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A Very Angry America


published: October 05, 2013


I have been trying to remember when there was so much anger between the Democrats and Republicans. Or maybe I should say between liberals and conservatives? Or maybe I should say between the Tea Pa...

Global Warming: The BIGGEST LIE Exposed


published: September 23, 2013


I will never understand the kind of thinking behind a lie so big that it became an international fraud and swindle. I cannot understand why an international organization, the Intergovernmental Pane...

My Cold War and Now Yours


published: September 15, 2013


I spent the better part of my life during the Cold War that began at the end of World War Two in 1945 and did not end until the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991. It was replaced by the...

The Curse of Liberalism


published: September 15, 2013


“Liberalism has become an ugly blend of sanctimony, self-interest, and social connections,” writes Fred Seigel whose credentials include being a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute...

The Middle East's Peace of the Grave


published: September 09, 2013


After both great wars of the last century nations got together to create organizations that would ensure that large conflicts would not occur again. After World War I, it was the League of Nations...

The Incredible Shrinking President


published: September 02, 2013


In 1981 Lily Tomlin starred in a film, “The Incredible Shrinking Woman”, and it seems to me that Barack Obama is starring in the 2013 sequel, “The Incredible Shrinking President.&...

Why the GOP Lost and How it Can Win


published: August 26, 2013


Throughout the 2012 political campaign, I was nagged by the feeling that Mitt Romney was “too nice” and said so, despite having supported him during the primaries. I kept waiting for hi...

Egypt's Islamic Chaos, America's Islamic Threat


published: August 18, 2013


The President who, in 2009, said he thought it unseemly to “meddle” in the affairs of Iran when protesters against its regime were being shot dead in the streets of Tehran, announced to...

A Military in Decline


published: August 18, 2013


Wars are often unpredictable. The outcome of such conflicts is also unpredictable, but defeat in future conflicts is now being “baked into the cake” and I suspect most Americans are tot...

Drowning in Sea Level Nonsense


published: August 04, 2013


New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D) and forty members of Congress believe the sea levels are rising, that a panel should be created to determine what should be done, and, of course, to throw bi...

Is Obama Committing Treason?


published: August 04, 2013


I have been trying to remember a president that someone did not want to impeach. An effort was made to impeach Andrew Johnson but failed by one vote. Nixon resigned when he was informed that he wou...

Living in a Communist Economy


published: August 04, 2013


In the former Soviet Union, the joke was “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.” It took over four decades of the Cold War to finally put an end to the lie that Communism as an...

Are Americans Living in a Police State?


published: July 21, 2013


The thing about a police state is that it tends to creep up on you. One day you think the Bill of Rights is intact and the freedoms you take for granted are intact, but the next day you find out th...

Is Snowden a Spy or a Hero?


published: July 07, 2013


Interesting to see how Edward Snowden, former employee of a National Security Agency contractor, has dropped off the front pages; how quickly he has become “old news”. The leaders of t...

It Can Happen Here


published: July 07, 2013


“How the Jews Defeated Hitler” is the title of a new book by Dr. Benjamin Ginsberg PhD, subtitled “Exploding the Myth of Jewish Passivity in the Face of Nazism.” The title ...

Obama's Enormous Climate Lies


published: June 23, 2013


Putting aside Obama’s intention to further reduce our nuclear arsenal as articulated in his June 19 speech in Berlin, he has solidified his position as the World’s Greatest Liar with hi...

The Common Core Straight Jacket


published: June 23, 2013


American education was based on some very fundamental principles and, from the 1640s until the 1840s, they were, in the words of Joseph Bast, the president of The Heartland Institute, “real c...

The Continuing Collapse of the Global Warming Hoax


published: June 23, 2013


While the nation tries to come to grips with the cascade of scandals involving the Obama administration, a significant phenomenon has been occurring. It is the demise of the global warming/climate ...

Living in the Government's Fishbowl


published: June 09, 2013


You have to wonder why all the data gathering by the National Security Agency, Homeland Security, and the FBI failed to identify and surveil the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing? When ev...

All the Things We Do Not Know


published: June 02, 2013


On January 8, 1959 as Fidel Castro was entering Havana after the dictator, Fulgencio Batista, fled the revolution that Castro had led there was much joy among the Cuban people except for those clos...

Obama Runs Away from the War on Terrorism


published: May 27, 2013


“You may not be interested in war, but war may be interested in you.” -- Leon Trotsky If you think about the presidents who we remember and honor the most, it is those who faced war an...

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.


published: May 27, 2013


From its earliest days, even before the Revolution, Americans valued their newspapers and understood they played a crucial role in the issues and events of the times in which they lived. It would t...

The Green Enemies of Humanity, Science and the Truth


published: May 19, 2013


Among the greatest liars on Earth today is the international organization called Friends of the Earth (FOE). It has engaged in the most scurrilous fear-mongering for decades, along with Greenpeace,...

The President as Sergeant Schultz


published: May 19, 2013


How is it that, time and again, the most powerful man on the planet doesn’t seem to have a clue what is happening in his own government? Famed for never accepting blame for anything, the more...

Obama Breeds Rebellion Among the States


published: May 12, 2013


The resistance to Obamacare is writing a new chapter in U.S. history. It may well become the most unpopular law since Prohibition became an Amendment to the Constitution in 1919. By 1933, another A...

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Alan Caruba

408 articles
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A widely respected conservative commentator on the issues of our times. He blogs daily at Facts Not Fantasy. The founder in 1990 of The National Anxiety Center, Caruba has been debunking government, liberal political, and environmental propaganda ever since. A longtime business and science writer, as well as former journalist, Caruba is a charter member of The National Book Critics Circle and posts a monthly report on new books.

Professionally, Caruba provides public relations and editorial services via He can be reached via email at and


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