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Michael Wolfe's Past Articles

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Owe No: Is it Conservative?


published: February 18, 2011


There is a glitzy high dollar campaign running now featuring a spoof presidential candidate "Hugh Jidette," a play on the words "Huge Debt." The thrust of the campaign is to dra...

We should keep taxes in perspective say some progressives, who always want to make sure everyone "pays their fair share."


published: February 18, 2011


Despite what they say, however, taxes are high. As a percentage, they consume much more of our weekly paychecks than they did when houses cost 6,000. When the income tax was first implemented, 1913...

The Constitutionality of the Line Item Veto


published: March 10, 2010


The last portion of article 1, section 8 of the US constitution says this about Congress: To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and...

The Parental Rights Amendment: A Trojan horse


published: February 24, 2010


Here is the amendment, which purports to protect parental rights and, on a glance actually appears to do so. Section 1. The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their child...

How slavery came to ancient Egypt


published: November 18, 2009


What led to slavery in Egypt thousands of years ago? What can it tell us today? The Bible is full of spiritual truth, but it contains much more than that. It tells how great people fell, how the hu...

Ohio’s Issue 2: More government when less is needed


published: October 09, 2009


The idea sounds good: set up standards for treatment of livestock. However, in practice, it is merely a hasty response in an attempt to fend of radical animal rights groups from creating harsher st...

Michael Wolfe Articles

Michael Wolfe

6 articles
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A proud graduate of Pensacola Christian College, Michael has blogged for years, but early in 2009, decided that that more was needed. He got involved in political activism with the first round of tea parties in April of 2009

He is an unrepentant believer in the gospel of Christ, and is inspired by the example of the Founding Fathers, who proclaimed life liberty and the right to pursue happiness as God-given rights. He is not afraid to criticize both sides of the isle when they go against the founding principles of this great nation.

His website is



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