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Ty McCauslin, M.S.'s Past Articles

4 articles

This Easter Don't Passover The Chocolate


published: April 01, 2010


How Sweet It Is! M’mmm, Easter's almost here, which means delicious chocolate bunnies, cream eggs, jellybeans and sweet satisfying marshmallow chicks are all readily available fair game. Ye...

Does Obama Spell Anti-Christ for Congressional Democrats in November 2010


published: March 29, 2010


It doesn't really matter how many Conservatives actually believe that America's Communist In Chief is the "Anti-Christ." When it comes to predicting the results of the November 2010 elec...

If Not For Business...


published: September 04, 2009


While taking nothing away from the numerous contributions and struggles of the American worker for which it stands, here’s an interesting notion that each of us should consider every first Mo...

Pot, Kettle, Hypocrisy:


published: July 15, 2009


As the result of a dirty dozen of probable drug-related, gang-banger shootings throughout June 2009, the Harrisburg Chapter of the NAACP is calling on Pennsylvania Governor Edward “G. is for ...

Ty McCauslin, M.S. Articles

Ty McCauslin, M.S.

4 articles
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Currently employed as a public relations specialist for several of Pennsylvania’s leading right-wing, conservative lawmakers, Ty McCauslin has more than a decade of diverse journalism and public policy experience.

In addition, Ty’s thought-provoking commentaries and feature articles on a wide variety of politically incorrect topics have been featured in the pages of Harrisburg Magazine, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, the Advocate for Pennsylvania Business, and many other regional publications and newspapers across the Commonwealth.



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