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Occupy Denver Infests Freedom Works Blogger Event


published: November 14, 2011


I am in Denver this weekend Blogcon 2011 being put on by Freedom Works, a Washington DC-based conservative activist organization. The event has been a great learning experience on dry issues such a...

One Chance That a President Mitt Romney Wouldn't Be So Bad


published: November 08, 2011


I cannot support Mitt Romney in this coming GOP primary. The one reason why can be summed up simply as this: he flip flops. Romney has more flip flops than a California beachfront. Mitt has been pr...

Death By Regulations: Has Obama Lost Senator Blanche Lincoln?


published: November 08, 2011


Last year for the 2010 midterms Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln was in trouble with her reelection. Up until 2010 most felt her seat was a safe one but Democrat challengers pushed the sitting Sena...

Help Stop The High Cost of Federal Regulations


published: November 04, 2011


One of the reasons that our economic recovery has been so slow is that the Obama administration has opened a continuous avalanche of regulations affecting jobs, hampering businesses, and costing al...

Obama's Regulations So Far Cost Us $84.8 Billion And Climbing Weekly


published: November 03, 2011


There is a lot of talk about the high cost of regulations (in fact, a lot of talk from me about them). But how do you put a number on that cost? Well Sam Batkins of the American Action Forum has be...

Let the Children Vote? What Lunacy From Think Progress?


published: November 03, 2011


Matt Yglesias of Think Progress apparently feels it's a good idea for kids to vote in U.S. elections. No, not just 18-year-old kids. All kids regardless of age. It is ideas impossible to take serio...

Vanity Fair Compares Herman Cain to 'Sociopathic' Movie Character


published: November 03, 2011


Juli Weiner of Vanity Fair may have thought she was being "clever" with her Nov. 1 blog post, but instead she looks by turns blindly partisan, foolish, ignorant of facts, childish, and la...

Illinois Government's War Against Religious Child Services Continues


published: November 02, 2011


Earlier this year the State of Illinois moved to force religious-based children's services to break their religious principles and give children in their charge to homosexual couples. Organizations...

Atheists Lie And Do So On a Billboard!


published: November 01, 2011


Talk about making a mistake everyone can see! Atheists in California have done a disservice to their own crusade to spread atheism by launching a new billboard campaign that ascribes a false quote ...

Alter: Obama is 'Honest' and 'Free of Scandal'


published: November 01, 2011


When does a columnist write something so utterly absurd that his credibility is forever damaged? I am not sure how to answer that in general terms, but I think at least one journalist answered the ...

Occupy Wall Street Kitchen Staff Tired of 'Freeloaders'?


published: October 30, 2011


Apparently some of the folks slaving away to cook politically correct meals for the participants of Occupy Wall Street are sick and tired of working themselves to the bone for homeless people, crim...

Ill. Policy Institute CEO Tillman Is Just Plain Wrong About 'Occupy'


published: October 30, 2011


John Tillman, CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute, penned an op ed in the Chicago Tribune touting what he claims is the common ground between conservatives and the Occupy Wall Street leftists who ...

Did Juan Williams Link Christians to The Oklahoma City Bombing?


published: October 28, 2011


In his recent assessment of his year since he was unceremoniously -- and illicitly in many folks’ estimation -- fired by NPR, Juan Williams indulged one of those fallacious left-wing assumpti...

Obama: Transparency? Who Needs it?


published: October 28, 2011


In another breach of trust between President Obama and the American people, Obama has once again broken a promise to change the business-as-usual habits of Washington. As a candidate and early in h...

Illinois: Beloved Doctor Benched For Not Being Proficient with Electronic Medical Records System


published: October 27, 2011


A popular, longtime Doctor from central Illinois has been sidelined by employer Springfield-based Memorial Health System because he has not become proficient with the electronic medical records sys...

Obama Broken Promises: From 'No Lobbyists in My Campaign,' to Hiring Financial Services Lobbyist


published: October 26, 2011


Barack Obama made a big show in 2008 of attacking evil Washington lobbyists. He campaigned on "change we could believe in" and aimed one of those things to believe in at eliminating lobby...

Union's Battle Against Ohio Heats Up


published: October 26, 2011


On November 8, Ohioans will go to the polls to vote on a series of ballot initiatives, among them Issue 2. A yes vote will support Governor Kasich's collective bargaining reform (SB 5) to become l...

Media Tries to Make Rick Perry a Birther


published: October 25, 2011


The left-wing media's newest attack on Rick Perry is an attempt to make him into a "birther" -- one of those folks that think Barack Obama is not a natural born American, a requirement to...

Bad News for Obama: His Big Lead in Illinois Narrowing


published: October 24, 2011


A Southern Illinois newspaper reports what should be an ominous warning for Obama occurring in Illinois, his homestate. His margin of victory is narrowing in the one state that everyone assumes he ...

We Need Rules for Cyberwarfare Before a President Steals That Power, Too


published: October 20, 2011


A recent New York Times article revealed that the Pentagon briefly considered engaging in cyberwarfare at the outset of the actions in Libya, but decided against it for a variety of reasons. This r...

Another California Tax Hike to Fund a Boondoggle Program


published: October 20, 2011


As a result of years of budget deficits and wasteful spending by the state legislature, California faces difficult budget challenges for the next ten years. This bad news is courtesy of a recent an...

Occupy Wall Street's Essential Hypocrisy


published: October 19, 2011


There are a few major reasons that this Occupy-Whatever "movement" is as hollow as a Halloween pumpkin. One is that they are employing the sort of rhetoric with their "we are the 99%...

Did a Big Dem Donor Turned Obama Medical Records Czar Hoodwink Members of Congress?


published: October 18, 2011


Did Obama's medical record czar, Judy Faulkner, hoodwink five members of Congress into pushing her own medical records company as the solution for the problem of electronic medical records for all ...

Government Kills… Businesses, Anyway


published: October 17, 2011


A small business named Nice Cream found that government wasn't very nice to its bottom line. In fact, due to its heavy hand, government froze the company into nonexistence. So much for everyone lov...

Occupy Boston Ruins Food Bank Fundraiser, Conservatives Step in With $3,700 Fund Drive


published: October 16, 2011


The Greater Boston Food Bank intended to have a fundraising event in Boston's Dewey Square over the weekend of the 14th of October. It was to be called the "Greenway Mobile Food Fest" and...

Warner Todd  Huston Articles

Warner Todd Huston

1021 articles
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