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Romney, Newt, Bachtorum, Ron Puntsman: Who Cares?

by: warner todd huston | published: 12 11, 2011

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Like nearly every conservative in America today I am unimpressed by the current crop of GOP nominees for president and feel they all have major flaws -- especially the two frontrunners Newt and Romney, both of whom have major deficits as far as staunch conservatives are concerned. But at this point I've come to realize that I don't think I care which one of them is nominated. In fact, I think the White House is not where we should be focusing our intensity in 2012.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not saying we shouldn't vote for whichever GOP nominee wins the game show plaudits. We should absolutely pick one of them and then we all, conservatives and Republicans alike, should vote for him (or her).

So, what am I saying? I am saying that the White House is less important than people are saying it is. Instead, we need a two-point focus for 2012 that doesn’t include the White House. We don’t need 999 points. Just two. 1). Gaining control of Congress and 2). turning Obama out. The identity and purity of our presidential nominee is the last thing we should be worried about at this point. It is a bit late for that anyway.

Let me assure you that I don't have a favorite in this GOP race. And I have three real dislikes: Romney, Huntsman, and Ron Paul. This article is no stealth shilling for any particular candidate. I really do have big problems with all of them. But, again, I don't think it matters which of them we pick if we focus on the two points I note above.

First of all, any of the GOP candidates (yes even the cranky uncle of the GOP, Ron Paul) would be better than Obama. But that goes without saying because I am a conservative that votes Republican. No surprise there, really.

But there are reasons besides blind partisanship that any of the GOP nominees is better than Obama. In fact, it can really be boiled down to but one issue that makes getting rid of Obama imperative: the courts. He has been thoroughly destructive to this country with his judicial picks.

Aside from the courts, of course, Obama has been a very destructive president in many ways -- another reason to be rid of him. He's presided over the continued destruction of our business sector and our economy, we all understand. But there's more.

Obama has already turned his power to regulate into a tool of Big Labor and United Nations-styled socialism. He's unleashed his extremist appointees and given them the freedom to push every anti-business, anti-worker, ant-American idea they can possibly get through.

There's more.

Obama has also created all sorts of extra-constitutional czars and "advisory" committees, the President has issued a slew of dangerous executive orders, and he's made all sorts of horrible moves in foreign policy. But all this can be quickly negated by a new president -- quickly in terms relative to how Washington works, anyway. An active new president could make headway to reverse these Obamanations almost immediately. None of these changes, as bad as they are, have the misfortune of being irrevocably permanent.

But there is great danger that another four years of Obama will create, one that cannot be easily reversed. Obama has been steadily placing radical judges on benches throughout this land. His nominees tend to be abortion activists (not just abortion supporters, but out-and-out activists), Big Labor dupes, anti-Second Amendment activists, and the like. Many are so radical that even Democrats haven't been able to convince themselves to vote them in.

Let's just take his latest nominee for the DC Court of Appeals for example. Caitlin Halligan, a close associate of the disgraced Eliot Spitzer in New York, is an extremist anti-Second Amendment activist. If she gets on the bench she will take every opportunity she can to damage the Constitution.

A past example is his attempt to put a radical racemongering ACLU member on the bench in California. Obama’s attempt to place Edward Chen on the bench succeeded, unfortunately.

Let us not forget that the Supreme Court of the United States is already in a delicate balance tipped only barely in favor of conservatives. It is easy to see that with the ages of the current oldest members of the court, the next presidential term will see perhaps as many as three chances to replace retiring justices.

As conservatives we must put our desire for a pure conservative president in second place to the pursuit for the next nominees for the US Supreme Court. The fact is, if Obama gets a chance to put more judges on the bench, especially on the SCOTUS, he will be able to damage this country for decades to come.

I can hear just what you are saying at this point. But Warner, you are saying, if we don't get a pure conservative president we will still get bad judicial picks, won't we? If we get an abortion lover like Romney (Or is he? Do you believe his miraculous conversion? I don't) we'll still get squishes as judges, won't we?

I'm hearin' ya, friends, I'm hearin' ya.

That is why we desperately need to focus on point two: taking the entire Congress under GOP control. And not just GOP control but conservative GOP control. We have the House now, certainly, but we need to make that control stronger. But more importantly we need to take control of the Senate. Both houses of Congress need to be under GOP control and we need to put conservatives in there to do the controlling.

This is the thing, folks. We need to have the most conservative Congress that we can get. A conservative Congress, you see, will drag the squishy Romney, the unpredictable Newt, the isolationist Paul, or any of the others along behind them whether those folks want to go or not. You see, if we have a more conservative Senate, a president will understand that soft, moderate or leans-left judicial nominees will not be acceptable. A conservative Congress -- if we as voters force them to toe the line and get active -- will force a president to be more conservative despite his inclinations.

As far as judicial nominees go, even if we do get soft nominees that lean conservative only 70% of the time we will have justices that at least act like Americans! If Obama gets another four years he'll continue to put people on the bench that despise this country. And these people serve for life, don't forget, so they will be there to continue destroying this country for decades.

This is something we must work hard to prevent. It is imperative that we deny Obama and his extremist, under-the-table agenda from continuing.

It isn’t a happy predicament to be forced to settle for a less conservative president, to be sure. But that is where we are whether we like it or not. Better than we start to realize where the important matters are located and it ain’t in the presidential election as far as GOP nominees is concerned.



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    Jay R

    All that and no mention of freedom, liberty, or even accountability of those in power. As long as the people keep there heads in the (where ever their heads are in). This is why we have incompetent leaders that are really treasonous without anything being done about it.
    The great republic has been gone for years and no one cares.
    War on terror, war on drugs. War, war and more war. Military is great! No mater what they do. We are not informed at all.
    If your not a good cheerleader you are scorned.
    As a child I was told of these things in the 60's it is here and exactly as for told.
    It was good while it lasted. It is over.

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