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Death of the Watch Dog

Truth and liberty are in the intensive-care ward.

by: douglas v. gibbs | published: 07 23, 2008

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The media watch dog was hit by a flower-power yellow VW van with a peace-sign on its front, and a hammer and sickle on its back. The casualties were great. Truth and liberty are in the intensive-care ward. The old watch dog, the one that reported the facts without any agenda driven bias, was replaced by a well-trained attack dog, one carefully groomed by the far left-wing of America's Democrat Party. With each passing year the infiltration deepened, and the bodies of honest reporting journalists were tossed aside like useless rag dolls. Throughout the seventies the animal grew, burying its fangs into society, working to turn the American Public into a direction more suited to their agenda. And when they felt America was ready, they presented their choice for President of the United States, Jimmy Carter.


Carter did not work out too well for the new handlers of the mainstream media. In fact, his presidency was a complete failure, an embarrassing period of American history that ushered in the presidency of the last, great conservative, Ronald Reagan.


It took twelve years for the leftists to regroup. Three presidential terms passed before the left was prepared to offer their next Frankenstein monster. In 1992 the unveiling commenced, and he was a true piece of work. The leftists learned from their earlier mistakes with Carter, and worked diligently to make their chosen-one look good, regardless of the facts that may have gotten in the way. And this time, the deception came easy. After all, the old watch dog was eliminated, and their near-complete control of the news media proved to be beneficial to the leftist agenda.


The mainstream media airbrushed Clinton's dealings with communist China. They laughed away Bill Clinton's numerous allegations of sexual assault, calling those that called him on it a bunch of zealots, people that had failed to "evolve" in this new world of tolerance, openness, and relativism. They explained away, and celebrated, the most morally bankrupt president in American History.


Bill Clinton was the first U.S. president to establish a legal defense fund. He was the first to be accused of sexual assault in the White House. He was first president to be sued for sexual harassment. And the Clinton administration had the largest number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation in our history as a nation.


President Clinton gave our nuclear secrets to Communist China. His poor judgment led to seventy-eight deaths (many of whom were children) during the botched assault on the Branch Davidians. He looked the other way when terrorism hit our embassies, he granted clemency or reduced sentences for 16 Puerto Rican terrorists, and he did nothing when the first bombing of the World Trade Center transpired.


Bill Clinton raised millions of dollars from illegal campaign contributions, sold burial plots in the Arlington National Cemetery to fellow draft dodgers, and appointed radical ACLU puppet Ruth Ginsberg to the Supreme Court. He granted hundreds of last minute pardons before the end of his presidency, many of which were not recommended by the Justice Department because of their seedy dealings with Iran. Whitewater was shoved aside with few words, and mounds of evidence dealing with Clinton's perjury before a federal judge and grand jury was forgotten. The new media failed to say much about Clinton's obstruction of justice, his impeachment, and was highly critical of Ken Starr's Whitewater investigation. A Newsmax poll published on November 26, 2004 has only 11% of those surveyed claiming Bill Clinton to have been a good president.


A laundry list of Clinton associate's crimes for which convictions have been obtained includes drug trafficking, racketeering, extortion, bribery, tax evasion, kickbacks, embezzlement, fraud, conspiracy, fraudulent loans, illegal gifts, illegal campaign contributions, and money laundering.


The mainstream media, the well-trained attack dog of the liberal left, sanitized all of that, and refused to expose the cesspool of activity that Bill Clinton was guilty of. Instead, they accused people like Tom DeLay of corruption, never gaining a conviction, but were still able to ruin the man's career anyway - simply through accusations.


And now the next candidate groomed and prepared by the far left is in position to take the reins of the U.S. presidency. Barack Obama is the latest Frankenstein monster. He is more liberal, more "crowd pleasing," a better orator, and one that seems to believe that America is a cancer of human history.


The "Everything is Bush's Fault" campaign has worked beautifully. The media has convinced a large number of voters that Bush is the worst president in the history of the country, and that all things he does, or has done, is applauded by anyone not a member of the leftist agenda. The left-wing media has preached that McCain is simply a third-term for George W. Bush, the war in Iraq was all based on lies and deception, and that the Islamic threat exists because of our inability to join the socialist lead of those wonderfully enlightened Europeans.


And now, through a carefully planned coup, the mainstream media, combined with the efforts of the leftist politicians, have presented us with the most liberal nominee for president this nation has ever seen.


Barack Obama is poised to move this nation farther to the left. He has proclaimed in his speeches that we must let go of our individualism, and give in to the coming society of collectivism. Our troops must abandon the battlefield on the eve of victory, our most successful citizens must be forced to give up the fruits of their labor so that their wealth can be redistributed, and we must serve the community for the greater good of the collective community.


In other words, prepare for the coming revolution of communism with Obama in the lead. That is if we don't fall to Sharia Law first.


And this sunny scenario of America's future was made possible by the mainstream media, the ones that killed the watchdog.


The question is, have Americans truly been fooled? Or are Americans ready to rise up and defend our liberty, protect our freedoms, and stop the steady goose-step-march toward the radical left? I believe in America, and I believe our nation is ready for a change. Not the change in the direction of the late-sixties as Obama promises, mind you, but positive change. Americanism is poised to rise. Pride is poised to take hold. Communism will be defeated again, and exposed as the failure that it is.


Or at least I believe that is where we are headed until the well-trained attack dog that is the mainstream media regroups, and presents the next wave of socialism against this great nation.




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