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Past Articles

Statism is the Disease, Fueled by Human Nature


by: Douglas V. Gibbs | published: August 03, 2014


In 1787 a group of delegates met in Philadelphia to create a new government, one based on limiting principles, individualism, and the concept that as freemen our rights are natural rights given to ...

A Great Plan to Replace the EPA


by: Alan Caruba | published: August 03, 2014


For years now I have been saying that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must be eliminated and its powers given to the fifty states, all of which,have their own departments of environmental...

Putin's Malaysia Airliner Chess Game


by: Douglas V. Gibbs | published: August 03, 2014


In the heat of war between Russia and Ukraine, a Malaysia Airlines flight on its way to Amsterdam traveled near the border between the warring nations. 298 souls were on board the flight when the p...

Killing marine life with ethanol


by: Paul Driessen | published: July 28, 2014


Ethanol and other biofuel mandates and subsidies got started when politicians bought into claims that we are rapidly depleting our petroleum, and fossil-fuel-driven global warming is boiling the pl...

Republicans Poised to Lose BIG in November


by: JB Williams | published: July 28, 2014


Contrary to popular political theory and the hopes and wishes of millions of republican voters, not to mention the strategic blunder of the Republican National Committee (RNC), I predict that witho...

Obama Encounters an Apex of Anger


by: Alan Caruba | published: July 28, 2014


Barack Obama has managed to do something one would hardly imagine a President could achieve by the midpoint of his second term. He has managed to anger most segments of the American populace, inclu...

Hamas rockets found hidden in United Nations school in Gaza


by: Jim Kouri | published: July 28, 2014


About 20 rockets suspected of being stashed by Islamist terrorists in Gaza were discovered inside of a United Nations-run school located in the Gaza Strip, according to Middle Eastern news reports....

How "Normal" is Bowe Bergdahl?


by: Alan Caruba | published: July 28, 2014


There are few military crimes worse than desertion to the enemy short of outright treason by giving them aid and comfort. So why is the U.S. Army declaring Sgt. Berghdal (he received a promotion f...

Could National Renewal Begin in Wyoming?


by: Chris Adamo | published: July 28, 2014


Americans are rightly appalled at the cavalcade of outrages and affronts that emanate daily from Washington. Since Barack Obama was inaugurated in January of 2009, such detestable episodes as &ldqu...;

Incomparable Liars: Abortion does not equal health


by: Daniel Clark | published: July 21, 2014


Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D, Conn.) has introduced a bill called the Women’s Health Protection Act, although if you read any farther than the title, which he’d rather you didn’t, y...

Greenpeace showcases its anti-human side


by: Paul Driessen | published: July 21, 2014


It was a surreal experience. As the Heartland Institute’s hugely successful Ninth International Conference on Climate Change ended, I agreed to let Greenpeace activist Connor Gibson intervie...

Murrieta: City of Hate? Or Home of the New Revolution?


by: Douglas V. Gibbs | published: July 21, 2014


The illegal immigration protests in Murrieta, for the most part, have come to an end. The federal government backed down, deciding not to send bus loads of diseased migrants into our community any...

Government Motors & Close Enough for Government Work


by: Michael R. Shannon | published: July 21, 2014


Times have been tough at Government Motors. For a while there it looked like both Osama and GM were going to be dead after encountering the Obama regime. Just recently GM announced the recall of 8,...

Mexico is Deliberately Aiding Illegal Aliens


by: Alan Caruba | published: July 21, 2014


It no doubt strikes a lot of Americans as odd that a U.S. Marine reservist, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, a 25 year old California native who had served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, was arrested in...

Texas lawmaker, governor blame Obama for creating 'refugee camps'


by: Jim Kouri | published: July 21, 2014


Texas officials on Thursday claimed that President Barack Obama and his administration are turning U.S. military installations into "'refugee camps" instead of working to secure the U.S.-...

Elected Representatives Hide From Murrieta Immigration Showdown


by: Douglas V. Gibbs | published: July 21, 2014


I was asked why people in Murrieta hates the migrants trying to come to the United States for a better life, and why we are not angry with the federal government instead. I responded that we are n...



by: JB Williams | published: July 21, 2014


There is only one reason for House Republicans to sue Obama over his many treasonous acts against this country, the legal citizens of this nation and our Constitution – to avoid taking any re...

Murrieta Immigration Scare Tactics


by: Douglas V. Gibbs | published: July 21, 2014


As the July 7 protest in Murrieta regarding immigration, and the potential of more busloads of diseased people being shipped to the Border Patrol Station for processing on Madison Avenue, loomed, s...

Dangerous Demonstrators at Murrieta's Blocked Immigration Road


by: Douglas V. Gibbs | published: July 21, 2014


On Monday, July 7, over 200 protesters manned their posts in the late morning hours, well into the afternoon, to protect Murrieta from receiving another shipment of illegal immigrants infected with...

Obama's Massive Illegal Alien Invasion


by: Alan Caruba | published: July 21, 2014


On January 29 the Obama administration posted a notice for “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children” on At that time the estimate was for 65,000 children and th...

Lawmakers, Border agents call for deportations of 'Obama's kids'


by: Jim Kouri | published: July 13, 2014


During the Sunday morning news shows, a number of Republicans and advocates for legal immigration called on The President Barack Obama to deport the children -- and adults hiding among them -- as t...

Muslim Kills Teacher in Front of Class


by: Selwyn Duke | published: July 13, 2014


It was headlining AOL on Friday, a story about a woman stabbing a schoolteacher to death in front of a class of five and six-year-olds. The gruesome and bloody crime occurred in the southern French...

Obama to Act on His Own on Immigration


by: Douglas V. Gibbs | published: July 13, 2014


The heartstrings are tugged by an article where a mother in Utah is not being deported, it is being delayed, in the hopes she can stay in the country long enough, after savior Obama swoops in to sa...

The Real Illegal Immigration Agenda in Murrieta


by: Douglas V. Gibbs | published: July 13, 2014


The real issue is about federal supremacy, and whether or not the federal government should be able to force their will upon people, businesses, cities and States. I almost titled this post "...

Beck To Differ: No, Glenn, liberals were never right on Iraq


by: Daniel Clark | published: July 10, 2014


Since Glenn Beck’s June 17th broadcast, liberals have seized on his “admission” that they were right about Iraq. It’s not really an admission, though, if it’s somethi...


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