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Every Year Boondoggles Pile Up in California


published: January 17, 2012


The left-wing idea that it’s good for government to always wildly increase spending is dying a quick death these days. But this good sense has not made it to every state in the union yet -- t...

Are You a Conservative? Welcome to the Majority!


published: January 16, 2012


There has been a lot of lament by the far left in America that the Tea Party has somehow driven the Republican Party to conservative extremes. This, however, is untrue. The truth is, the American p...

Obama Chic: Now Selling Campaign Gear for the One Percent


published: January 16, 2012


Obama? Why, he's the middle class warrior, isn't he? He's the veritable man of the people, darn it. He has beer summits and he chows down on burgers and fries just like us reg'lar folks. Gone are t...

Obama Excuses Over 500,000 Union Members From Obamacare


published: January 13, 2012


Remember back in the days of the debate over Obamacare when unions were the biggest voices screaming in support of the legislation? Many labor union bosses said that nationalized healthcare was exa...

Obama's Electronic Medical Records Requirements Already Causing Job Loss


published: January 10, 2012


While the Old Media has been ecstatic over recent job numbers, claiming that some 200,000 jobs have been added to the economy, we should note that while Obama giveth Obama also taketh away. The med...

No, Daily Caller, Rush Will Not Back a Candidate in the Primary


published: January 09, 2012


The Daily Caller posted an Op Ed calling on Rush Limbaugh to save the GOP by offering a clinching endorsement of one of the non-Romney candidates. The writer was full of reasons and praise for the ...

Albany Police Chief Slams 'Occupy'-Supporting Councilmen


published: January 09, 2012


Albany Police Chief Steven Krokoff came in for heavy criticism by fans of the Occupy "movement" after he ordered the clearing of their downtown encampment pursuant to a court order. The a...

Dear Voters, Vote For Romney, You Idiots. Love, the Establishment GOP


published: January 08, 2012


Apparently, Mitt Romney and his surrogates want you to know that you should not vote your conscience or your principles this primary election. You should vote for Mitt Romney, instead. That is the ...

Reality TV Tax Hikes? ABC Pushes a Kim Kardashian Tax


published: January 08, 2012


Here's a new way to try and hip-up the boring, ages-old, left-wing idea of tax hikes: link it to reality TV star Kim Kardashian. That is just what ABC News tried to do on the Wednesday, January 4 e...

Santorum/Romney/Paul: So What Did Iowa Prove?


published: January 06, 2012


The 2012 Iowa Caucuses are now over and in a nail biting ending the two highest vote getters were separated by only eight votes. So, what did this caucus prove? It proved that organization matters,...

A Good, Pro-Life Hollywood Story


published: January 04, 2012


Here at the site we often take Hollywood to task for its outrageous liberalism, and rightfully so. Of course it's our job to look for the worst cases to alert you all about the nagging left-wing bi...

How Ron Paul Might Win Iowa and STILL Get No Hawkeye Delegates


published: January 01, 2012


My friend Michael Bates has raised some interesting -- if technical -- points. He notes that Ron Paul could very will win Iowa but still come away with few or even no Iowa delegates. After looking ...

Mitt Romney: My Mass. Healthcare Plan Is 'Fundamentally Conservative'


published: December 31, 2011


Romney did it again. On Fox News he linked Romneycare to conservative principles, an outrageous act in the eyes of any conservative. But hold the boat, people, because Romney didn't exactly say tha...

Politico’s Top 10 Political Blunders: Mostly GOP Blunders?


published: December 30, 2011


Top ten lists at year's end are always subjective, to be sure. But some lists seem rather obviously out of whack at first glance. Politico's "Top 10 political blunders of 2011" is one of ...

The Kwanzaa Con: Created by a Rapist and Torturer


published: December 27, 2011


Each year, with the onset of Christmas, we are treated to another gauzy, fluff piece about how great Kwanzaa is by yet another PC spewing columnist. This year, among many others, we find aggrandize...

Yes Virginia The Internet Does NOT Replace Old Fashioned Politics


published: December 26, 2011


When Howard Dean became a surprise front runner in the Democrat primary of 2004 doing so on the basis of a strong Internet-based campaign effort, tongues began to wag that the Internet might replac...

Media Forgets to Mention S. C. Immigration Law-Blocking Judge is Obama Appointee


published: December 25, 2011


One of the Old Media's favorite ways of attempting to hide the ideological track of a story is to somehow forget to mention to which party someone in the news hails or owes fealty to. In this case...

Boston University Muslim Chaplin Raising Funds for Al Qaeda, Mass. Pols Embrace Him


published: December 25, 2011


Abdullah Faaruuq, a Muslim "spiritual advisor" and chaplain from Boston-based Northeastern University, was a key speaker at a fundraiser for al Qaeda's Ma Barker, the criminal female terr...

Denial: VP Biden Says Taliban NOT Our Enemy, Obama Official Refuses to Say al Qaeda are 'Radical Islamists'


published: December 21, 2011


President Obama and his various quislings and underlings still cannot bring themselves to say that the USA is under attack by radical Islamists. This is the self-destructive garbage that comes from...

Salon's Joan Walsh: Reagan Dems Voted GOP in 1980 Because They Were Raaaaacists


published: December 19, 2011


Did you know that the only reason those famed "Reagan Democrats" voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984 was because they were… uh… racists? Well on the little watched Ed S...

New York Rabbi: A Tim Tebow Win Will Cause Christians to Burn Mosques, Bash Gays


published: December 19, 2011


In the category of bigotry and hatred spares no religion, we find such hatred hiding behind religion in one "Rabbi" Joshua Hammerman of New York City. Hammerman has indulged his inner Fat...

Time Mag: Occupy Wall Street The Number One Story of 2011?


published: December 19, 2011


It's that time of year again, time for newspapers and magazines to start floating their "top stories of the year" lists and Time Magazine has a whole "Top of Everything" list wi...

Even NY Times Doubtful About California Boondoggles


published: December 13, 2011


You know a government project is headed for disaster when even the New York Times becomes skeptical about it. In a recent article, the "newspaper of record" interviewed several public of...

Jose Antonio Vargas: Being an Illegal Alien Made Me… a Better Reporter?


published: December 11, 2011


Jose Antonio Vargas is the perfect example of media bias. He presents himself as both an activist for illegal immigrants and a "journalist." He's uniquely suited to this claim in today's ...

Romney, Newt, Bachtorum, Ron Puntsman: Who Cares?


published: December 11, 2011


Like nearly every conservative in America today I am unimpressed by the current crop of GOP nominees for president and feel they all have major flaws -- especially the two frontrunners Newt and Rom...

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Warner Todd Huston

1021 articles
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