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Why Every AMERICAN Must Vote!

by: jb williams | published: 10 22, 2014

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The most common statement about today’s elections is that “elections don’t matter!” Yet, never has there been a moment in history when it was more critical for every AMERICAN to vote very carefully!

The reason can be stated in a single sentence… Because every non-American and anti-American will vote!

I choose to believe that the non-Americans and anti-Americans do not yet outnumber the AMERICANS, and all recent polling data supports that belief, showing more than 70% opposed to current federal leadership. But it won’t matter if the enemy outnumbers Americans at the polls.


Not all U.S. residents of legal age are eligible to vote in U.S. elections. Yet many of them do vote in elections illegally and here’s how.

Under the U.S. Constitution, disenfranchisement of citizens convicted of crimes, especially federal crimes or felonies, is legal and just punishment for the crimes committed. It’s a highly just and practical punishment in a country governed of, by and for the people via the election process, preventing criminals from having equal access to determine the future of a nation, along with decent law-abiding citizens.

However, it is left up to each state to determine which crimes justify disenfranchisement and whether or not that loss of voting rights will be permanent or temporary, until the sentence is served. As a result, we do have convicted felons voting in elections today.

The current felon count is estimated at 6 million, 38% of whom are black and 20% of whom are Hispanic. Barack Obama and nearly all democrat politicians support returning all voting rights to convicted felons. Some republicans like Rick Santorum, have also fought to reinstate voting rights for felons.

In Richardson v. Ramirez (1974), the United States Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of felon disenfranchisement statutes, finding that the practice did not deny equal protection to disenfranchised voters. Except for Maine and Vermont, every state prohibits felons from voting while in prison.

As of 2010, only Kentucky and Virginia continued to impose a lifelong denial of the right to vote to all citizens with a felony record, absent some extraordinary intervention by the Governor or state legislature.

Since criminals will vote, law-abiding citizens MUST vote.

Even without amnesty, millions of illegal aliens will vote in this election. If you live in a state that does not require any proof of legal citizenship or form of ID to vote, illegals will vote in your state. If your state issues drivers licenses to illegal aliens, illegals able to prove residency in your voting district and show proof of ID via their driver’s license will vote in your state.

Because illegal aliens will vote, legal U.S. Citizens MUST vote!

Because DEAD people vote democrat in every election, LIVE Americans MUST vote too!

The Lies People Buy

Since felons, illegal aliens, dead people and dual residency voters WILL vote in the election, who is the target of all efforts to keep voters at home or focused on third party fantasies on Election Day?


People seeking to vote themselves more wealth redistribution WILL vote, and so will millions of illegal aliens, felons and dead people. People with dual residency will vote in more than one district, and all of them have been trained to do so by the Democratic National Committee and their community organizing surrogates, in direct violation of all existing U.S. Election laws.

In 1982, the Republican National Committee settled a law suit filed by the Democrat Party by signing a consent decree agreeing to never challenge voter fraud in any “minority” districts, where 99% of all voter fraud takes place in the country. So, in “voter fraud districts,” voters of all illegal types can do whatever they want with total impunity.

(NOTE: The RNC consent decree only applies to the RNC, the “national committee.” Individual state Republican Parties can and must challenge election fraud within their own state election districts. All election rules are set and enforced by the state party.)

All current efforts to convince American voters to stay home or vote 3rd party in protest are aimed at YOU, the pro-American voter, the only people standing in opposition to Obama & Co. – Obama supporters are NOT the subject target of all efforts to demoralize voters. YOU ARE!

That’s why every American MUST ignore these lies and VOTE!

Which Elections are Important?

The last election is over and the next election is two years away. That alone makes THIS election the most important election.

Only the votes that are cast can count. Only votes cast wisely can have a positive impact.

As a general rule, the people have it backwards today. The true priority importance of elections is as follows…

      I.         Local and State level elections are critical. The idea that there is no difference between Republican and Democrat is largely true at the federal level. But at the state level, nothing could be further from the truth. In terms of economics, peace, freedom and morally sound states, the top 10 best run states in the country are all run by Republicans, and the worst states in the country are all run by Democrats. Federal policies only affect us locally when local politicians are as bad as the federal politicians. (READ Balance of Powers)

    II.         The local primary is the most important federal election of all. Bottom up government begins at the primaries. Who we have to choose from in a general election is decided at the primary earlier in the year. People complain that they only have people to vote against in the general election. But this is only true because voter turnout is lowest in the primaries. Further, because many states have open primaries, allowing the political enemy to cross party lines in the primary and help select our candidates for the general election. CLOSE THE PRIMARIES!

 III.         Second to the primaries is the mid-term election, wherein the balance of congressional power can shift towards or away from the Executive Branch. When the vast majority of Americans agree with the direction of the country, voter turnout in the mid-terms is generally and reasonably low. But when over 70% of the country believes the country is headed in the wrong direction, it is critical to take away all congressional support from the Executive Branch in the mid-term election. Today, House Republicans have refused to impeach the most impeachable Executive Branch in history because they don’t currently control the Senate which must hold the impeachment trial. The people will have ONE opportunity to change that dynamic next month. They MUST hold the House and take the Senate.

 IV.         The presidential election is actually the least important in any Constitutional Republic wherein the Executive Branch has the most limited federal authority. Only when congress and the judiciary fail to uphold their oaths of obligation can the Executive Branch behave like a dictatorship. The people get to decide who is in congress and congress holds the broadest federal authority under the U.S. Constitution, not the president or the judiciary.

The people have it backwards. Traditionally, the presidential election gets the best voter turnout, mid-terms trail and primaries have the lowest voter turnout. This must change immediately! Because everyone who wants to destroy America will vote, regardless of their eligibility, EVERY TRUE AMERICAN MUST VOTE in order to counter that corruption in the election systems.

Making Sure Every American Vote is Counted

Massive voter fraud was reported to Congress in the 2012 election cycle and members of Congress were unable to do anything with the evidence as a result of the 1982 consent decree prohibiting the Republican Party from contesting election fraud in “minority” districts.

Meanwhile, evidence of disenfranchisement of the Military vote also went unchallenged by Congress.

So, pro-American change is solely up to AMERICAN voters.

The only way Americans can shift the balance of power in their own direction peacefully is to show up in massive numbers, overwhelming all of the anti-American voters and election fraud.

American voters must vote. They must also volunteer to poll watch and be the checks and balances to assure honest elections in their own districts. The people must challenge what the RNC long ago agreed not to challenge, “minority bloc voter fraud.”

The 2014 mid-term election is likely the very last chance Americans will have to overwhelm their enemies at the polls, moving the nation away from the global leftist assault on freedom and liberty and towards a continued march back to American principles and values.

People have been asking for six years now – “what can we do?”

YOU CAN VOTE! You can make sure that your vote isn’t wasted on candidates who can’t possibly win races. You can make sure that both chambers of the federal legislature are stripped away from Barack Hussein Obama and his merry band of Marxists. You can make sure that the most impeachable administration in U.S. history is impeached!

That, you can do!

People, who won’t do at least that, will never stand up to this criminal cabal anywhere else by any other means. Believe it!     

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