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Massachusetts Win: Obama Vows Retaliation Against American People


published: January 20, 2010


First of all, on 19 January 2010 We-the-People did it! A virtually unprecedented event occurred yesterday. The almost bluest of blue states turned partially red in its senatorial election to contin...

Obama Death Plan: Americans Forced to pay for ObamaBribes


published: January 18, 2010


With no one in Congress--thus far--even attempting to stop the atrocities committed by Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama, he and his patently corrupt Democrat Party leaders have managed to bri...

Dem Senators and Massachusetts Say No Longer Paying Attention to Electorate


published: January 12, 2010


Did you ever think you’d see the day when America was run by the assumed-in-their-own-minds monarchical class--set up by those we thought--had been elected by US citizens? Really, did you? We...

Obama Continues Protection, Support of Islamists


published: January 05, 2010


As the attacks and attempted attacks from Islamist terrorists increase on American soil, Obama and his Administration decrease their concern--to the point of actually appearing to both protect and ...

Obama Death Plan: Abortions, New Taxes and Death Panels to remain


published: December 30, 2009


It is no longer a secret that Obama & Co’s ObamaCare Death Plan is yet another way to steal money from the American people and reduce the overall population of the former United States of...

The First 12 Months of Obama Captivity: Preparing for Eradication


published: December 28, 2009


Now beginning the Era of Captivity, the American people have entered a new stage in their once extremely productive lives. This new phase has been purposefully designed to be unproductive and will ...

Senate Marxist Reid To make it almost Impossible to Repeal ObamaCare


published: December 22, 2009


Every day the news coming out of Washington D.C. just gets worse and worse. Just when I thought I could no longer be shocked by the totalitarian Senate and Executive branch, I was…and am. On...

Obama & Senate Christmas Present to We-the-People: Enslavement


published: December 21, 2009


With the phony Senator Ben Nelson’s (D-NE) vote now secured, the Senate and its tyrannical leader Barack Hussein Obama can finally move forward swiftly in its application of forced bondage up...

Obama’s Communists Now Ruling the USA: Republic is Formally Dead


published: December 16, 2009


The bribes issued by Sen. Harry Reid and the threats issued by the Marxist usurper and dictator-in-Chief in order to garner votes for the ObamaCare Death Plan have now reached almost legendary prop...

Obama Openly Threatens American People and US Congress


published: December 09, 2009


Showing once again that he is, indeed, the dictator-in-Chief, The Obama is threatening to take over Congress of it does not follow his dictates of passing another of his Orwellian programs. This we...

Was there a Wager on how fast Obama Could Destroy the USA?


published: December 08, 2009


While the last remaining Dem Senators hold out for their pieces of the bribes Harry Reid is offering (remember that Sen. Landrieu’s last ObamaCare vote cost We-the-People $300 Millions) for t...

ObamaCare is NOT What We-the-People Want: Interview with President of AMAC


published: December 07, 2009


I recently interviewed Dan Weber, President of AMAC--the Association of Mature American Citizens--the major competitor of AARP. Since AARP's decision to go against its Senior base and support the...

Marxist-run ObamaGov Declares Death of US Republic


published: November 22, 2009


In case you hadn’t heard, the US Marxist Party’s Senate vote to ostensibly “continue debate” on its draconian version of “we will now control everything you say and do...

ALERT: Marxist Congress’ Final Push to Complete Control of Americans


published: November 20, 2009


The passage of ObamaCare means no less than total control over everything US citizens are allowed to do, eventually what they will be allowed to say and most certainly gives the Obama Marxist burea...

Obama’s Betrayal of America Growing Exponentially


published: November 17, 2009


Obama and his administration have been caught in another huge lie and, this time, it’s a doozey! Remarkably, one of Obama’s own state-run media ABC News broke the story. For months no...

Obama Stabs America in her back--again


published: November 13, 2009


Showing once again that there is no depth to which he will not sink to further destroy the United States of America and her people, Dictator and American Stalin Barack Hussein Obama has decided to ...

Obama Continues Mad Dash towards Enslaving American People


published: November 12, 2009


Like Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez on steroids, US Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama and his Marxist-Democrat Party are continuing their fast and furious drive to enslave We-the-People and t...

Pelosi ObamaCare Passage: Marxists on way to Controlling all of us


published: November 08, 2009


With Saturday night’s passage of the US House of Representatives’ ObamaCare package (220-215), America was moved closer to the US Marxist (formerly Democrat) Party’s totalitarian ...

Another Muslim Executed Massacre in the USA


published: November 07, 2009


First of all, let’s get something out in the open and into the light of day. As Obama’s state-run media now refuses to tell the truth about virtually anything and will always protect t...

Pelosi Vows ObamaCare Ram-Through by Saturday


published: November 05, 2009


The female head of the US Marxist/Democrat Party (formerly known as the Democrat Party), Nancy Pelosi (M/D-CA) has vowed to affect a vote by this Saturday in order to shove the totalitarian House v...

CBO: ObamaCare will Cover Only 2% of US Citizens


published: November 02, 2009


You may have missed it, as the Obama State-run media sycophants have worked feverishly to suppress it. One of a handful of media outlets that did publish anything on it (AP) devoted only one parag...

Congress Uses Sham Poll to Force Total Control ObamaCare


published: October 28, 2009


Liberal and leftist Congressional leaders have recently used what strongly appears to be an exaggerated and embellished-in-ObamaCare’s-favor poll in order to bolster the case for their govern...

Obama’s Eve of Destruction


published: October 14, 2009


At this juncture, I think it safe to observe that neither our Legislative nor Executive branches of government are listening to We-the-People and have no intention of doing so now or in the foresee...

Obama Receives Nobel for Being Marxist President


published: October 12, 2009


With very few exceptions, for decades the inaptly named Nobel ‘Peace Prize’ has been bestowed upon the anti-human amongst us; most notably terrorists and Marxists. This award has becom...

Is Totalitarian Conquest of USA Already Complete?


published: October 08, 2009


As the ruling (no longer governing) political party in the US continues to work fast and furiously to create and pass legislation designed to eliminate any remaining liberties guaranteed US citizen...

Sher  Zieve Articles

Sher Zieve

279 articles
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