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Michael R. Shannon's Past Articles

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Sisters of Political Futbol


published: August 13, 2010


(Note to Democrat press secretaries: even the mainstream media will ask embarrassing questions regarding immigration after a drunk illegal runs over a nun.) Virginia’s Sen. Mark Warner (D&nd...;

One More for the Road


published: August 07, 2010


The DC metro area suffered a little collateral damage this week as part of Democrats long march toward “Social Justice.” One nun was killed and two were hospitalized after their car was...

I’m Still Not Jerry Kramer


published: August 01, 2010


My age and marital status have combined to place severe limits on what are acceptable topics for my formerly rich fantasy life. I’m pretty much down to dreaming about food and fantasy footbal...

The Readers Are Always Write


published: July 17, 2010


This is a good week to catch up on reader correspondence concerning pressing national issues like government employee hydration. So stand by for the letters: Did Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell really...

Oh, Say Can You See?


published: July 09, 2010


I don’t know how the festivities played out at your community fireworks display on the Fourth of July, but in Montclair, VA we set fire to the dam. Montclair is run by the Montclair Property...

Beware Analysts Worried About the GOP


published: June 27, 2010


Why do Virginia Republicans insist on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory? Here in the 11th Congressional District primary they had a chance to choose that nice Pat Herrity — who got al...

Is Mandatory Soccer Watching Child Abuse?


published: June 19, 2010


It’s World Cup Week in the middle school that my son attends. Where previously the last week or so of “instructional time” was devoted to the WALL–E Film Festival, this year...

Frank Perdue Can Rest Easy


published: June 13, 2010


Normally I don’t revisit column topics until a decent interval has passed, but there have been so many feathers flying in poultry news that I’m forced to return to the subject of chicke...

Here a Chick, There a Chick, Everywhere a Chick, Chick


published: May 22, 2010


Tuesday was a time of feverish activity for the Economic Development Authority in Fairfax County, just North of where I live. As soon as the leadership saw the front page of the newspaper featuring...

It’s Tough Being Enlightened


published: May 15, 2010


We haven’t been swapping senior living tips lately, but something tells me Prince William County, VA Jefe de la Policía Charlie Deane won’t be moving to Arizona when he retires. ...

Up Close and Personal


published: May 09, 2010


In the old terminal ‘A’ at Washington’s National Airport the Underwear Police (TSA) installed the latest, greatest detecting machinery a few years ago. This Sherlock Holmes of the...

Walter Mitty Bang, Bang


published: May 01, 2010


Wouldn’t you know it? Turn a bunch of Republicans loose in the Virginia legislature and governor’s office and before you can say “Socialized Medicine” they are exposing scho...

A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On


published: April 26, 2010


There is a story told about Vince Lombardi when he was still coaching the Green Bay Packers. During a game he sends in a rookie running back that scores a touchdown and then performs some forgettab...

Sins of Omission


published: April 19, 2010


Do you think Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell gave Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli a heads up last week before releasing his proclamation that revived Confederate History Month — after an eight ye...

Welcome to the House of Tofu


published: April 09, 2010


As if we needed more evidence of how little reason there is to trust the Democrats, the Obama administration has cruelly betrayed the illegal alien community by passing Obamacare. Hidden inside th...

The Dandelion’s Revenge


published: April 02, 2010


As I sneezed, snorted, hacked, blew and dripped my way through the sermon last Sunday, I pondered — as I fumbled for more tissue — where exactly does pollen fit into God's plan? Couldn...

A Black Sabbath for Liberty


published: March 26, 2010


In the wake of last Sunday’s vote by Democrats to begin the socialization of medicine in the United States, Republicans are reduced to throwing things at the wall in the hope that something s...

A ‘No’ Vote a Day, Keeps Obama Away


published: March 19, 2010


Congratulations are in order for Delegate Bob Marshall (R–Prince William) who single–handedly led the fight to exempt Virginians from the baleful effects of Obamacare. Virginia became ...

Limit One Per Customer


published: March 14, 2010


Formerly Virginia was for lovers, but now it’s the “limit one–per–month, per customer” Commonwealth for guns and teeth. The limitation on gun purchases was designed t...

Virginia Decommissions the 'Arts'


published: March 07, 2010


The Lord God Almighty grants eternal life in the hereafter, but on earth it’s politicians who control immortality. So when the Virginia House of Delegates passes a budget that executes the Co...

The 2010 Mexican Roundup


published: February 26, 2010


Life ain’t easy for the politically sensitive, multicultural police chief. Where I live in Virginia, Prince William County’s Jefe de la Policia Charlie Deane had a near miss. Authoriti...

'Choose Electrolux' Plate Available Soon


published: February 19, 2010


Last year Virginia’s liberal “progressives” — whose commitment to the free marketplace of ideas endures only so long as it exclusively supports their views — were outr...

The Weather Outside Is Frightful


published: February 13, 2010


Remember when the weather was just fine, before Al Gore started griping about it? Blizzards were formerly a one–per–customer situation in the DC area where I live. Now it’s come ...

When Borrowing Ideas from Democrats, First Consider the Source


published: February 05, 2010


One of my former jobs was group creative director at an ad agency. My largest client was Blue Cross & Blue Shield, the health insurance company. Inside BCBS you could find decision–makers...

Not So Famous Last Words


published: January 29, 2010


This weekend I’m going to be at Carter Hall in Millwood, VA presenting a lecture on message development for candidates and elected officials. It’s part of the University of Virginia&rsq...;

Michael R. Shannon Articles

Michael R. Shannon

215 articles
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Virginia-based public relations and media consultant with MANDATE: Message, Media & Public Relations who has worked in over 75 elections on three continents and a handful of islands. Michael’s columns have appeared on his own News & Messenger site and AmericaSpeakOn. The Tampa Trib has published some of his columns, as has Black Velvet Bruce Li. He was an editorial writer and columnist for the Dallas Morning News, and has been in politics and journalism since 1972.



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