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Obama’s Next Threat: Shoving Illegals’ Amnesty down American’s Throats


published: April 26, 2010


Ripe and ready from his ObamaCare “win”, the dictator’s next step is to ensure the Marxist-Democrats are never again driven from power. How? Obama will shove--just as he did wit...

Obama Continues his Relentless Destruction of America


published: April 18, 2010


If it is a statement that cannot--or will not--be backed up with facts and We-the-People demand to see the proof, Obama & Co denigrate, malign and call us “racists and terrorists.” ...

Obama’s Google Deleting me?


published: April 12, 2010


It is no secret that I have been somewhat--if not almost completely--relentless in my presenting the raw truth about the US Usurper and Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama. One of the problems ...

Barack Hussein Obama: Marxist Ideologue or Evolving Madman?


published: April 06, 2010


At their best Marxists are simply individuals who want to be corrupted, rule over others (known as either “the great unwashed masses” or “the proletariat”--same thing) and l...

Bruce Olsen Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Arizona


published: April 02, 2010


I recently spoke with and interviewed Bruce Olsen--Libertarian Candidate for the Governor of Arizona. Bruce has an extensive background in a number of successful endeavors and has, recently, made t...

The Party of American Slavery in Full Abhorrent Power Again


published: March 24, 2010


The political party that promoted the slavery of Africans, established Jim Crow laws, created the Ku Klux Klan, refused to follow court orders barring segregation--and so on and so on--is now is fu...

Obama signs ObamaCare Bill--Claims victory over American People


published: March 23, 2010


On 23 March 2010, the American Republic was formally ended. As Obama signed the ObamaCare Death Plan--which gives his Marxist Party control of 1/6 of the economy of the former United States of Amer...

Gino DiSimone: Independent Candidate for Governor of Nevada


published: March 23, 2010


In my ongoing series of interviews with Conservative and Libertarian candidates for elected State and Federal office, I recently talked with Gino DiSimone--Gubernatorial Independent Candidate for N...

Obama & Co to all Americans: 'We’re in charge now--not you!'


published: March 22, 2010


Sunday’s apparent unconstitutional ram-through of ObamaCare--against the will of the now vast majority of the governed (that’s We-the-People)--was a milestone for the raging and out of ...

Water for Votes and Other Atrocities


published: March 20, 2010


Obama has now joined the likes of all other despots who have ever walked and practiced their tyrannies upon planet Earth. Tyrants like Sadaam Hussein, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe, Kim Jon...

USA only a few days away from Totalitarianism


published: March 19, 2010


Knowing full well that ObamaCare will not only gut Medicare (by $500 Billion or more), create over 150 new agencies designed to control the citizens of the USA (most of which have nothing to do wit...

Democrats Scorched Earth Tactic Against American People


published: March 14, 2010


Upon the attempted invasion of the Soviet Union by Leftist Dictator Hitler’s German Army, in June 1941 another infamous Leftist tyrant--Josef Stalin--ordered: “The Red Army, the Red Nav...

Obama Delays trip to implement Chi thug-style persuasion for ObamaCare


published: March 13, 2010


Barack Hussein Obama, the Usurper and Dictator-in-Chief of the United States of America, delayed his trip to Muslim Indonesia Friday in order to apply Chicagh0 style arm-twisting, leg-breaking, int...

Obama openly Rules against the Will of the Governed and now their Lives


published: March 11, 2010


As the new US Marxist-Democrat Party today continues to hold secret meetings to determine how to best ram and shove ObamaCare down the throats of the American people, while also conspiring as to ho...

Pelosi orders Dems to End their Careers for her and a Totalitarian USA


published: March 01, 2010


If anyone needed any more proof that the “Obama Healthcare Summit” was a sham, Nancy Pelosi gave them all the proof they needed on the Sunday talk shows. On ABC’s Democrat-run &l...;

Obama and Democrats’ Unprecedented Attack against American People and the Obama Summit


published: February 26, 2010


For the first time since the loyalists to King George III and the British army moved against the American colonists and patriots, the US government is moving en masse to both stop and silence any o...

JD Hayworth: Sole AZ Conservative Candidate for US Senate


published: February 24, 2010


Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing former Arizona US Congressman J.D. Hayworth and current Conservative candidate for US Senator from Arizona. Congressman Hayworth is running aga...

Marxist Obama and his Dems vow to now force We-the-People into Submission


published: February 19, 2010


The malevolent triumvirate of Obama, Pelosi and Reid continues to look under every possible rock in order to find ways to bypass, suppress and crush the will--if not the minds and bodies--of the Am...

Obama & Co: The Worst Executive and Legislative Branches in US history


published: February 13, 2010


Although some have and will continue to do so, it is almost impossible to honestly state--in any way shape or form--that the current Marxist Democrat-run Executive and Legislative branches of the U...

The ObamaProblem: It’s the People, Stupid!


published: February 11, 2010


We-the-People have protested the increasingly apparent willful destruction of our economy, jobs and careers and liberties and freedoms by the Obama Administration for many months. We have told Obam...

Obama & Dems Steal our Money, Wreck Economy, Demand We Pay for it


published: February 08, 2010


The Apex of Chutzpa has now been reached by Obama and his Marxist minions. Since they gained control of both houses of Congress in 2006, Democrat leaders have been on a hell-bent mission (both lite...

Obama and Marxist Dems Primed to End USA by 2011


published: February 02, 2010


Despite his lies to the contrary, the Usurper and Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama was the one (not President George W. Bush) who proposed (and had voted in by his Marxist-Democrat run Congre...

State of the Obama Message: Blame Everyone but, the Dictator-in-Chief


published: February 01, 2010


Like some angry fop from the 15th century Court of one of the King Louis’, Obama’s now almost perpetually (and literally) upturned elitist nose-in-the-air precedes him most of the times...

Obama: My Totalitarian State Must be Established


published: January 27, 2010


In order to establish his Totalitarian Utopia--a utopia that is a “perfect state” for only the ruling elite and the ‘masses’ find it to be only a nightmarish existence--the ...

Obama’s Washington Corruption, Criminality and Insanity Reach New Lows


published: January 25, 2010


The recent Senatorial election and extreme establishment upset in Massachusetts only seems to have had a marginal impact on the elitist rulers in Washington D.C. Instead of acknowledging the first ...

Sher  Zieve Articles

Sher Zieve

279 articles
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