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Democrats look to dupe GOP at State of the Union address

by: paul a. ibbetson | published: 01 22, 2011

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The Democratic Party, if anything, is consistent with their actions. They took advantage of an ideologically weak Republican Party that failed to rein in spending in 2006. Democrats managed to place one of their most liberal politicians into the office of president in 2008 and then proceeded to pass bill after bill that would expand government control by monumental leaps in the hopes of fundamentally transforming the nation.

If we are honest with ourselves, even in this current environment of Obama-buyer’s-remorse, in a best-case scenario only a fraction of the damage this administration has brought upon the country will be nullified. Unfortunately, that is the sunny account at best. Why? Because the Republican Party has become notorious for failing to consistently frame the political landscape that all are asked to play on. Equally as detrimental to the country, when an agenda does exist, Republicans have lacked true convictions that motivate others to join the cause.

Compared to the modern-day Republican Party, Democrats work with great efficiency. Foremost has been their ability to frame the political landscape. Consistently through his administration Obama has used a majority vote to ram his agenda through. Democrats have initiated the most socialistic national restructuring program in American history and claim it is emergency help for the middle class. While pushing their liberal agenda, they have framed Republicans as being the heartless party of “No.” When Democrats have found one of two liberal Republicans to vote their way the story is framed as a Democrat victory with strong bi-partisan support. The recent past has been a repetition of Democrats initiating and Republicans reacting.

Even the current environment with its potential for a sweeping shift in political power has not been the product of the Republican Party pulling Americans toward the Constitution’s call of freedom and conservative values. Far from it—the first round of victories against the Obama machine were made by regular Americans who formed their own meeting tents under which to congregate and strategize for the future of their country. Republicans have been painfully slow to embrace what are for all intents and purposes their base supporters. Groups like the Tea Party and their equivalents defeated Democrats in historical numbers in the last mid-term and literally dragged the Republican Party into the winner’s circle. This is not acceptable nor is it repeatable.

There is hope for the GOP; in fact, major victories are more than attainable if they will simply consolidate the party as the place where true conservative values are found. Oh yes, they will also need to have a backbone in conjunction with a well-developed and disseminated message. As important, they will have to avoid allowing Democrats to set the tone for the new Congress and in the ensuing days to the next election. Democrats can see the writing on the wall and they will most certainly attempt to control a Republican surge toward 2012. The next framing of the political landscape will most likely push off with the upcoming State of the Union address. The message from Obama will be for compassion and cooperation with the subtle implication that groups like the Tea Party and other constitutionalists are promoting hate and violence. The Arizona shooting incident, ironically framed in its aftermath by another liberal in Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, will be marked as recent proof of how dangerous life can be when we do not all get along (translation: to be more liberal is to be more reasonable).

David Jackson from USA Today reports that Democrat Charles Schumer of New York and Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma say that they will sit together during Obama's annual address in the hopes that congressional colleagues will follow suit. This call for unity is not done because love is in the air. It is a ploy by Democrats to set the stage for the political future because they are losing ground on all fronts. So, while it was full steam ahead with their political agenda when Democrats had a majority vote, now that they can be blocked in the House and potentially routed in 2012, it’s time for us all to come together and put the partisan, if not deadly, vitriol as spun by Sheriff Dupnik, away for a more harmonious liberal reality. Once again Democrats wish to frame the political landscape and they hope that Republicans will be foolish enough to go along with it.

This trickery is but one of many schemes that will be spun over the coming months. The GOP will again fall prey to being reactionary pawns in a democratic game unless they set the stage for the future themselves and force Democrats to play by their rules. The truth screams to be told by the GOP if they have the backbone and the vision to see it through to its fruition. The country needs to be brought back to its constitutional foundations and the current tentacles of socialism must be shrugged away with the national disdain it deserves. The restoration of the country requires fiscal responsibility that is quantifiable, not simple lip service. A true merging of the Tea Party and the Republican Party will be pivotal to achieving voting power in 2012. Instead of adapting to liberal agendas, the GOP must force Democrats to vote against the people’s will and thus expose themselves to future elimination at the polls. Republicans should spend their time, such as that during the State of the Union address, to more clearly define themselves as the party of conservative values, and reject falling for another bi-partisan illusion that in the end, simply furthers the liberal Obama agenda.

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