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Will Fabian Obama Compromise America’s Independence?

Has Barack Obama adapted to Fabian ideology for the take over of our America?

by: sandra carney | published: 10 31, 2008

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In the Communist Manifesto Karl Marx argued for the abolition of the nation state: “The Communists are further reproached with desiring to abolish countries and nationality.”

Do Fabians support these ideas of abolishing countries and nationality?

At the behest of the Fabian Sydney Webb, Leonard Woolf (husband of Virginia Woolf) published his book “International Government” which is one of the foundational documents of the twentieth century’s elitist push towards Global Governance.

Are we going to be subservient to the United Nations?

Does Barack Obama believe in an independent USA?

Do we want non elected bureaucrats such as the European Union Commissioners dictating to U.S. citizens?

"We need a new Global financial order ... The European Union and the U.S., we can make a difference together." said European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso at the Camp David meeting to President George Bush and other world leaders.

Oct.18th, 2008.

How to attain Global Governance is the biggest project world elites have decided to undertake and achieve!

It would be argued that there are Global problems, such as war; terrorism; climate change; world hunger; vast inequalities of condition; human rights violations; racism; sexism; xenophobia and migration or immigration from poor to rich countries. These problems would be beyond the capacity of nation states to ‘solve’. Therefore, some form of Global Governance would be required to address them.

Unlike the traditional international system of sovereign Nation States, this new system of Global Governance would seek to establish supranational laws, regulations and institutions whose authority would extend beyond and within Nation States (including the USA).

Nation States would continue to exist but they would be subordinate to supranational authority. This authority would be exercised by new International laws;

Supranational courts such as the International Criminal Court.

With new Global norms established, ‘National Identity’, and exclusive ‘National Citizenship’ would by its nature become problematic.

The positions articulated above have already entered the mainstream of political discourse not only in Europe, but also in Liberal Democratic America!

With increasing frequency leftist American NGO’s who are supported by major American foundations, such as The Ford Foundation, C.S. Mott, Rockefeller and Tides Foundations to name a few are already expressing these ideas.

Close to Home , a publication of the Ford Foundation on human rights activities in the US, discusses the “need to break the chokehold of domestic law.” This publication states that, “every nation and all people need ultimate recourse to an alternative ethical and legal authority.” This study also states that, “US human rights activists are trying to reshape US society according to a philosophy and framework of rights that most people either have not heard of or have been taught to think of as foreign.”

True to Fabianism, Barack H. Obama is a chameleon!

Does he support Global Governance?

Since he is an enigma, let’s have a look at the views of influential Obama policy advisors who served as appointees in Democratic Administrations and who will most likely be tapped by Obama for senior positions in his Administration.

1. Strobe Talbott, US Deputy Secretary of State, 1994-2001, wrote in a memo to President Bill Clinton … “Americans are all for having the Japanese and West Europeans pony up to pay for the Gulf War, but they are mighty chary about any arrangement that smacks of pooled national sovereignty or authority. The way to counter this resistance, of course, is to sell multilateralism as not just an economic imperative but as a means of preserving and enhancing American political leadership in the world, since the various multilateral outfits will be effective only if the US does lead them.”

The concept of ‘pooled’ or ‘shared national sovereignty’ is central to the thinking of the

supranational elites who are promoting Global Governance. This is an idea we will be hearing a lot about in an ObamaAdministration. Talbott’s endorsement of the principle of “shared sovereignty ” suggests that his interpretation of ‘multilateralism’ is, in effect, a means of fostering supranational authority.

2. Anne-Marie Slaughter, Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, is another hardleft supporter in favor of weakening American sovereignty! She in all likelihood would be appointed to a top Foreign Policy post in a future Obama Administration.

Slaughter envisions a system of Global Governance based on transferring more authority to institutions such as the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the IMFand World Bank etc. This way, many of the functions of a World Government and Global rule of law could be achieved without formally creating a World Government.

3. Harold Koh, Dean of Yale University Law School, served in the Clinton Administration and is quite likely to receive a top appointment in an ObamaAdministration.

In a lengthy piece in the Stanford Law Review Koh criticizes the United States for refusing to ratify the International Criminal Court; and “declining to implement the orders of the International Court of Justice with regard to the death penalty .” A practice, incidentally, declared Constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The death penalty issue should be determined by American citizens, not dictated by some supranational baby!

Koh also suggested that International Agreements on small arms should take precedence to our Second Amendment.

These are but three examples!

There is a whole body of thought emanating from elite law schools, supporting Global Governance.

During very limited in content stump speeches, Obama has not articulated his beliefs to positions which are fundamental to the preservation of our Republic.

All documentation to his past life are under lock and key!

Has Barack Obama adapted to Fabian ideology for the take over of our America the beautiful, without violent revolution?

The one thing that we do know is that Marxist-Fabians, Marxist-Socialists, Communists, Fascists and Collectivists all have one thing in common … they want concentrated power in the hands of the State. Individual rights and individualism are their nemesis.

Since Americans are contemplating whether to vote this man in as the next President of the United States, are we entitled to know what his positions are on Global Governance?

When Barack Obama speaks of “spreading the wealth” could it be an attempt to have the loyal support of a deliberately created underclass?

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.

George Bernard Shaw, Everybody's Political What's What? (1944) ch. 30

“Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.” President Ronald Reagan.

Sandra Carney
October, 2008

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