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Obama Tires of Destroying USA--Turns to Egypt


published: February 05, 2011


The awkward, anti-American and increasingly dangerous team of Tweedledum and Tweedledee are now leading the USA even more quickly toward its ultimate demise. For years former Delaware Democrat Sen...

Republican and Marxist Date Night in D.C.


published: January 26, 2011


Never before has a State of the Union address drawn such attention for such an absurd notion. The capitol is atwitter over who will sit with whom on their first official Congressperson-to-Congressp...

Venezuela Becomes New Stalinist Nation


published: January 20, 2011


In their game of “Who can create the Fastest Slave State”, Venezuelan Dictator (now official) Hugo Chavez is now ahead of US Dictator Barack Hussein Obama. Not long ago, Chavez made th...

Who Are the Real Law Enforcers, the Police or We-the-People?


published: January 17, 2011


Some time ago, I interviewed Captain Jim Wilmeth, who was then running for Sheriff of Lea County NM. Jim has not only a refreshing stance on enforcing our country’s laws but, his opinions ar...

Obama’s Memorial and Pep Rally


published: January 13, 2011


Not since President Bill Clinton used the death of Democrat Senator Paul Wellstone as a springboard toward regaining his popularity has there been such a spectacle as was witnessed on all the netwo...

TSA, Youth Corps Now Officially part of Obama Gestapo and Marxist Senators vow to Create Official Dictatorship


published: December 30, 2010


The problem with believing one is “safe” from the growing and increasingly ravenous Obama & Co Police State if one embraces--or pretends to embrace--the anti-God/anti-American Left...

TSA Sheeple Experiment Successful--Next Phase of America’s Imprisonment Begins


published: December 26, 2010


There once was a time--not so very long ago--when what I am about to write would be consigned to the “tin-foil hat” group; that classification that says all who participate are “...

GOP Continues to play Supplicant to Marxist Obama--Our Nation under Siege


published: December 23, 2010


Using only the quietest and most humble voices to disagree with the Dictator-in-Chief, Republican leaders continued to bow and scrape to the usurped and, therefore, illegal authority claimed by Bar...

Dems Continue to Pound Final Nails into USA Coffin


published: December 21, 2010


In the last few days of the lame duck Congress--sadly the duck isn’t even the slightest bit lame--with the assistance of a few RINOs the US Marxist/Leninist Democrats is destroying as much le...

Democrats: Put down your Scheming Propositions and leave the Capitol Building


published: December 16, 2010


The new omnibus spending bill now being proposed as the last “shove it down their unthankful throats and choke ‘em to death” thrown together and not read by the Marxist/Leninist D...

Republicans: We Did Not Rehire you to continue business as usual


published: December 09, 2010


The US Republican Party’s first order of business since the 2010 midterm elections was to compromise with the Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama. Acting as if they hadn’t won a reso...

Can Obama & Co Really be Stopped?


published: December 07, 2010


“Cap and trade was just one way of skinning the cat--it was not the only way. I'm going to be looking for other means to address this problem.” The preceding was Barack Hussein Obama&rs...;

Are Obama’s perversions becoming even more pronounced?


published: November 23, 2010


We already know that Obama’s mentor and facilitator George Soros considers the manipulation destruction of countries and their peoples an enjoyable game. Soros looks at said countries and hum...

TSA Torment: ObamaGov Police State Tightening its Grip on We-the-People


published: November 19, 2010


The Obama & Co controlled TSA (“Transportation Safety Administration“) now demands either a full-body scan or a vigorous and intrusive “pat-down” (aka “sexual grop...

Pelosi and Her Marxist Dems to Continue Fight against American People


published: November 08, 2010


Proving once again that you can’t keep a dedicated Communist down--even after the historic loss of seats given by We-the-People to the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives--soon to be...

Obama Moving White House to India?


published: November 03, 2010


Despite yesterday’s election, it is now blatantly obvious that Obama & Co neither cares about the United States of America nor its people. Today, the US tyrant--along with an estimated 50...

Election Day 2010 We Take Back Our Power or cede it to the slave masters


published: November 02, 2010


Since the beginnings of our country, the 2 November 2010 election cycle is the most important in our nation’s history. To be sure, there have been other times in said history that were perilo...

Democrat Election Fraud Openly Running Rampant


published: October 27, 2010


Arizona and Colorado are reporting massive voter fraud perpetrated by the Marxist groups Mi Familia Vota and One Vote Arizona. Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce writes: “I also understand ...

Obamas Competing: Who can Spend more of the Taxpayer Dollars on Extravagant Trips?


published: October 24, 2010


As Obama & Co continues to find new and innovative ways to strip the American people of all that they have, the extent of latest vacation-dollars theft by the Obamas is just being made known; a...

November 2010: Will Humans Finally Begin Retaking Their Country from the Marxists?


published: October 22, 2010


With all of the anti-American and anti-human legislation that they have recently passed (in order to control We-the-People and destroy OUR country), it’s increasingly difficult to ascertain w...

Would-be Emperor and Empress Obama continue to flout US laws


published: October 18, 2010


Michele Obama spends thousands and thousands of tax payer dollars to transport her, her family and entourage overseas for extravagant vacations. She and hubby Dictator-in-Chief Obama fly to New Y...

Leftist Judge Rules ObamaGov can force US Citizens to buy its products


published: October 08, 2010


In a decision that reads more like leftist talking points than a judgment based upon any true and sound legal determination based upon the US Constitution, Clinton appointed “Judge” Geo...

Obama & Co Election Fraud may be Worst in US History


published: October 06, 2010


As the lawlessness of the Obama regime becomes evident to all who can think overseas, here at home it has metastasized throughout the body of our nation. Obama and his US Marxist Party (formerly k...

Captain Jim Wilmeth: A new breed of Constitutional Law Enforcers


published: September 22, 2010


Although I and many others wish that it had always been so, if Captain Jim Wilmeth is any indication of the current state of local law enforcement, We-the-People are in good hands. During a recent ...

Obama and Minions call Constitutionalists “Extremists” and “Crazy”


published: September 18, 2010


Taking the lead from other despotic totalitarian leaders, their lackeys and adherents, The Obama and his minions have launched an all-out battle campaign against any--the majority of us--Americans ...

Sher  Zieve Articles

Sher Zieve

279 articles
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