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St. Swisher Sweet and the Lies That Set Ferguson on Fire: Part 2


published: December 07, 2014


Now that the smoke seems to be clearing somewhat from the remains of what used to be Ferguson, Missouri, we as a society find ourselves once again witnessing a travesty built upon falsehoods and a ...

Three Reasons why the GOP Establishment is as Dangerous as the Democrats


published: November 23, 2014


Many on the Right were euphoric that the Republicans thrashed the Democrats in the elections earlier this month, expanding their presence in the House of Representatives while recapturing the Senat...



published: November 09, 2014


As I sit here in the wee hours of the morning, it is abundantly apparent that Election 2014 is all over except for the shouting. This much ballyhooed “wave election” has turned out...

A Proposed System for Classifying Republican Politicians


published: November 09, 2014


If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen about fifty different ways to describe politicians in the Republican Party (maybe a third of which are repeatable in polite company). RINOs ...

The Time to Fight Back is NOW


published: October 27, 2014


If you’re like me, you are astounded at the way our nation has taken a turn for the worse within just the past two weeks. At the flick of a few pens, radical, overreaching judges have overthr...

Three Cheers for American Exceptionalism!


published: October 22, 2014


There was an interesting story coming out of the Denver area recently which many may not have seen. It involved hundreds of high school students from five schools in Jefferson County, Colorado, wal...

Liberalism is Contagious


published: October 12, 2014


It’s not uncommon for many of us on the Right to refer, metaphorically of course, to liberals using epidemiological terms. Liberalism is infecting our land. Socialism is a disease that harms ...

Environmentalist Fanatics Seek a New Global Warming Inquisition


published: October 12, 2014


Anyone who has followed the debate over climate change in recent years has probably noted the seemingly religious fervor with which the pro-alarmist crowd approaches the subject. Opposition to...

The Left Hates the Innocence of Children


published: September 21, 2014


Absolutely, utterly, unquestionably, lamppost-hanging-worthily despicable. This is the only way to describe the news that greeted a jaded, yet somehow still horrified, world last month when revelat...

St. Swisher Sweet and the Lies That Set Ferguson on Fire


published: August 25, 2014


By now, probably everybody in America has heard about what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. A racist white police officer, driven by racial animus, chose a random African-American kid to harass, a c...

Liberals LOVE the Police State


published: August 11, 2014


One of the most pervasive falsehoods repeated in American politics today is that “liberals” – progressives, the Left – are for greater personal freedom and less intrusion in...

Illegal Immigration is Creating a Public Health Catastrophe


published: August 03, 2014


America is rapidly approaching the precipice when it comes to not just the quality, but even the availability, of health care in this country. ObamaCare has largely succeeded in its goal of un...

America’s Age of the Feuilliton


published: June 22, 2014


Any thinking American has surely observed that our culture and society are growing more and more immature, childish, and, unthinking with each passing year. In previous articles, I’ve no...

Get the Government out of Marriage?


published: June 22, 2014


As so-called same sex “marriage” continues to make its judicially-imposed march across America, it has become increasingly popular among some on the Right to call for “getting the...

Cantor’s Loss is America’s Gain


published: June 16, 2014


In what is an historical first in American politics, a sitting Majority Leader in the House of Representatives has been overturned by a primary challenger from within his own Party. It didn’t...

The Real Racists


published: May 12, 2014


Unlike a large portion of the “conservative” commentariat, I am not throwing Cliven Bundy under the bus. Ever since a left-wing Media Matters/New York Times rendition of an intervi...

Some Lessons from Cliven Bundy


published: April 28, 2014


By now, liberty lovers all across this country know the name of Cliven Bundy – the man who stood up to the federal government and won. Facing the destruction of his entire livelihood by corru...

You Can’t Spell “Progressive” without an “S.S.”


published: April 16, 2014


Sinclair Lewis was wrong – when fascism came to America, it was actually wrapped in a rainbow flag and wearing an ascot. How else can one describe the ongoing left-wing commitment to the sta...

Obama’s Backdoor Censorship of the Internet


published: March 30, 2014


Slipping quietly under the radars of many people is the decision by the U.S. government to release its effective control of the internet and to hand over the “keys” to international bod...

Why Liberals Hate Freedom of Speech


published: March 23, 2014


I’d like to begin with a question for my readers – do any of you actually remember a time when liberals truly supported and believed in freedom of speech? I’m not talking about ho...

Know-Nothing Judges


published: February 17, 2014


Conservatives and liberty lovers are pretty much take it for granted that liberal judges don’t know anything about the Constitution. That much seems obvious from the consistently ridicul...

This Is Why Unions Hate Worker Freedom


published: February 17, 2014


What do unions want the most, and therefore hate losing the most? If you guessed “money,” then based on that alone, you have good insight into what drives much of American politics. Uni...

Liberalism is Intellectually Bankrupt


published: February 05, 2014


Liberalism is full of conceits, none greater than its pretensions to intellect. Indeed, the very term that they so often apply to themselves - “progressive” - carries with it the intrin...

It’s Time for Conservatives to Let the Blue States Burn


published: February 02, 2014


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently made the news for giving voice to the sort of fascistic, anti-liberty sentiments that most left-wingers inwardly hold, even if most of them have enough sense...

Why Are Liberals So Stupid about Guns?


published: February 02, 2014


Any normal, reasonably intelligent person who has ever had a conversation with a liberal about guns, gun control, or any related topic has probably asked himself or herself this very question. I re...

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Tim Dunkin

114 articles
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