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The BPA Wars: Junk Science and Junk Journalism


published: September 26, 2012


On Tuesday, September 18, posted an article by Alex Crees, a health news reporter, “Chemical BPA linked to obesity in children, teens.” If Ms. Crees had done any r...

1.5 Billion Bin Ladens


published: September 23, 2012


Amidst the graffiti on the wall outside the U.S. embassy in Cairo, one of the rioters scrawled “1.5 Billion Bin Ladens.” Last time I heard, the last thing bin Laden saw was a member of ...

Have You Used Siloxanes Today? Yes!


published: September 16, 2012


Back in 2010, I wrote about the EPA’s war on siloxanes, a silicone derivative that comes from sand. At the time I noted that siloxanes were “inert, non-allergenic, odorless, and colorle...

Maureen Dowd Falls Out of Love


published: September 16, 2012


I do not subscribe to The New York Times and do not read it with only one exception. Every Sunday I do read Maureen Dowd’s column. She is a very good writer which, in itself, is reason enough...

Voters Abandon Global Warming Fears


published: September 09, 2012


Former President Jimmy Carter will address the Democratic Party convention via a televised address, but former Vice President Al Gore and candidate for President will be no where in sight. The lea...

Civility? From the Democratic Party? You Gotta Be Kidding!


published: September 03, 2012


We have already begun to hear calls for civility in the remaining ten weeks of the campaigns until Election Day. While I take this for granted from Republicans, I have not seen much evidence of it ...

Destroying Our Military from Within


published: September 02, 2012


“Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong.” -- Ronald Reagan If you want to know how President Obama feels about the U.S. military, consider th...

Arming the Government Against Americans


published: August 26, 2012


The push to disarm Americans has been around a long time. An estimated ninety million Americans own guns legally and in states that permit concealed carry the crime rate drops precipitously by comp...

Obama's Communist Mentor


published: August 26, 2012


I have been reading about Frank Marshall Davis since Dr. Jerome Corsi tried to warn Americans about Barack Obama in his 2008 book, “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personal...

Climate Lies in Iowa's Supreme Court


published: August 20, 2012


Since the climate liars cannot make their case on the basis of the known science, taking it into a court of law with a passionate appeal to emotion in order to impose restrictions on carbon dioxide...

Does the Democratic Party have a Death Wish?


published: August 12, 2012


Does the Democratic Party have a death wish? It continues to display a suicidal desire to offend the delegates to its forthcoming convention and the rest of the voters. In recent days we learn...

The ABC's of Journalism's Eroding Integrity


published: August 09, 2012


I joined the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) in April 1979, thirty-three years ago. The preamble to its Code of Ethics says, “Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journali...

The "Worst President Ever"


published: July 29, 2012


You have to know how poorly Barack Hussein Obama has performed in office when the phrase the "worst President ever” has already become a cliché.   Obama’s first term ...

Watching the Greens Kill Australia


published: July 29, 2012


Fortunately for America, President Obama’s effort to impose a cap-and-trade law on carbon dioxide emission failed in a Democrat controlled Congress that saw how disastrous its impact would ha...

Lethal Narcissism


published: July 26, 2012


The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders describes narcissism as a personality disorder that “revolves around a pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and sense of enti...

Murder Most Foul


published: July 22, 2012


As this is being written it is early Friday morning as the news media saturates us with what I call the “Five Known Facts Syndrome”, repeating the details of the Colorado movie theatre ...

Executive Tyranny


published: July 10, 2012


The use of Executive Orders (EO) goes back to the first President, George Washington. Every chief executive has issued them since then. Some have been historic, but the latest Executive Orders of P...

Obama's Constitutional Crisis


published: July 04, 2012


In 1832, the threat of nullification by States that opposed tariffs on imported goods came close to bringing about a civil war. Thirty years later as cries for the abolition of slavery reached a fe...

The Liar's Tax


published: July 03, 2012


The most singular aspect of Obamacare is the way Democrats, from the President on down, consistently lied about the fact that it was a tax. Interviewed by George Stephanopolos on ABC News, Septembe...

What Just Happened to the Rule of Law?


published: July 02, 2012


Following the Obamacare decision, The Heartland Institute’s Maureen Martin, a Senior Fellow for Legal Affairs, said, “Today’s decision will go down in infamy. It marks the moment ...

America's Fearful Future


published: July 01, 2012


It’s a cliché that nations and men repeat the same errors, stumbling into various crisises. The locations may change, but the patterns of history remain. The world is teetering on a n...

Earth Summit Babble


published: June 24, 2012


Why anyone still believes anything the UN Environmental Program and its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has to say is one of those great imponderable questions. To prepare you for the flo...

Deliberately Destroying America


published: June 17, 2012


It has taken three and a half years into Barack Obama’s presidency for most Americans to realize that he has been deliberately destroying America by driving up the nation’s debt and def...

The 50th Anniversary of "Silent Spring": A Lethal Legacy


published: June 17, 2012


There are books that have doomed millions to death. “Das Capital” by Karl Marx kicked off the worst economic system of the modern era, claiming the lives of millions of Russians and Chi...

Only if the Wind is Blowing


published: June 17, 2012


I’ll bet you didn’t know that June 15th is Global Wind Day. Wind is part of the Earth’s atmosphere and, depending on whether it is blowing gently or strongly, there isn’t a ...

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Alan Caruba

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