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Why Place Your Bet On The Horse That Always Loses?


published: November 13, 2009


Why believe that Obamacare will "bend the cost curve," when government has repeatedly failed to cut costs of existing healthcare entitlements? The Obama administration and fellow lib...

Government As Narcotics Dealer


published: November 06, 2009


Since the advent of the Federal Reserve System in 1913, monetary authorities have repeatedly upped the narcotic dosage as a remedy for the pains of easy money and credit addiction. An exceptio...

Sanctity of Criminals' Lives


published: November 02, 2009


Some groups like the ACLU, who advocate abolition of the death penalty for murder or rape, enthusiastically endorse murder by abortion. Many Christians and religious Jews, along with secular lib...

Iran: Can Obama play hardball?


published: October 31, 2009


Robert Kagan's Washington Post column gives us a look at the way the president appears to be playing his hand in the diplomatic game. President Obama notoriously promised to bring change to ou...

Socializing Society By Eliminating The Family


published: October 24, 2009


Cass Sunstein, Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, proposes to abolish traditional marriage as a state- sponsored institution. As many feared, same-se...

Bitten By Profligacy


published: October 14, 2009


The dollar edges closer to becoming a third-world currency. Foreign central banks, suffering from the Treasury and Fed-engineered decline in the dollar's value, are moving new currency reserve ...

The Meaning of Change


published: October 11, 2009


Candidate Obama charmed inexperienced, poorly educated youth and disaffected elders with promises of an undefined abstraction called change. That change, we now can see, was to be forcible imp...

Oslo Edition of Saturday Night Live


published: October 11, 2009


Wolf Blitzer needs to continue his fact checking. CNN's Wolf Blitzer recently devoted time to fact-checking a Saturday Night Live skit that cast a less than favorable light upon failure of The...

Keynesianism Loves the Total State


published: September 21, 2009


Keynesian macroeconomics, the mythology favored by liberal- progressives ranging from President Obama to New York Times propagandist Paul Krugman, is a rationalization for massive expansion of...

Labor Day: A Tribute To Highway Robbers


published: September 07, 2009


Labor Unions are a throwback to the days of travel by horseback, when highwaymen fell upon lone travelers, beating them and robbing them of their possessions. Unions still have the ambivalent ...

Murder's OK, But No Torture. We're Liberals


published: September 01, 2009


To understand the grotesque hypocrisy of liberal-progressives we must view it from the perspective of their religion of socialism. Let's immediately dispatch the moralistic protestations of libe...

Government Stimulus Spending: Differing Perspectives


published: August 22, 2009


President Franklin Roosevelt, speaking of the intractable Depression, sourly admitted that Keynesian fiscal policy, in theory, was the simplest thing in the world, but in practice, a disaster. ...

Obamacare: Quintessential Socialism


published: August 19, 2009


The overriding characteristic of President Obama's National Socialist healthcare is forced equality of consumption, a major step in the direction of egalitarian distribution of income. Emphasi...

Multi-Cultural Amorality in the White House


published: August 18, 2009


The Washington Post reports that President Obama aims to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Doing so will offend hundreds of millions of heterosexual married couples in order to please...

A Difference Without A Distinction


published: August 17, 2009


Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel has simply changed the way he proposes to ration healthcare. Dr. Emanuel, the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, is Special Advisor for Health Policy to Pe...

Destructive Social Justice


published: July 22, 2009


The Democrat/Socialist Party's plan to nationalize healthcare exemplifies the essence of social justice: an invidious urge to destroy what exists and a faith that social harmony depends upon ...

Social Engineering and Price Controls


published: July 21, 2009


All government intervention in the economy distorts decision making, with bad and unanticipated results. Classical economics, on the whole, attempts to explain how individuals behave under cha...

The Long, Agonizing Decline of the United States


published: July 20, 2009


We are following the downward path of Great Britain, one of the two greatest of Western history's empires. We can draw several cautionary lessons from the history of our British cousins. Of...

Gore Tips His Hand


published: July 12, 2009


Liberal-progressives' drive to integrate the United States into a world government, a new socialist international under the UN, is a carefully concealed element in the man-made global warming s...

Economic Miasma Ahead


published: July 09, 2009


You will be disappointed if you expect the economy and the stock market to rebound vigorously after we hit the bottom of the economic cycle. What's in store for us, if the President's budget and C...

Government Action Causes Unemployment


published: July 07, 2009


The more the President flails around with barrages of new programs, taxes, mandates, and business takeovers, the warier businessmen become about hiring new workers. Hence the accelerating leve...

Don't Stand On The Sidelines Complaining


published: July 06, 2009


It's always easier to carp about things you don't like than to stand up, become involved, and work to correct the problem.   Sunday's sermon at the Cohocton, New York, Assembly of God Chur...

A New 4th of July Declaration of Independence


published: July 04, 2009


The 1776 Declaration was a resolution to throw off the tyranny of big government. Borrowing from the 1776 document, the history of the present political administration is a history of repeated...

Criminal Suppression of Evidence


published: July 01, 2009


President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and other leaders of the Democrat/Socialist Party are guilty of criminal suppression of evidence that makes the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill unnecessary, as well ...

Ivy League Realism


published: June 21, 2009


Several recent articles in both liberal-progressive and conservative media attributed Judge Sonia Sotomayor's interpretation of the law to the doctrine of legal realism. Specifically mentioned in ...

Thomas E. Brewton Articles

Thomas E. Brewton

67 articles
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'Native of Louisiana; graduated from Louisiana State University in 1956. While there had the good fortune to study political science under Eric Voegelin and Constitutional law under Walter Berns.

Graduated from the Harvard Business School in 1958, then worked in the Wall Street financial community for thirty years. After retiring, surrounded by liberals in Scarsdale, New York, began writing op-ed pieces for local newspapers and essays for my children, aiming to counter the barbarism of liberal-socialism. From this came my website, The View From 1776.



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