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Obama Appointed Ambassador Says Israel At Fault for Muslim Anti-Semitism


published: December 08, 2011


Since he ascended from nothing to the office of President of the United States, Obama has shown a disdain for most of our western allies that borders on hatred. But he's reserved his most backhande...

How the Left Lies its Way to 'Facts'


published: December 07, 2011


There was once a famous liberal congressman from New York who reminded his opponents that they could have their own opinions but not their own facts. This, of course, was Daniel Patrick Moynihan, o...

'Historian' Gets Mouthy At Congressional Hearing


published: December 05, 2011


I meant to get to this last week, but "historian" Douglas Brinkley is so forgettable as a writer that it all slipped my mind. But, it's a slow news day, so let's take a look at the temper...

CNN Soft Peddles 'Occupy' Lawbreaking, Asks if Police Have 'Sympathy' With Occupiers


published: December 04, 2011


On November 30, CNN's T. J. Holmes gave us a great example of how the Old Media is soft peddling the law breaking going on at the Occupy events in order to make these events seem far less dangerous...

Looks Like Obama Lost These Boobs as Fans, Anyway


published: December 04, 2011


The Barbi Twins are no longer big fans of the Obammessiah. They think he's turned his back on the horses. No, not the ones at the race track -- well, maybe after they retire from the track they'll ...

Latest News of Obamacare's Forthcoming Death Panels


published: December 04, 2011


Are you an elderly American? Well get ready to be determined a non-essential medical expenditure if Obamacare has any say in the matter -- which it will if its allowed to become fully implemented. ...

With the Economy Down, Obama Looks to Help Big Labor Make it Worse


published: December 02, 2011


With this week's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing of American Airlines, we again see the results of unions having a hand in destroying American businesses. We also saw GM laid low by union demands cost...

The Chevy Volt: Detroit's Hottest Car (Cuz They Catch on Fire and Stuff)


published: December 01, 2011


Government Motors has finally found its hottest car and the Chevy Volt is it. Unfortunately for Chevy, it isn't because it is popular. It's because the car seems to catch on fire a lot. Industry wa...

Frank Rich: Obama's Just Like JFK Because JFK Was Killed With Hate, or Something


published: November 30, 2011


It's hard to believe but Frank Rich's latest exercise in the fantasist’s art comparing JFK to Obama is a wonder to behold. It really is. One might think it satire if Rich had never been prese...

Union Boss Gets Free State Money for Kid's College Tuition


published: November 29, 2011


You might recall in October when it was discovered that a few union bosses had paid off Illinois lawmakers to write a law that allowed union bosses to serve as a substitute teacher for one day in o...

Kinder, Gentler OWSer Vows to Assassinate Governor


published: November 27, 2011


A whack nut Occupy Wall Street sympathizer in South Carolina was a bit miffed when Governor Nikki Haley "allowed" the police to begin arresting the dregs at Occupy Columbia. In fact, he w...

Did Ezra Klein Prove that Journalism Just Another Arm of the Democrat Party?


published: November 27, 2011


Fishbowl DC has a startling report that seriously brings into doubt the independence and veracity of the journalistic arts. It seems that the Washington Post's Ezra Klein appeared as a speaker at a...

Unbelievable: Planned Parenthood Used Thanksgiving Holiday to Push Abortion!


published: November 27, 2011


The indefatigable Steven Ertelt reports another outrage from the infanticide fanatics at Planned Parenthood. Apparently Planned Parenthood is advocating that families use the Thanksgiving holiday (...

There Isn't More Political 'Polarization,' There's More Government


published: November 27, 2011


Ron Fournier of the National Journal has committed the same mistake in political analysis that far too many others on both sides of the aisle make. He thinks, like many do, that there is somehow mo...

Hypocrisy: Left Wants SCOTUS Justice Thomas Recusal, Ignores Kagan's Clear Conflicts


published: November 24, 2011


This past weekend the Washington Post published a hit piece on the grand opening of a museum in Georgia dedicated to the birthplace of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The paper was desp...

Obama To Make Your Cyberdating Lies a Federal Crime


published: November 22, 2011


Yes, yes, I know that lying on your Internet dating profile is wrong, but let's not make a federal case out of it. Well, maybe you do want to make a federal case out if it at least if you are the m...

Actor Ruffalo Wants Obama to Turn Army Corps of Engineers Political


published: November 21, 2011


Mark Ruffalo -- you know, the millionaire actor that claims to be part of the 99% -- may not be a scientist. But he plays one on mass emailings from left-wing advocacy groups. And with that activis...

GM Bailout: Bait And Switch And Drive That Lemon Away


published: November 20, 2011


General Motors was too big to fail. This is why President Obama had to ride in on his white steed with billions of taxpayers dollars in hand to bailout GM rechristening it Government Motors. Beside...

Politico Misstates Concealed Carry Law Claims it Violates State's Laws


published: November 20, 2011


Apparently Politico does not like the new concealed-carry reciprocity law recently passed in Congress. They must not like it. After all, aside from covering it in a negative light, the newser so ba...

Grammy Nominee's Occupy Wall Street Theme Song Features Bloodlust, Violent Imagery


published: November 20, 2011


While denizens of Hollywood are running around praising the Occupy-Whatevers as an articulate, non-violent example of "democracy in action" and adopting the Occupy rhetoric, a new anthem ...

Diane Sawyer Again Links Tea Party and Sarah Palin to Rep. Giffords' Shooting


published: November 17, 2011


In her exclusive interview with Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D, AZ), ABCs Diane Sawyer began with a retrospective of the terrible crime committed against the Congresswoman by a mentally distu...

Denver Protest Shows Incoherence of 'Occupy'


published: November 16, 2011


Over this past weekend several hundred conservative bloggers, writers, political operatives, and Tea Patiers got together in Denver, Colorado to attend a conference aimed toward helping these activ...

Rancho Cordova Blast Fine Too Low to Assure Future Public Safety


published: November 16, 2011


In 2008 a pipeline operated by Pacific Gas & Electric exploded destroying several homes and killing 72-year-old Wilbert Paana. Since that time authorities have been attempting to determine what...

ENOUGH of GOP 'Debates' Where Mediots Show Us How Tough They Are


published: November 15, 2011


In the upcoming Republican primary I am not voting for Brian Williams, Brett Baier, Scott Pelly, Wolf Blitzer or any other member of the Old Media. I am trying to figure out which Republican nomine...

'Swag Industry' Whines About Obama Cutoff


published: November 14, 2011


Warning, here you will see me praise President Barack Obama. Last week the President issued a directive for his various agencies to cut down department spending and one of those ways he targeted to...

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Warner Todd Huston

1021 articles
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