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Democrats Now Plan Forced ObamaCare via House Bill Rider


published: September 30, 2009


Democrats know without a shadow of a doubt that the American people--who have actually read their Orwellian HR 3200 ObamaCare bill--are turning against their faux healthcare packages in greater num...

Obama’s Enemies of Liberty, Freedom and Humans on a Roll


published: September 29, 2009


Despite growing opposition from We-the-People to ObamaCare and all of his other patently Socialist programs, Dictator-in-Chief Obama and his paid minions have vowed to continue to fight us. Last m...

Public Schools’ Praise Song: Next Step Praying to Obama?


published: September 25, 2009


It began last year in earnest. But, like a virus far worse than H1N1, it is beginning to spread like wildfire amongst the public school indoctrinators formerly known as “teachers.“ Th...

Does Obama Have the Ability to Tell the Truth?


published: September 24, 2009


As Barack Hussein Obama’s lies seem to be waxing greater each day--with regards to what is contained within his ObamaCare and that Cap and Trade (aka Cap and Tax) won‘t negatively impac...

ALERT: Obama Throws out First Amendment Free Speech Clause


published: September 22, 2009


It has now happened. Obama has begun a full frontal attack against anyone who disagrees with him and is now shutting off free speech for Americans. Obama is starting with insurance companies who ...

How Close is Obama to Complete Destruction of USA?


published: September 21, 2009


One thing that seems to be fairly consistent about viewpoints on Obama is that people cannot seem to understand what he is doing…and why. Obama’s new huge slap in the face to US allie...

Obama Waist-Deep in ACORN Corruption and More ObamaCare Atrocities


published: September 20, 2009


While the ObamaCamp and many Democrat (aka New Marxist) “leaders” continue to desperately search for hiding places from the latest outing of ACORN as an organizational nut that is rotte...

Obama’s Direct and Lucrative Ties to ACORN


published: September 16, 2009


Since Obama announced his run for the presidency of the United States of America, some us have been reporting on the direct ties--both ideological and financial--between Obama and his voter-fraud a...

Will Obama’s DOJ Block Investigation of ACORN?


published: September 14, 2009


For several years, a few members of Congress (oddly enough at one time even consummate leftist Rep. John Conyers D-MI) have been attempting to investigate ACORN. They have been unsuccessful. This...

Mr. Obama We Have now asked you Nicely but Firmly


published: September 13, 2009


Mr. Obama: As you flew quickly toward your counter-demonstration (avoiding the increasing crowds of the American people) stacked with only your supporters, in order to further push your anti-Ameri...

Obama to Gut Medicare to pay for ObamaCare Folly


published: September 10, 2009


Saying that he would not reduce services to senior citizens Medicare programs, Obama then went on to say he would. The double-minded, double-speaking man stuck again Wednesday night to push his Ob...

Obama Set to Force ObamaCare while His Eligibility Trial Date Set?


published: September 09, 2009


As rumors that Obama plans to--again--resuscitate his hard line Marxist push for his government-controlled ObamaCare (the so-called “public option” that is no option at all) down the throats of the...

Van Jones -- Just one of Many Obama-Marxists


published: September 06, 2009


I must say that I was almost surprised by ObamaCzar Van Jones’ resignation. As there are now so many racist anti-American Marxists in the current administration, I actually thought Obama wou...

No ObamaCare--No Trigger!


published: September 05, 2009


As it is now painfully obvious even to the politically and otherwise unaware leftists, Marxist and Alinsky-inspired ObamaCare has little to nothing to do with healthcare. It does however, have eve...

Is MA Storm Trooper bill a Test Case for Obama Takeover?


published: September 04, 2009


The “each-and-every-day-ObamaAtrocities” are being waged against We-the-People with increasing and unwavering intensity. Now it seems that Obama and his minions are looking at, if not ...

Jesse Kelly: AZ Candidate and ObamaCare Opponent


published: August 31, 2009


A former Marine and avowed true conservative is running for Congress in Arizona's 8th District. His name is Jesse Kelly and he is running against an opponent who claimed to be a "Blue Dog&quo...;

The Worst is Yet to Come


published: August 30, 2009


If it wasn’t before, the ultimate purpose of Dictator Barack Hussein Obama should now be clear to even his most die-hard fans. With Obama’s planned and now-revised “Cybersecurity...

ObamaCzar Advocating Genocide against Americans?


published: August 27, 2009


On 10 June 2008 at the National Conference for Media Reform (NCMR) in Minneapolis, MN, the now Obama FCC “Diversity” Czar Mark Lloyd spoke for the “Leadership Conference on Civil ...

Dems Call for ObamaCare Renamed as Kennedy Health Bill


published: August 26, 2009


In order to place a tearful face on ObamaCare and more easily ram it down the throats of the American people, Democrats are planning to elicit sympathy over the recent death of Uber-leftist Senator...

Obama Attacks CIA to Quell ObamaCare Protests and Establish Secret Police


published: August 25, 2009


In December 1917 Bolshevik Russian leaders, including one of the founders of Socialist thuggery Vladimir Lenin, established the Cheka--Russia’s first political secret police.  With almos...

Obama uses Liberal Christianity and Judaism to Push Marxist Agenda


published: August 24, 2009


With the establishment of another “if-you-hadn’t-heard-and-seen-it-you-wouldn’t-believe-it” moment, the US Dictator Obama decided to reel in the Christian clergy so that the...

Obama’s Congress Vows Forceful Takeover of American People Imminent


published: August 23, 2009


Since the 2006 Congressional elections--when leftist Democrats took over the majority of both the US House of Representatives and Senate--the dye was cast for the takeover of the lives of the Ameri...

Obama Alert: Your Rep or Senator may be Obama-Bribed or Threatened


published: July 22, 2009


On 21 July 2009, Obama called a demand meeting with the so-called Blue Dog Democrats to “persuade” them to vote for his ObamaControl of the American People Health Crimes Bill.  Not...

Senator Kennedy Says Health Crimes Bill Includes Rationing


published: July 21, 2009


One of the mastermind’s behind the Obama Socio-fascist Health Crimes Bill is the old Leftist Lion Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy (D-MA).  And it appears that even he is finally beginning t...

Al Qaeda Affiliate Welcomed to USA under ObamaRule


published: July 20, 2009


Under any US President—I presume even Franklin D. Roosevelt—the sworn enemy of the United States of America would not be allowed (let alone welcomed with open arms) into the country.&nb...;

Sher  Zieve Articles

Sher Zieve

279 articles
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