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St. Swisher Sweet and the Lies That Set Ferguson on Fire: Part 2

by: tim dunkin | published: 12 07, 2014

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Now that the smoke seems to be clearing somewhat from the remains of what used to be Ferguson, Missouri, we as a society find ourselves once again witnessing a travesty built upon falsehoods and a willingness on the part of some in our nation to create discord and mistrust for their own selfish ends. Unfortunately, these efforts have resulted in great destruction to property, physical harm and death to several individuals, and a widening of the racial rift that threatens to balkanize our country. 

Let’s be honest here – the blame for all of this can be laid squarely at the feet of the Left. The fault for this is borne by a President and his “Just Us” Department which actively fomented the rioting and looting. It also lies with the racial grievance industry and its current CEO, the “Reverend” Al Sharpton. Likewise, fault for the death and destruction is shared by the so-called “social justice” warriors, that crowd of left-wing trustafarian white college kids who specialize in protesting and engineering civil strife as they prepare for their long and fruitful careers in the field of Postmodern Social Deconstructive Theory (or whatever). 

And this entire movement to make Ferguson emblematic of the problems caused by “white privilege” and its attendant “hostility” toward African-Americans has been, is, and will almost assuredly continue to be built completely upon lies. Literally, the entire structure of the Left’s narrative about Ferguson is false. It’s nothing more than a sick, deadly combination of wishful thinking and purposeful falsehood. 

The first lie about Ferguson was that anyone on the Left actually cared about the outcome of the grand jury proceedings, or that its findings were going to have any effect on their opinions. For liberals, it was already a foregone conclusion – the only job the jury had was to “do the right thing” and vote to indict Darren Wilson, regardless of what the actual evidences might or might not say. The Left did not care in the least about the rule of law, the rules of evidence, or facts as they actually exist – only the narrative mattered, and the narrative was already determined from the very beginning. 

The grand jury – who was not “cherry-picked,” but had actually already been seated prior to the time that the shooting in Ferguson even took place – spent months hearing the evidence. They listened to dozens of eyewitness statements. They heard the forensic evidences, the autopsies, the expert reports, the DNA findings. And this multiracial grand jury came to the conclusion that there was not cause to render a “true bill,” i.e. sufficient evidence to indict and proceed to trial. Yet, the left-wing fanatics in this country don’t care about all that. They don’t care about evidences, about facts, about truth.

The second lie about Ferguson was that the “protests” and other attendant left-wing hysteria ever had anything to do with “justice.” It didn’t. The Left doesn’t care about either Michael Brown or Darren Wilson. They don’t care about concepts like “the rule of law,” upon which the term “justice” must necessarily be based. The “protests” didn’t even really originated from some deep-seated sense of “injustice” over the verdict.

Instead, the “protests” in Ferguson were orchestrated from on high by a small group of race-baiters and professional agitators, both inside and outside the Obama administration. The aim was the generate tensions and spread discord that could be used to further weaken the fabric of American society – which is exactly what this administration wants as part of its overall goal of weakening America. On the basis of the facts alone, most Americans of whatever color would come to the conclusion that a 300-lb kid who gets high, robs a liquor store, physically assaults a police officer, tries to take the officer’s gun, and then continues to charge at the officer after already being shot, pretty much got what he deserved, no matter how tragic is may be. That’s a no-brainer for most people. No – it took the poisonous brew of racial demagoguery to turn it into a “justice” issue, as the wacko Left defines “justice.” 

The third lie about Ferguson was that the “protestors” (really rioters, looters, arsonists, thugs, and murderers) were all Ferguson residents angry about what is going on in their own community. We were asked by the media and the race hustlers to believe that the people of Ferguson were out burning down their own town – the businesses from which they shop, and the places where those fortunate enough to have jobs are employed.

Granted, this one could seem believable, given the way rioters in places like Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Newark, to name a few, have been known to burn down their neighborhoods around their own ears. However, while there may have been many people in Ferguson demonstrating against the verdict, they weren’t the ones burning and looting, by and large. Instead, the actual residents of Ferguson were more likely to be trying to protect the businesses that employ them and from which they get their daily bread. 

And this brings us to the point – the rioters and looters were mostly astroturf – out of towner thugs brought in by the Black Panthers, Black Muslims, the Communist Party USA, and other far-left organizations, as well as radical white trust-fund baby college students. THESE were the people causing most of the problems – yet the media conveniently ignored this so as to try to generate the appearance that Ferguson was a local response by people so fed up that they can think of nothing else to do in answer than to burn down their own gas stations. Yet, it was mostly astroturf, fake “grass roots” effort by the professional agitators.

The fourth lie about Ferguson is that the “protestors” in Ferguson, as well as all of the rabble-rousers and agitators in other cities across America, are actually interested in the well-being of the people of Ferguson, African-Americans in general, or even the people of America as a whole. It’s a lie to say that these “protestors” care about whether you or I or anyone else actually gets shot by the police. That’s just a convenient excuse, a Rahm Emanuel-style “crisis” that they’re not letting go to waste. 

If these people were actually interested in the well-being and benefit of average, regular Joe American citizens, then they would not be doing the things they are doing. They would not be burning down businesses started by local members of the community. They would not be blocking traffic on interstate highways so as to inconvenience thousands of commuters simply trying to get to work so they can put food on the table and shoes on their kids’ feet. They wouldn’t be purposefully trying to harass shoppers as they try to find gifts for their loved ones for Christmas. These are not the actions of people concerned about protecting the rights and the lives of others. These are just the actions of selfish idiots trying to force their twisted worldview onto everyone else. 

The fifth and last lie about Ferguson is one that a lot of conservatives won’t like to hear, but which needs to be said anywise – the police are not there to help you. The courts all the way up to the Supreme Court have ruled that the police are under no legal or constitutional obligation to actually protect any individual citizen. They don’t have to step in to protect your business. They don’t have to put themselves in harm’s way to keep you from getting killed. Despite the unfortunate mythology that decades of police shows on the TV has built, the “blue line” does not extend to you, citizen.

And we saw this on display in Ferguson. The city police, as well as the various authorities at the county and state level, largely stood aside while buildings burned and mobs ran wild. In fact, it went a step beyond that. To fill the gap that the police agencies were leaving, the Oathkeepers – an organization made up of mostly ex-military and ex-police officers who have sworn a solemn oath to defend the Constitution – came to Ferguson in armed force and began protecting a number of businesses (which, probably not coincidentally, were not burned down). What was the response of the “authorities”? To call the Oathkeepers “domestic terrorists” and order then to stand down and stop guarding the businesses. Yes, you read that right – the police and their masters were actually siding with the rioters and looters, preventing those who were protecting life and property from doing so, for the ostensible (yet pretty transparently trumped up) reason that the Oathkeepers weren’t “licensed” to operate as security guards. 


I believe that the real reason was that the local police didn’t want to be shown to be unnecessary - after all, what do we need police for if they aren’t going to do what is about the only legitimate job of government anywise, which is the protection of life and property? And at the federal level from Obama on down, the whole point of this exercise was to cause riots and destruction, so they certainly don’t want armed and uppity citizen groups coming in and stopping that. I hate to say it, folks, but in today’s America, police agencies are there for the purpose of protecting government, not you. 

The events in Ferguson are the result of months of falsehood. And as we have seen, these were not harmless lies. They were not even lies that harmed reputation or relationship only, but left no physical damage behind. They were calculated to bring harm, to tear open the social fabric, to increase distrust and hatred, and to wreak death and destruction as a result of them. If there were any genuine justice, then Obama, Holder, Al Sharpton, and a whole host of journalists and other media personalities in the mainstream media would find themselves behind bars for this. But I’m not holding my breath. Maybe the Ferguson “protesters” were right about one thing?

There ain’t no justice.   

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St. Swisher Sweet and the Lies That Set Ferguson on Fire



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