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by: bruce nix | published: 03 23, 2010

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The Congressional switch board was literally jammed Saturday with an estimated one hundred thousand calls per hour coming in prior to and during the vote on Obamacare. The stage was set for a final showdown between the House of Representatives and the voting public and that is exactly what it amounted to; a showdown. All of the polls from start to finish indicated to even the least intelligent person on the Hill that the American people were not in favor of this massive takeover of our medical system. The phones rang continuously and all of their mailboxes were full and still this Congress that is supposed to be the voice of the people turned their back on us and voted in a predictable fashion.

It all seemed a bit too contrived and without remorse on any of their part. This health care reform bill which started off with a whimper and became the most hotly debated piece of legislation to pass through the Congress in many years has turned our prestigious halls of legislation into a house of shame. Our Representatives voted on a bill that will bring in more debt, more government bureaucracy, more government control and give the IRS more power than ever before and still they voted yes! Not once did any of them bother to hear the voices of their constituents. Not once did they listen to the people. Nancy Pelosi and her partners in crime had their arms interlocked and looks of shear arrogance, as they walked into the House cowering in the presence of the protest going on in plain sight. The entire episode was a travesty.

This bill is scheduled to be signed into law tomorrow by a President obviously relieved at the passage of a bill and with it the salvation of his Presidency. He has heralded it as historic and indeed it is historic. For the first time in our nations history one of the most comprehensive takeovers of American free enterprise has occurred. Not with due process of law, but rather by blatant bribery, arm twisting, shady backroom deals, lies, deception and trickery. The American people are not stupid and the game was up a long time ago. We as a people no longer believed or trusted the government and all of the talk of health care reform became a contest of wills. The speeches and rallies that they staged and televised with smiling people yelling out his name and sad tales of no health insurance were exactly that; staged. The meeting with all of the doctors in the white lab coats was total insult to our intelligence, a grand photo op with all of the coats handed out just prior to the video taping.

This administration has broken the trust of the American people. People are angrier than ever before and yet they look down on us with utter contempt. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the ring leaders of this great con on the public smile and carry on as if nothing at all occurred. Now they have another item on their agenda. Damage control. In this case however it has nothing to do with putting a spin on the entire thing with slick press coverage to cover their tracks. No. Next on the agenda will almost certainly be, immigration reform or amnesty as it has been called. 6.5 million illegal immigrates in this country will be given access to the bill just passed. Most do not pay taxes but they will be given a slice of the pie. Why? To help ensure a solid democrat support base. Divvy out free health care to a majority of low income and middle class people who are struggling to make ends meet in this dire economy and around election time you will have a guaranteed vote. Simple math.

In this board game that Obama has been playing with the public a winning move has just been made; checkmate! Or so it may seem. This game has awakened a people that have long been asleep and were content to sit back and watch things happen without so much as a twitch. They are more than awake now. They are angry! There will be direct challenges to this bill, lawsuits are already being drawn up. Individual states are assessing the possibility of nullifying it before it even has time to take effect. This is not the end of this loathsome bill. You will be hearing about it for some time to come. Have they overstepped the rules of the game? Yes, but November is right around the corner and along with it the mid term elections. We will see how the members of congress react to this when the time comes. Jobs will be lost in the House and the Senate. Possibly a complete loss of the House for the Democrats. A political tsunami will occur as a result of this bill, but it was a risk that they were willing to take.

The American people are resilient and this game is not over by a long shot. Checkmate? This game has just started!



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    Hey Fred, 4 years later, WE TOLD YOU SO. Hope you got the bitch slap.

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    fred said: what a load of crap you stupid GOP idiots write.........GET LOST you greedy spoiled bastards,

    Your an idiot. When everything fails, I hope you're the first to get bitch slapped.

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    what a load of crap you stupid GOP idiots write.........GET LOST you greedy spoiled bastards,

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