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November 22, 1963


published: November 21, 2008


I doubt that most Americans will recall that, forty-five years ago, on November 22, 1963, the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Clearly, part of t...

Turning Boom into Bust, Unleashing the energy industries in America


published: November 16, 2008


Energy is called “the master resource” because every other aspect of life operates off of it. Nations that are rich in energy resources such as oil, natural gas, and coal, grow wealthy....

Looting the National Treasury


published: November 14, 2008


In the November issue of The DeWeese Report, published by the American Policy Center, Tom DeWeese provides one of the most cogent explanations for the current financial crisis that you will read an...

How America Has Changed


published: November 09, 2008


Many of those who helped elect Barack Obama as the next President represent a very different generation of Americans from earlier ones. They have passed through the politically correct indoctrinati...

America at the Tipping Point


published: November 03, 2008


By Wednesday morning it is quite possible that the United States turn dramatically towards socialism in the conduct of its economy, its politics, and its culture. If Barack Obama is elected Preside...

There will be no one left to protect you


published: November 03, 2008


Barack Obama wants to institute a Civilian National Security Force, a vast militia not unlike Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, a personal army. He knows he would need such a force to protect him a...

Afghanistan Will Be Another Vietnam


published: November 03, 2008


The next President of the United States of America must decide whether to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan or expand our involvement there. Having lived through the long years of the war in Vie...

The Obama Commercial


published: October 30, 2008


The Wednesday evening half-hour, $4 million dollar television commercial for the candidacy of Sen. Barack Obama was a masterpiece of imagery. It was also entirely devoted to class warfare, class e...

San Francisco: the Epicenter of Stupid Ideas


published: October 27, 2008


In the 1980s I found myself traveling all over the United States in the employ of a corporation’s quarterly newsletter. I visited many cities and places, discovering the unfailing courtesy an...

Ruining America


published: October 23, 2008


George Washington warned against “factions” by which he meant political parties, but even in the earliest days of the new republic, the most natural of human inclinations was to band to...

Let’s Go Nuclear


published: October 19, 2008


How do you know when a Green—hardcore environmentalist—is lying to you? When his lips are moving. Okay, it’s a cliché used in other cases as well, but it is especially true...

States & Utilities Unite to Rob Energy Consumers


published: October 12, 2008


Energy consumers in ten northeastern States are going to see their bills rise and probably not even know why. They will assume that it is tied to the cost of oil, natural gas, or coal, but it does ...

The Ethanol Election Issue


published: October 05, 2008


The issue of the nation’s financial and economic security is likely to dominate the November 4 election. Earlier in the campaign cycle we might have assumed that foreign affairs and energy wo...

Politics Versus Economics


published: October 01, 2008


Congress reminds me a lot of the Wizard of Oz these days. They keep telling us to ignore the man behind the curtain, but they are the man behind the curtain. We have now reached the poin...

Why Americans Can’t Get U.S. Oil


published: September 29, 2008


Aside from the fact the Democrats in Congress are trying to fool Americans into believing they are “lifting” the ban on off-shore exploration and drilling for oil, the opposition to our...

Social Justice or a Bad Idea?


published: September 24, 2008


I have a close family member who is as liberal as I am conservative. We talk every day and, mostly, we avoid discussing politics. Most of us have family members whose politics differ from our own a...

Who Are You Calling Stupid?


published: September 21, 2008


If you read as much of the blather turned out by media folk like the New York Times’ Thomas Friedman and others, you begin to see certain themes emerge. They don’t like humanity much. ...



published: September 17, 2008


“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” was best known for the two words on its cover, “Don’t Panic!” Of course, when you have Vogons wandering around destroying...

A Spotless Sun


published: September 14, 2008


There’s a wonderful irony in the fact that, back in the 1970s, the Greens were issuing warnings and even writing books about the coming Ice Age. They would abandon this issue, based in well-k...

Democrat Deceptions about Oil


published: September 07, 2008


Lost amidst the many speeches delivered at the Democrat Convention was one by Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada. He is the Senate Majority Leader and, as such, controls the legislative agenda in that upper...



published: September 04, 2008


Mamoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, was bouncing off the walls in August. Hardly a day went by without his getting crazier and crazier about Zionism, Israel, and Jews in general. The last gu...

Playing God with “Endangered” Species


published: August 31, 2008


n mid-August Barack Obama had this to say about a White House decision regarding the Endangered Species Act: “After over 30 years of successfully protecting our nation’s most endangered...

Some Speeches are Better Than Others


published: August 29, 2008


Some speeches are better than others. Sen. Barack Obama knows how to deliver a speech, but his acceptance speech was familiar stuff to anyone who has been listening to politicians as long as I have...

The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy


published: August 25, 2008


As a dues-paying member of Hillary Clinton’s Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, it came as a revelation of sorts to learn about the parallel universe in which a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy exists. Wit...

The Iran Scenarios


published: August 18, 2008


These days you can read as many different scenarios regarding the likelihood that Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities as there are experts putting them forth. History, past and prese...

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Alan Caruba

461 articles
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A widely respected conservative commentator on the issues of our times. He blogs daily at Facts Not Fantasy. The founder in 1990 of The National Anxiety Center, Caruba has been debunking government, liberal political, and environmental propaganda ever since. A longtime business and science writer, as well as former journalist, Caruba is a charter member of The National Book Critics Circle and posts a monthly report on new books.

Professionally, Caruba provides public relations and editorial services via He can be reached via email at and



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