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Tax Cuts: Maybe or Maybe Not?


published: September 18, 2010


John Bohener (House Minority Leader) indicated that he would be willing to consider supporting a bill that would extend some of the Bush Tax Cuts.  In this article, Bohener basically is sendin...

Business Bristle Against Obama's Policies


published: September 08, 2010


As I have read over the last few days, the rise of business groups, industry groups and small business owners have increasingly become more vocal and concerned about the administration's economic...

Business Flexes its Muscle in Mid-Term Election


published: September 02, 2010


Remember how everyone for a period of time thought Britain was doomed in WWII?  The Battle of Britain was long and hard due to constant bombings and assaults by the Germans.  The people a...

Daily Kos Wrong on Tax Cuts and Jobs


published: September 02, 2010


Daily Kos's Joan McCarter had a posting today on the struggle within the White House on what to do about jobs and the economy.  This is nothing new with the Obama Administration and their budd...

Government Tracking of Citizens' Mobility


published: August 28, 2010


Just when one thinks it could not get any worse with government intrusion on our lives than it already is, we get sandbagged in the gut with something else.  That something else now is tread...

Dismantling of America's Military


published: August 25, 2010


News came AGAIN of more cuts and reductions in our military budget and personnel.  I should not be shocked, but as we all have seen the past several months these kind of jolts from the curre...

Daily Kos Weak Argument on Net Neutrality


published: August 17, 2010


One of the contributors at Daily Kos, Joan McCarter, decided to TRY to turn the tables on the conservative's opposition to the Net Neutrality effort put forth by the FCC.  Clearly, there are...

Federal Hijacking of Land


published: August 17, 2010


The U.S. military has many planes that are considered a stealth fighter jet.  Some of them can travel long distances to without even being detected and drop some bombs on their targets and r...

Continued Catering of Illegals


published: August 11, 2010


In the last several months, the current administration's track record on managing and confronting the illegal immigration has been soft to say the least.  We have seen the Department of Just...

Political Correctness in America


published: August 04, 2010


The practice of political correctness in this country use to be something of almost a joke back in the '90s during the Clinton Administration.  However, that is not the case anymore.  P...

Congressional Duties 101


published: August 04, 2010


In this election year many candidates will say to the voters that they will work hard for us, fight for us and represent us well.  We know all too well how that can go with most of them.&nbs...;

Washington Weakens Defense Posture Again


published: August 03, 2010


If there is one common thread found between today's Republican and Democrat leadership, then it is on proposed Defense Spending.  Both Obama's 2011 budget and the Republican Study Committee ...

Kagan: Wrong for America


published: July 29, 2010


Elena Kagan made it through the Senate Judiciary committee with no problem and was able to pick up a Republican vote. Who do you think that is? Our Republican yellow belly Lindsey Graham is the l...

START Treaty Should Not Be Ratified


published: July 28, 2010


Back in May of this year, Defense Secretary Robert Gates stated that the new START Treaty signifies ongoing cooperation between the two countries. I could not disagree more with Mr. Gates. To say...

Jason Hammond Articles

Jason Hammond

14 articles
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Conservative Republican with the belief that government should be limited, focused on defense and financially prudent. I am the creator and founder of a political website entitled:
FreeOrBound I created the site out of pure motivation to influence others to do more than just vote. My purpose is to get the "silent majority" to speak, write and petition our leaders to do the right thing.

I am in IT and work in a large corporation and would be considered a regular conservative guy in America. I am compelled by the constant attacks on freedom and capitalism to at LEAST write and educate others of the dangers lurking in our country. Like a true conservative, the less government the better. I am not an accomplished writer, but a citizen who analyzes and thinks for himself based on founding principles.



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