitalists.

It seems that many organizations that claim to be a not for profit organization end up paying their senior staff a salary that would make a publicly held company CEO jealous. We choose not to abuse the not for profit business status.

Interested in becoming a ConservativeCrusader contributor?

Contact Us some written samples of your work or links to where we might review some of your writings. If we like what we find you will get a reply email inviting you to become a contributor. We request that all of our contributors use their legal names, submit a short bio and small photo of themselves to be posted on the ConservativeCrusader site and any other ConservativeCrusader access.

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Opinions expressed by contributing writers are expressly their own and may or may not represent the opinions of, it's editorial staff or it's publisher. Reprint inquiries should be directed to the author of the article. Contact us for a link request to is not affiliated with any of the alphabet media organizations. is a group of non-compensated, independent writers bringing common sense commentary to the public in the midst of the mainstream media's blatant liberal bias.

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