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Americans! You do NOT want national health care! Take it from one who knows!


published: June 27, 2009


During my years as an American Citizen, for you see once upon a time I was not one, but during these years that I have enjoyed life in this great free country, I have also been the recipient of the...

Will Fabian Obama Compromise America’s Independence?


published: October 31, 2008


In the Communist Manifesto Karl Marx argued for the abolition of the nation state: “The Communists are further reproached with desiring to abolish countries and nationality.” Do Fabia...

Should we worry about the Fabians?


published: October 29, 2008


The early Fabians like most self proclaimed intellectuals, loved symbolism. They chose the tortoise as their emblem, signifying the slow but persistent progression towards their eventual goal. Th...

Could Barack Obama be a Fabian Socialist?


published: October 27, 2008


Who is Barack Obama and what is a Fabian Socialist? No one seems to have a proper handle on this guy, yet millions of Americans are going to vote for a man about whom we have virtually no knowledge...

Sandra  Carney Articles

Sandra Carney

4 articles
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Sandra is an Anglo-Burmese writer of British birth, born in India and spent my childhood in Burma (now Myanmar). I became an American Citizen in 1972, having inherited my interest in politics from a family heavily inculcated in the politics of their times. As I have lived under Socialism, I fiercely defend my Country of adoption and am proud to call myself an American Citizen.



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