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Are Faux Conservatives More Dangerous Than Liberals?


published: October 29, 2013


Columnist Kathleen Parker, who inexplicably passes for conservative, has penned yet another hit piece on Ted Cruz, this time stating that he is a "mirage, an idea conjured in a fantasy that ca...

Our Most Under-rated President: A Birthday Tribute


published: July 07, 2013


One of my favorite July 4th traditions is penning a birthday tribute to Calvin Coolidge. I typically start with a biographical sketch, continue with some of Silent Cal's wittiest and most insightf...

In Praise of Extremism


published: June 23, 2013


The most annoying cliche in American politics has to be that Republicans are (cue the fright music) too extreme. Former Senator Bob Dole, who is so moderate and conciliatory that his two national ...

Sarah Palin's Unheeded Example for the GOP


published: May 12, 2013


A Tea Party based 'Draft Sarah' movement has sprung up in recent months, leading to speculation that the former governor may challenge first-term Democratic incumbent Mark Begich for the US Senate ...

Ann Coulter -- My Former BFF


published: April 14, 2013


Tuesday the 9th was kind of a sad day for me. Someone that I had always admired let me down. I should have seen this coming. According to The Huffington Post, Ann Coulter appeared on Geraldo Riv...

The Perversion of Freedom


published: March 31, 2013


Or the freedom of perversion? That is the prevailing question in 2013. Conservatives and libertarians casually toss around such concepts as 'freedom,' 'capitalism,' 'individual liberty,' etc., as...

First Ladies: Frivolity, Fact and Why They Matter


published: March 10, 2013


Columnist Kathleen Parker recently profiled Michelle Obama's ascension to pop star status. The first lady is everywhere -- dancing with Jimmy Fallon, gracing the patrons of swanky restaurants with...

The Unemployed, Volunteerism and Freedom


published: February 17, 2013


The Great Recession has produced one thin silver lining for some of the nation's unemployed: the opportunity to serve others. Along with polishing your resume and networking, most job search expe...

The Left's Target of the Week


published: January 13, 2013


We could make this a regular feature. Just recently we profiled Papa John's Pizza, whose founder and CEO remarked that Obama-care might force franchises to cut employee hours. They, of course, ha...

Villain of the Week


published: December 23, 2012


The Hall of Fame includes Big Oil, Big Pharmaceuticals, big, sugary soft drinks, Wal-Mart, McDonald's, Nabisco (makers of the artery-clogging Oreos), Hostess and far too many other institutions and...

Did Rush Limbaugh Cause a Suicide?


published: November 28, 2012


According to syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts, no, not directly, but Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, etc. polluted the rhetorical waters in which Henry Hamilton swam. Hamilton, 64, of Key...

November 6: The Dark Night of the Soul


published: November 18, 2012


Woody Allen once quipped that there are two sides to a person, one being the side that aspires to such nobler things as art, beauty and pondering the meaning of life, and then there's the other sid...

Is Class Warfare Running Out of Steam?


published: November 04, 2012


Forget the poll numbers -- discerning voters can gauge the direction of a campaign just by watching the candidates. Which of the two is steady and focused? Who is defensive, uninspiring and but a...

The Lesson of Black Conservatives


published: September 09, 2012


The travails of black conservatives are not new to most observers. While Condoleezza Rice garnered raves, even from the likes of MSNBC, for her rousing GOP Convention speech, she has been the subj...

A Libertarian Case for Social Conservatism


published: July 29, 2012


So little space for such a deep, wide premise. Nonetheless, given America's descent into European-style socialism, even a cursory consideration of the disease (as opposed to the symptoms, which ga...

Defy History This July 4 -- Honor Calvin Coolidge


published: July 01, 2012


This July 4 continues the budding tradition of honoring the sole American president born on Independence Day. But to truly understand Calvin Coolidge (born 1872), who served from 1923-29, requires...

The GOP's Emerging Backbone?


published: June 10, 2012


It may be too early to tell, but the Republican Party appears to be shedding its draw-no-blood/lose- gracefully approach to campaigns that has kept conservative voters either frustrated or stubborn...

The Tyranny of Conservative Cliches


published: May 24, 2012


National Review's Jonah Goldberg has penned a brilliant and lively critique of what now passes for political discourse. In The Tyranny of Cliches he frequently chides both sides of the aisle for d...

Unemployment: A Conservative's Perspective


published: May 06, 2012


Although I have devoted much of my life to preserving America's defining values and institutions, through activism, party leadership and as a columnist, I have always held a day job. The ideas I ...

The Politics of Dick Cheney's Heart


published: April 08, 2012


Liberal pundits strike an interesting pose when defending Obamacare. Bleeding-heart idealists temporarily morph into cold, hard realists on the subject of the individual mandate. "I should n...

Game Change: Important New Reflections


published: March 18, 2012


One of the last things America needs is a rehash of the 2008 campaign, but the truth demands constant vigilance. The lies of today easily evolve into the common misperceptions of tomorrow, and if ...

A Palin-ista Examines Game Change


published: March 14, 2012


In defense of HBO's 'fact-based' account of the 2008 campaign (which this writer has seen), it is no less riddled with the inaccuracies and falsehoods detractors claim than countless other docu-dra...

The Violation of America's Character


published: March 07, 2012


Conservative commentary typically proceeds by highlighting the practical results of such disastrous policies as Obama-care. In recent days, however, we have seen the erosion of our character as a...

Is Theocracy or Democracy the Gravest Threat to Liberty?


published: March 01, 2012


Whatever the faults of Rick take-one-for-the-team Santorum, the notion that he intends to make this election a referendum on banning birth control is not one of them. In this space, we previously ...

Why Not Separation of Liberalism and State?


published: February 21, 2012


The idea that liberalism is a religion unto itself is by no means original. Still, how frustrating that America has been conditioned to regard traditional religious influences as the gravest threa...

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David Bozeman

115 articles
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Born October 31, 1963 in Elizabethtown, NC. I'm the youngest of 5. My father was an accounts manager for an appliance store and my mother was a full-time homemaker. They both instilled in me a love of books, current affairs and politics.

I graduated from PARS Travel College in 1988. For over three decades I've worked in the newspaper circulation department and in a telecom warehouse, where I remain today. In 1984 I was a Libertarian Party state chairman, in 1982 and 83' I ran for the state house. In my late 30s, I decided to devote my political activism to my top passion, which is writing.



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