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Abortion Provider Closes Doors Instead of Obeying Laws, Old Media Silent


published: July 27, 2008


Now here is an interesting little story that doesn't seem to be getting any media coverage. In South Dakota after being held up in courts since 2005, a new law finally took effect on July 21 requir...

Obama Hits a Wall! Will Media Highlight MAJOR Obama Gaffe in Berlin Speech?


published: July 25, 2008


Obama's speech today in Berlin, hailed as a "major" address, has at least one major, glaring error that shows that nether Obama nor his handlers and speech writers were thoroughly familia...

MSNBC Prez Claims They're Not Liberal On Purpose, But 'You Can't Trust A Word' Fox Says


published: July 24, 2008


Once again MSNBC president Phil Griffin is claiming that his cable outlet is not liberal on purpose. (I know what you're saying, if you believe that he has a bridge to sell you) In an interview wit...

These are the Torturing, Maniacs Obama Thinks he can Befriend


published: July 23, 2008


In 1999 a handsome, earnest young man named Ahmad Batebi defied Ayatollah Khamenei in Iran. His photo caused an instant sensation and became a symbol of the flower of Iran standing ready to oppose...

DailyKos Thugs Bully Paper to Pull Netroot Nation Story


published: July 22, 2008


Just as I finish a piece laughing at DailyKos for claiming that it is conservatives that feel they have to "create their own alternate reality" because of their "rigid ideology,"...;

Not Livin' Large in Ohio, Folks Can't Even Afford Meat?


published: July 21, 2008


That's it. NPR has declared Ohio a disaster area. Things are so bad. NPR gravely warns, that folks in the Buckeye state can't even afford to buy meat for their dinner tables anymore. It's the end o...

Reuters: Who Felled the Berlin Wall? How 'Bout Bruce Springsteen! (No, They're SERIOUS)


published: July 20, 2008


In one of the most ridiculous examples of unbridled hyperbole, Reuters has decided that singer Bruce Springsteen is the one responsible for bringing down the Berlin Wall and ending the Cold War. Ye...

Gas Prices Cause Louisiana Women to Resort to 'Pole Dancing'?


published: July 20, 2008


WAFB TV Channel 9, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana pulled out all the stops for this ridiculous report claiming that "some women" in the Pelican State are resorting to working in strip clubs be...

Big Government: Now Better Than Mother Nature


published: July 18, 2008


Teddy Roosevelt impressed the nation with his focus on conservation and while he was president was responsible for pushing to conserve our nation's wilderness in the form of sundry national parks, ...

'Lifelong Conservative' Throwing all Principles to The Winds and Voting for Obama


published: July 17, 2008


Larry Hunter claims he is a "lifelong conservative." Yet, in his recent New York Daily News article, he also says he is voting for Barack Obama for president. The two simply cannot coexi...

Andrew Breitbart: 'Something's Desperately Wrong' in Hollywood


published: July 16, 2008


Andrew Breitbart, CEO of, had a great op ed in the Washington Times yesterday about how Hollywood oppresses Republicans and conservatives in La La Land. Detailing the travails of Repu...

AP's New Muckraking Style, From Just-The-Facts to In-Your-Face


published: July 16, 2008


For those unfamiliar, since May of this year the Associated Press has had a new Washington Bureau Chief, a past AP reporter named Ron Fournier. According to Politico, the previous chief was pushed ...

New York Times Ignores Momentous Pro-Jewish Court Case Win in France


published: July 14, 2008


French media loses big court case proving Palestinian propaganda false, New York Times ignores shocking story… Why? France TV 2 has lost a major court case in France that makes the lie to a...

Feminists Truly Hate Women


published: July 11, 2008


On Sunday, July 13, in Jonesboro, Georgia, an immigrant Muslim father strangled his daughter to death in a so-called "honor killing" because she protested being forced by her family to ma...

Chgo Sun-Times: Violent White Men 'Not Held Accountable for Their Actions'


published: July 10, 2008


Did you know that violent white men are never arrested for their actions? The Chicago Sun-Times' Mary Mitchell is sure of it, if you aren't. In another of her typically race baiting articles, Mitch...

Chgo Trib's 'Honor Killing' Report Omits Islam Connection


published: July 09, 2008


OK, I am wondering here if the hanging of a black Southerner by the KKK in the American south would be reported by the Chicago Tribune in the same kind of vague language of “cultural” m...

A 'Silence of Feminists' Over Michelle Obama?


published: July 02, 2008


Mary C. Curtis is in high dudgeon. She is all twisted up inside over the seeming lack of support that feminists have for Michelle Obama. She has decided to scold all those recalcitrant feminists, t...

Obama Afraid of Muslims Because of New 'Red Scare'


published: June 30, 2008


Derrick Z. Jackson of the Boston Globe has done it again. Now, usually Z is one of those columnists that is sure every white American is a racist and many of his columns are based on that assumptio...

WaPo After Free Republic Again, Now Over Barack-is-a-Muslim Email


published: June 29, 2008


The Washington Post published a June 28th piece geared to protect Barack Obama from the nagging rumors that he is a secret Muslim, rumors that have been circulating since 2004. The Post's Matthew M...

What for a Blog?


published: June 27, 2008


Everyone is talking about the "importance" of blogging and wondering where it will all lead at least where it concerns the influence blogging might have on politics. There was even a warn...

What Passes For 'Journalism,' Giving Obama A Free Pass


published: June 22, 2008


Recently the Rockford (Ill.) Register Star subjected its readers to another fine example of sloppy journalism aimed at exalting the Obama candidacy. It is so bad, so pointless, so filled with ...

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