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Rick Eichhorn's Past Articles

3 articles

Goebbelsian Islamic Tactics


published: August 15, 2008


A June 7, 2008, news release posted on was heralded with a Goebbelsian headline: Muslim scholars back Saudi call for interfaith dialogue. This very warm and fuzzy sounding co...

The Seventh Well: Oil & Islam


published: August 14, 2008


In March of 1938, oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia. The seventh well drilled on the Dammam Dome identified what became known as the Arab Zone—the largest known oil reserves in the world. Ex...

The Myth of Radical Islam


published: July 07, 2008


Whenever we hear reports of terrorist attacks, the responsibility is almost always ascribed to "radical Muslims", "Muslim fundamentalists", "Muslim extremists", or something similar. The inferenc...

Rick Eichhorn Articles

Rick Eichhorn

3 articles
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Rick Eichhorn is a former newspaper editor and has owned and operated an educational publishing company and has written for homeschooling magazines. The attacks of 9/11 were the motivating force behind Rick's determination to write The Scrolls of Tora Bora: Hafsah's Recension, a novel designed to entertain and inform readers about Islam. The non-fiction "IED: Islam Explained for Dhimmis" is scheduled for release in 2008. You may contact him with any comments or questions at Visit his website at



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