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Past Articles

Holding Greenpeace accountable


by: Paul Driessen | published: July 07, 2014


Fossil fuel and insurance company executives “could face personal liability for funding climate denialism and opposing policies to fight climate change,” Greenpeace recently warned seve...

International Climate Skeptics Gather in Las Vegas


by: Alan Caruba | published: July 07, 2014


From July 7 to 9, the ninth International Conference on Climate Change will convene in Las Vegas in a dramatic demonstration that “global warming” was a huge hoax and the claims that &l...;



by: JB Williams | published: July 07, 2014


Enough with the insanity over the blatant violations of our immigration and naturalization laws and the accelerating illegal invasion of our beloved nation! Enough! At this very moment, every memb...

Murrieta's Cliven Bundy Moment


by: Douglas V. Gibbs | published: July 07, 2014


I've been living in Murrieta since 1989, when it was a rural area with few homes, many dirt fields, and ranches dotting the hills. Murrieta incorporated as a city a couple years later, but at that...

GOP Treachery In Mississippi: A Teachable Moment


by: Chris Adamo | published: July 07, 2014


Real conservatives in Mississippi and throughout the nation are outraged by revelations of the underhanded tactics employed in the recent runoff election between incumbent Senator Thad Cochran, and...

For Too Many, It's a Very Unhappy Fourth of July


by: Alan Caruba | published: July 07, 2014


As Americans pause to celebrate the 238th signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, it well may be one of the saddest Fourth’s in decades. The six and a half years of the Obama regi...

Abandoning Capitalism


by: Douglas V. Gibbs | published: July 06, 2014


In 2009, filmmaker Michael Moore released "Capitalism: A Love Story," taking target at the free market with worn out arguments that mirrored more the attitude of the old, and failed, Sovi...

Breaking EPA’s climate science secrecy barriers


by: Paul Driessen | published: July 06, 2014


Can you imagine telling the IRS you don’t need to complete all their forms or provide records to back up your claim for a tax refund? Or saying your company’s assurances that its medica...

Illegal Immigration Bio-Warfare


by: Douglas V. Gibbs | published: July 06, 2014


Over the weekend I spent time at two protest rallies over the illegal immigration issue, but my reasoning as an opponent against the influx of illegal aliens into our country is not just because I ...

What Economic Recovery?


by: Alan Caruba | published: June 30, 2014


You have to know that the Obama administration has run out of excuses for destroying the U.S. economy when it starts to blame it on the weather. According to the Commerce Department, the economy b...

Only Obama Staffers Believe IRS ‘Lost’ Email


by: Michael R. Shannon | published: June 30, 2014


If you’ve been skeptical about the IRS’ explanation that Lois Lerner’s email disappeared during a World of Warcraft online game that got out of control, I have good news. Particul...

Gay Marriage's Big Picture


by: Douglas V. Gibbs | published: June 30, 2014


I received a phone call yesterday from my enthusiastic mom after she read a commentary about the Book of Acts in the Bible. The commentator wrote that during the transition of the early Christians...

Can America Return To Greatness Post Obama?


by: Chris Adamo | published: June 30, 2014


Though the event was barely mentioned in American media, Raouf Abdel-Rahman was executed on June 18 by ISIS (“Islamic State”) rebels in Iraq. With all the turmoil and bloodshed in that ...

Emerging Universalism Part 3: We’re All Catholics


by: Debra Rae | published: June 30, 2014


Arguably, unity is a coveted state in that it spells power; but for most Westerners, its attainment among religionists is especially elusive. In contrast, an Eastern mindset poses the provocative q...

The Obama Presidency Implodes


by: Alan Caruba | published: June 30, 2014


The first time I heard the term “military advisors” it was being used by John F. Kennedy and they were being sent to South Vietnam. A strong anti-communist, in 1961 Kennedy approved fin...

IRS Scandal Email Cover-up Leads to Democrat Agenda


by: Douglas V. Gibbs | published: June 29, 2014


When the IRS was caught red-handed targeting conservative groups, and it turns out that the designed assault upon The Right frightened republican donors from giving up much needed funding during th...

Iraq and the Bloody Price of Lies


by: Selwyn Duke | published: June 29, 2014


Western civilization lied and people died. It lied, that is, to itself. I am referring to Iraq, but not to the hapless George W. Bush and the claim of WMDs’ existence, which wasn’t a ...

Barack Obama Wuz Here: We're living a Bugs Bunny cartoon


by: Daniel Clark | published: June 28, 2014


Once upon a time, Bugs Bunny got ticked off at America. It all started when he learned that the game commission’s bounty on rabbits was only two cents. “It’s discrimination!&rdq...;

Executive fiats in the other Washington


by: Paul Driessen | published: June 22, 2014


Progressives believe in free speech, robust debate, sound science and economics, transparency, government by the people and especially compassion for the poor – except when they don’t. ...

Saddam, the Good Old Days


by: Alan Caruba | published: June 22, 2014


I know it’s a terrible thing to say, but sometimes I miss Saddam Hussein. Yes, he was a cruel despot. Between September 1980 and July 1988 he pursued an eight-year war against Iran that kill...

Cantor Earthquake: Meanwhile, Back in Wyoming…


by: Chris Adamo | published: June 22, 2014


The Republican Establishment is still reeling from the political repercussions of Virginia’s seventh district congressional primary, in which House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost to challen...

America’s Age of the Feuilliton


by: Tim Dunkin | published: June 22, 2014


Any thinking American has surely observed that our culture and society are growing more and more immature, childish, and, unthinking with each passing year. In previous articles, I’ve no...

Fixing our dictatorial EPA


by: Paul Driessen | published: June 22, 2014


Last year, Congress enacted 72 new laws and federal agencies promulgated 3,659 new rules, imposing $1.86 trillion in annual regulatory compliance costs on American businesses and families. It&rsquo...;

Eric Cantor Picked the Wrong Base


by: Michael R. Shannon | published: June 22, 2014


It’s no mystery why Eric Cantor lost his primary last Tuesday. He simply failed to turn out his new Hispanic base. And Cantor is not completely to blame for this failure, because events outsi...

Benedict Obama’s Invasion of America


by: Selwyn Duke | published: June 22, 2014


If millions of soldiers from south of the border were flooding our nation for the purposes of colonizing our land, we would easily recognize the threat. And if some amongst us were aiding and abett...


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