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Past Articles

Much Ado about the Ukraine


by: Alan Caruba | published: May 03, 2014


Events in the Ukraine are now big headlines and the topic of a torrent of commentaries by experts on Russia, the European Union, NATO and related subjects. The whole thing began after protests forc...

The New York Times Discovers the Rule of Law


by: Selwyn Duke | published: May 03, 2014


Leave it to The Gay Lady to be a day late and a few brain cells short. The New York Times recently published an article by some journalism-school retread about the Cliven Bundy situation, a piece c...

Are You Smarter Than a Supreme Court Judge?


by: Michael R. Shannon | published: May 03, 2014


April was not a good month for Americans that still believe the Supreme Court is a font of legal wisdom. Former Justice John Paul Stevens authored an Op–Ed in the WaPost proving you can be ig...

Are Lying and Politics the Same Thing?


by: Alan Caruba | published: May 03, 2014


In a letter of advice to Peter Carr, dated August 19, 1785, Thomas Jefferson said “He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at le...

Vladimir Putin Caesar and Our Great Geo-political Turning Point


by: Selwyn Duke | published: April 28, 2014


We are witnessing, I believe, a turning point in geopolitical history, one future historians may analyze as we have the Roman Empire’s fall. Vladimir Putin is making a move — and it&rsq...;

Some Lessons from Cliven Bundy


by: Tim Dunkin | published: April 28, 2014


By now, liberty lovers all across this country know the name of Cliven Bundy – the man who stood up to the federal government and won. Facing the destruction of his entire livelihood by corru...

Democrats Selectively Invoke the “Rule of Law”


by: Chris Adamo | published: April 28, 2014


Last week, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy drew a line in the sand against the federal thugs from the Bureau of Land Management, who rustled his cattle and brought in professional snipers in an effort ...

Obama's Muslim Brotherhood Agenda


by: Alan Caruba | published: April 28, 2014


It is a task just to keep up with the conflicts dividing America, so it is no surprise that many Americans are unsure of what occurred during the “Arab Spring” that began in 2011 and it...

Federal Supremacy vs. States’ Rights


by: JB Williams | published: April 28, 2014


In the United States of America, our U.S. Constitution creates a Constitutional Representative Republic, as opposed to the myth that we are a pure democracy. That Constitution lays out the specific...

Eros and Estrogen on the Front Line


by: Michael R. Shannon | published: April 28, 2014


This December it will be 42 years since the last male was drafted into combat, but it looks like the fun is just starting for women. Not that they will be going to the post office to register anyti...

Obama's War on U.S. Energy


by: Alan Caruba | published: April 28, 2014


A nation without adequate energy production is a nation in decline and that has been the President’s agenda since the day he took office in 2009. He even announced his war on coal during the ...

Tower of Pisa policies


by: Paul Driessen | published: April 28, 2014


Built on a foundation of sand, the Leaning Tower of Pisa would have toppled over long ago, if not for ingenious engineering projects that keep it from tilting any further. The same thing is true of...

Vocabulary Fraud: Obama denies by redefinition


by: Daniel Clark | published: April 23, 2014


While speaking to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, President Obama stated his opposition to state voter identification laws, a position for which no innocent motive exists. It wouldn&r...;

Try to Ignore Earth Day


by: Alan Caruba | published: April 22, 2014


Try to ignore Earth Day, April 22. It won’t be easy. The print and broadcast media will engage in an orgy of environmental tall tales and the usual end-of-the-world predictions. It will scare...

Alan Simpson Embodies Fading RINO “Glory Days”


by: Chris Adamo | published: April 22, 2014


Outside of his home state of Wyoming, former Senator Alan Simpson is best known as the Republican collaborator in the 1986 “Simpson Mazzoli” amnesty bill that officially sanctioned ille...

University Wants Fewer Whites — Fears “Mediocrity”


by: Selwyn Duke | published: April 22, 2014


If you thought the “educator” who saw “racist” intent behind offering someone a peanut-butter sandwich was a loon, consider Western Washington University (WWU) president Bru...

Flavor Is a Human Right, Too.


by: Michael R. Shannon | published: April 21, 2014


The biggest problem Christians and conservatives have in making the case for marriage to the younger generation is we don’t speak the same language, and I’m not referring to the number ...

The War Within the GOP


by: Alan Caruba | published: April 21, 2014


I started out a Democrat because my parents were Democrats. When I was old enough to conclude that the Democratic Party was so socialist I could not remain one, I became a Republican. In her nineti...

Al-Qaeda chief mourns slaying of bin Laden's friend in Syrian conflict


by: Jim Kouri | published: April 21, 2014


Al-Qaeda's top commander, Ayman al-Zawahiri, on an audio tape he released, urged the Islamists fighting in the Syrian civil war to put an end to their violence against one another such as the killi...

House lawmakers to Holder: Launch criminal probe of IRS' Lois Lerner


by: Jim Kouri | published: April 21, 2014


The U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday voted along party-lines to refer the Internal Revenue Service director who continues to "plead the Fifth" regarding...

“Gay” Activism: From Bullies to Brownshirts


by: Chris Adamo | published: April 21, 2014


Dear Chairwoman Baker, I’m writing to inform you that as a result of the decisions made by Mozilla Corporation during the past week, I will at my earliest opportunity be switching to another...

The Methane Hoax Cranks Up


by: Alan Caruba | published: April 21, 2014


Having spent decades trying to convince everyone that carbon dioxide (CO2) was a “greenhouse gas” that was going to cause the Earth to heat up, the same environmental charlatans are now...

Perils of commercial beekeeping


by: Paul Driessen | published: April 16, 2014


One of America’s earliest food crops – almonds – is also one of the most important for commercial beekeepers. Almonds depend on bees for pollination, but the explosive growth of t...

You Can’t Spell “Progressive” without an “S.S.”


by: Tim Dunkin | published: April 16, 2014


Sinclair Lewis was wrong – when fascism came to America, it was actually wrapped in a rainbow flag and wearing an ascot. How else can one describe the ongoing left-wing commitment to the sta...

Wyoming Governor Mead Continues Mocking the Law


by: Chris Adamo | published: April 16, 2014


On Wednesday March 26, an audit of expenditures of federal funds by Wyoming government agencies was released to the public, in which the state Department of Education received extremely high marks ...


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