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The Green Enemies of Humanity, Science and the Truth


published: May 19, 2013


Among the greatest liars on Earth today is the international organization called Friends of the Earth (FOE). It has engaged in the most scurrilous fear-mongering for decades, along with Greenpeace,...

The President as Sergeant Schultz


published: May 19, 2013


How is it that, time and again, the most powerful man on the planet doesn’t seem to have a clue what is happening in his own government? Famed for never accepting blame for anything, the more...

Obama Breeds Rebellion Among the States


published: May 12, 2013


The resistance to Obamacare is writing a new chapter in U.S. history. It may well become the most unpopular law since Prohibition became an Amendment to the Constitution in 1919. By 1933, another A...

Amnesty Bill is a Massive Multi-Million Dollar Fraud


published: May 05, 2013


Native-born and naturalized Americans who are currently seeking work are already competing with illegal immigrants—a term that the Associated Press says it will no longer use—or standin...

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Idiot


published: May 05, 2013


What kind of idiot would write, “Until we fully understand what turned two brothers who allegedly perpetrated the Boston Marathon bombings into murderers, it is hard to make any policy recomm...

The EPA Snake Pit


published: April 28, 2013


Under President Obama, two women have been the director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Carol Browner, who served in the Clinton administration and was one of the "czars" Ob...

Obamacare is Imploding


published: April 14, 2013


Obamacare—the Affordable Care Act—is both imploding from its own dead weight and conversely exploding in the face of the Democratic Party as we head toward the 2014 midterm elections. Y...

Gun Control is DOA in Congress


published: April 07, 2013


When I was a teenager I was a magician performing at birthday parties and before local clubs whose adults enjoyed legerdemain as much as the kids. The essence of magic is diversion, distracting the...

A Very Bad Idea--Redefining Marriage


published: April 07, 2013


An America that abandons thousands of years of tradition and common sense is an America that has set itself firmly on a path toward decline. That is the central issue of gay marriage that the Supre...

A Very Old Congress


published: March 31, 2013


It struck me the other day that every time I see some member from the Senate on television that I am often looking at an elderly person. Recently, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said, “I think the leg...

A Carbon Tax Would Destroy America


published: March 31, 2013


If you want to know what a carbon tax on emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) would do to America you need only look at the destruction of industry and business in Australia, along with the soaring co...

Living in Obama's Mad House


published: March 24, 2013


Like everyone else I get up each day and do my best to make sense of my life. I turn on “Fox and Friends” while I pour a cup of my morning coffee. I give a quick read to The Wall Street...

Americans will Curse Obama for Obamacare


published: March 17, 2013


Following the sequester debacle in which Obama and his cohorts were swiftly found to be lying through their teeth, his polling numbers have begun to fall and, folks you ain’t seen nothing yet...

The World is Not Having Enough Babies


published: March 10, 2013


“Today, American pets now outnumber American children by more than four to one.” When a nation’s population fails to reproduce and replace its population, it goes into decline. T...

Obscene Government Waste


published: March 03, 2013


The one thing the “sequester” did was to get people asking why government spending could not be reduced. Adding to the drama of the automatic cuts was the sky-is-falling, government-ser...

Every Horrid Thing You Need to Know About How Healthcare is Paid For Today


published: March 03, 2013


“Despite more than sixty years of government efforts—representing the work of both political parties—we are moving further and further away from what we want. Prices are higher, m...

The Memory Span of Fungus


published: February 25, 2013


I have been puzzling over what I perceive as the growing loss of public interest in the Benghazi debacle in which an American ambassador and three others lost their lives and the former Secretary o...

The Relentless Power of Demography


published: February 17, 2013


The President of the United States is routinely referred to as the most powerful man on the Earth. There is a greater power and it is the changing characteristics of population, something that occu...

What the Sex Lives of California Mice Can Tell You


published: February 17, 2013


According to Cheryl Rosenfeld, an associate professor of biomedical sciences in the University of Missouri’s Bond Life Science Center, loading up a bunch of California mice with a mega-dose o...

Obama's Carbon Dioxide Lies


published: February 10, 2013


The utter desperation of the “Warmists”, the advocates of global warming—now called climate change—is evident in a recent “study” reported in the Daily Caller in...

Enemies of the Constitution


published: February 10, 2013


Perhaps the stupidest idea given an airing in a recent edition of The New York Times is Prof. Louis Michael Seidman’s opinion, “Let’s Give Up on the Constitution.” Accordin...

The Economy is a Lot Worse Than You Think


published: February 03, 2013


Most Americans know the economy is in bad shape even if a majority voted to reelect the man most responsible for making a bad economy worse. And, no, it was not George W. Bush who is responsible fo...

Destroying the U.S. Military


published: January 28, 2013


The author of “1984”, George Orwell, once said, “The quickest way to end a war is to lose it.” In the preamble to the U.S. Constitution, among the priorities listed is to &...

Comparing Two Inaugural Speeches, Reagan's and Obama's


published: January 21, 2013


A comparison between Ronald Reagan’s and Barack Obama’s first inauguration speeches reveals the gap between their understanding of the role of government and how much America has declin...

Obamacare is All About Death and Taxes


published: January 20, 2013


Prior to the November elections, I received an email that was chilling. It was about the new Obamacare rules. Before I discuss the Obamacare taxes that are kicking in this year and next, I want to ...

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Alan Caruba

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A widely respected conservative commentator on the issues of our times. He blogs daily at Facts Not Fantasy. The founder in 1990 of The National Anxiety Center, Caruba has been debunking government, liberal political, and environmental propaganda ever since. A longtime business and science writer, as well as former journalist, Caruba is a charter member of The National Book Critics Circle and posts a monthly report on new books.

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