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Now What?


published: February 17, 2009


President Obama told us several times during the last couple of weeks that without passage of the economic stimulus bill, the United States would lose over 50,000 jobs per day. Well, seeing how the...

Burris: The Race Issue That Would've Been


published: January 11, 2009


As long as I'm a conservative, I will continue to be amazed at the political and media double standard that is when it comes to anything involving race. The whole Rod Blagojevich-Roland Burris-Harr...

2008: The Year Of The White Liberal Elite


published: December 23, 2008


Of course, this is the year of the Barack Obama phenomenon, but who is really responsible for his rise? His shining personally and “oratory” skills helped, but who was really behind tha...

The Army’s Unequal Opportunity Program


published: December 09, 2008


What is the mission of the United States Army? The most overused answer is to “kill people and break things.” While simplistic, that is their purpose. Sure, over the years and depending...

Obama And The Three D's


published: December 04, 2008


With that, we now have the Three D's rearing their ugly heads again. For those of you who were in elementary school when Bill Clinton was president, the three D's stood for "deny, delay, destr...

Fags Will Never Be Niggers


published: December 01, 2008


For years, I've written about liberal fringe groups that seek legitimacy by equating their issues to the black civil rights struggle. What I find interesting with the whole Proposition 8-gay marria...

The Intellectual Assault On CTU


published: December 01, 2008


With "change" and "hope" comes the inevitable emboldening of the long-suffering intellectuals. Their musings fell on deaf ears as they weren't in any position of official influe...

The Steele Curtain Goes Up


published: November 12, 2008


Restoring Confidence in the GOP Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Michael Steele, GOPAC Chairman Republicans once asserted that the opportunities this nation has to offer rests not in government but ra...

Roseanne Scolds Blacks On Gays


published: November 11, 2008


Isn't it amazing how sheltered Hollywood has-beens can get all brave and browbeat an entire racial community when they don't do what they're expected to? This is also what the black community gets ...

Election Theft: Try, Try Again


published: October 15, 2008


George W. Bush's presidential approval rating is nearing the all-time low. Partially because of his performance, and also due to the almost immediate barrage of leftist hate directed at him since t...

Lewis, A Lazy Media, And Their Race Cards


published: October 12, 2008


The only question I have for Congressman John Lewis is, "What took you so long?" The McCain campaign was apparently caught off guard by the the race card salvo, while many of us knew this...

Liberals dominate public education


published: September 27, 2008


The next time the liberals control the White House, there is little doubt that changes at the Federal Communication Commission will bring about a new "fairness doctrine" that mandates tha...

Correct “The Violence Against Women Act” Now


published: September 12, 2008


As many of you know, I’m the Republican candidate for State Representative in the Second Franklin District of Massachusetts. My campaign is dedicated to real reform: making our district finan...

Obama And The Third Rail


published: August 29, 2008


I really had no choice but watch The Speech. It was a bonafide news event, there were "expectations", there was drama, and in the end, this had all the mystique of an Oscar broadcast. Jus...

The Fairness In Education Act


published: August 29, 2008


We all know should Nancy Pelosi get an Obama Administration, we'll probably get some version of a Fairness Doctrine for broadcasting. I would hope if John McCain is elected, we get some kind of Fai...

Kobe Does Patriotism


published: August 17, 2008


Being a Boston Celtics fan, I've not always held L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant in the highest of esteem. Okay, never. That has all changed. When asked by NBC Sports Keith Olbermann-w...

Where Are The Peaceniks?


published: August 12, 2008


I’m sorry but this is one reason why I have no real respect for the so-called “peace movement”. I would think a peacenik would abhor all war and call for peace whenever and wherev...

The Pandering Must End


published: August 03, 2008


I do want John McCain to win in November. Consider the alternative. I've personally been told to tread easy and not make the McCain Campaign mad, but there's certain things that need be said, and ...



published: July 20, 2008


Caution: This column may be considered sexist by over-sensitive types. Since when did that ever stop me…. With all the high profile murders of Armed Forces females by spouses or boyfriends,...



published: July 07, 2008


We find ourselves going into this fall’s general election as we have with many in the past. We’ve been told to respect the youth vote at our peril. We’ve been told the youth opini...



published: June 27, 2008


I’m not sure who to believe with this whole Gloucester High School girls-plan to get pregnant together thing. But one thing’s for sure; there are very few acting like adults here. Firs...

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Bob Parks

21 articles
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Former Republican congressional candidate (California 24th District), ex-Navy, single dad, graphic designer and television producer, life-long New England Patriots fan, and member/writer for the National Advisory Council of Project 21.



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