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Please, No More of the Same


published: September 22, 2010


This week we learned that Larry Summers is stepping down from his post as director of the National Economic Council with the Obama Administration, leaving us with Tim Geithner. Summers is going ba...

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Frank Louis

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Frank Louis: Producer and voice of the Frank Louis Show (Monday mornings at 9:30 Eastern Time on WNRI 1380 AM and streaming live, worldwide, on the web at The Frank Louis Show “provides answers to the questions nobody is asking. And if you think we are wrong, email us at and tell us why. We don’t think you can.” Frank Louis is a print and on-air commentator who offers opinions and solutions on and for the economy, social issues, and the future of this nation. His main focus is on the nation’s housing crisis and the millions of Americans who actually made down payments on their property and have now lost their investments. There is nobody in the media making this point other than Frank Louis. In the Old Testament, Nehemiah 4: 14 instructs us to fight for our families and our houses; something we need to be doing now. Frank Louis supports the Christian principles that the founders researched and believed in when this nation was formed. We believe the time has come when our nation’s leaders must again to do the same.



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