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Government Motors & Close Enough for Government Work


published: July 21, 2014


Times have been tough at Government Motors. For a while there it looked like both Osama and GM were going to be dead after encountering the Obama regime. Just recently GM announced the recall of 8,...

Only Obama Staffers Believe IRS ‘Lost’ Email


published: June 30, 2014


If you’ve been skeptical about the IRS’ explanation that Lois Lerner’s email disappeared during a World of Warcraft online game that got out of control, I have good news. Particul...

Eric Cantor Picked the Wrong Base


published: June 22, 2014


It’s no mystery why Eric Cantor lost his primary last Tuesday. He simply failed to turn out his new Hispanic base. And Cantor is not completely to blame for this failure, because events outsi...

Creating Democrats One Squirrel at a Time


published: June 08, 2014


A lack of affordable housing forced me to move 24 miles south of the Fort Hunt area in Fairfax County, VA. I couldn’t find an affordable house that had a view of the Potomac River. We had be...

Veterans Are the Healthcare Canary in a Coal Mine


published: June 02, 2014


Between today and June 6th’s 70th anniversary of the D–Day landing I want you to find a veteran and talk to him. This doesn’t mean cornering some unsuspecting vet and ambushing hi...

Why Col. Sanders Is a Better Strategist than Col. Riley


published: May 25, 2014


Marching on Washington, DC to change the government has not met with success. 150 years ago Maj. Gen. Jubal Early traveled up the Shenandoah Valley in an effort to outflank the Union and attack Was...

Abortion As Performance Art


published: May 18, 2014


A New Jersey execution was recently videotaped and posted on YouTube. Instead of using a simple, painless pill authorities in New Jersey opted for an invasive mechanical method that took longer and...

Hooray for the Death Penalty!


published: May 12, 2014


For a brief moment I almost believed the mainstream media when I read: ‘Oklahoma Execution of Murderer Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong.’ ‘Oklahoma Governor Calls for Independent Rev...

Are You Smarter Than a Supreme Court Judge?


published: May 03, 2014


April was not a good month for Americans that still believe the Supreme Court is a font of legal wisdom. Former Justice John Paul Stevens authored an Op–Ed in the WaPost proving you can be ig...

Eros and Estrogen on the Front Line


published: April 28, 2014


This December it will be 42 years since the last male was drafted into combat, but it looks like the fun is just starting for women. Not that they will be going to the post office to register anyti...

Flavor Is a Human Right, Too.


published: April 21, 2014


The biggest problem Christians and conservatives have in making the case for marriage to the younger generation is we don’t speak the same language, and I’m not referring to the number ...

World Vision’s Secular Myopia


published: April 16, 2014


Last Monday World Vision President Richard Stearns walks hand–in–hand down the aisle pledging fealty to homosexual marriage until death do they part. This is big news, because World V...

Ukraine Sanctions With Teeth Instead of Gums Are Still Possible


published: March 30, 2014


For a very brief moment it looked like the White House and I were finally going to be in agreement on the topic of misrule in the United States. Obama’s White House Press Office released a st...

How CPAC Stacked the Deck on the Amnesty Panel


published: March 23, 2014


Here’s a handy rule of thumb: If two of the four members of an immigration panel have Hispanic surnames you can bet it’s an amnesty panel in disguise. That was certainly the case at CPA...

Bob McDonnell Discovers He’s Past the Sell–By Date


published: March 02, 2014


If you need additional proof that taking handouts creates dependency, look no further than the sad fate of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. McDonnell is currently under federal indictment and ac...

John Boehner’s Incremental Amnesty Surrender Strategy


published: February 17, 2014


Mathematicians have long contended that if you give a million monkeys a million typewriters and an infinite amount of time, eventually the simians will produce the King James Bible. Maybe so, but w...

Obama’s Trickle–Down Lawlessness


published: February 17, 2014


What Sen. Ted Cruz (R–TX) refers to as Obama’s “pattern of lawlessness, his willingness to disregard the written law and instead enforce his own policies via executive fiat”...

TX Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Wendy Davis’ Slip Is Showing


published: February 02, 2014


Wendy Davis is not the first Democrat to use a fetus pile as a stepping–stone to higher office. She’s only the latest. But Wendy is in such a hurry to run for governor of Texas that she...

Amnesty: The Next GOP Leadership Betrayal


published: January 20, 2014


House Republican leadership is preparing to betray the base. Again. To illustrate the magnitude of the sellout I was going to use a hypothetical analogy with Democrats and their base. Initially I w...

Spare No Expense & Bill the Taxpayer


published: January 13, 2014


Prince William County, VA recently witnessed a heartwarming episode that ended in a charming example of public – private cooperation. Not too far from where I live the county is constructing ...

Is the NFL Becoming the No Fan League?


published: January 11, 2014


The result of NFL’s experiment in negative market dynamics has just come in and the news is not good for Commissioner Roger Goodell. Last September the NFL greatly increased the irritation fa...

Duck Dynasty Doesn’t Duck & Cover


published: January 11, 2014


These redneck duck assassins may have the number one reality show on cable TV, but the Robertson family has proven to be completely ignorant of what elite cultural arbiters demand of backwoods cele...

House GOP Has Nothing to Offer Conservatives


published: December 16, 2013


Here’s the situation: You’re in a high–stakes negotiation with an untrustworthy opponent. The opposition has violated every agreement the two of you have made in the past. Enforce...

Walmart Encourages Grinch Accusations


published: December 15, 2013


Walmart is a corporation that generates strong opinion. Unions — and their wholly–owned subsidiary the Democrat Party — view Walmart as a rapacious corporation run by brutal overs...

Lies. Damned Lies. And Obamacare Statistics


published: December 01, 2013


The latest batch of October statistics from the Obama White House credits me with buying a Mercedes, BMW and an Audi. And the best part is it didn’t cost me a dime! All I did was take three t...

Michael R. Shannon Articles

Michael R. Shannon

215 articles
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Virginia-based public relations and media consultant with MANDATE: Message, Media & Public Relations who has worked in over 75 elections on three continents and a handful of islands. Michael’s columns have appeared on his own News & Messenger site and AmericaSpeakOn. The Tampa Trib has published some of his columns, as has Black Velvet Bruce Li. He was an editorial writer and columnist for the Dallas Morning News, and has been in politics and journalism since 1972.



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