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John W. Lillpop's Past Articles

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Mission Accomplished in Iraq?


published: April 11, 2009


It's 3 am in the morning, America. Do you know where your commander-in-chief is? Are you sure we even have a commander-in-chief these days? With all due respect to President Obama, the president'...

Economic Meltdown: "Great Opportunity" to Fix Illegal Alien Crisis!


published: April 08, 2009


In their rush to dole out a trillion dollars in the name of stimulating the battered economy, the Democrat-controlled Congress and President Obama failed to address a major domestic crisis that thr...

Defending American Sovereignty and Culture Is NOT Racist


published: April 07, 2009


Contrary to arguments made by liberal politicians and pundits in the mainstream media, defending American sovereignty and culture is not driven by racism. In fact, the exact opposite is true. If t...

Firing "Provocative" Rockets Trumps Obamania in North Korea!


published: April 05, 2009


While President Obama has all of Europe and much of the rest of the world eating out of his slippery hand, the man's extraordinary charm is apparently unknown, and or ignored, in North Korea. Inde...

Kissing or Kicking the Fanny of Fannie and Freddie?


published: April 05, 2009


President Barack Obama displayed a goodly bit of presidential wrath last month over bonuses to be paid to AIG executives after the insurance carrier had accepted over $170 billion dollars in corpor...

Rep. Luis Gutierrez: Another Illinois Democrat Who Prefers Racial Politics to Rule of Law


published: April 05, 2009


With unemployment now at 8.5 percent and the economy in complete shambles, the last thing this nation needs is to legitimatize 12-38 million uninvited guests, the vast majority of whom are uneducat...

"Comrade" Obama Makes His Marx at G20


published: April 03, 2009


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev confirmed that which conservatives, libertarians, and insightful independents have been shouting for over two years: Barack Obama is a dedicated Marxist. Accordin...

With Neighbors Like Mexico, Who Needs Enemies?


published: April 01, 2009


As we speak, Mexico is falling further and further into anarchy and civil war born of drugs, violence and chaos. Unfortunately, rather than reforming the political and economic policies that make ...

Obama Dumps General Motors CEO: What About UAW President?


published: March 31, 2009


In his Marxist zeal to squeeze the last vestige of private enterprise out of the U.S. automobile industry, President Obama has unilaterally appointed himself America's Human Resources czar, in char...

Can America Survive 19 More Months of Liberal Tyranny?


published: March 30, 2009


With nearly 70 days of hard evidence to rely on, it is clear to most thinking adults, and even to some over-achieving Democrats, that the American version of the Bolshevik Revolution, orchestrated ...

Hillary's "Blame America" Rant Validated by Biden's Daughter?


published: March 30, 2009


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Still sounds AWFUL, but not as ungodly as President Hillary Clinton!), took time away from her busy schedule long enough to meander south of the border to comfor...

Michelle Obama's "Victory" Garden


published: March 27, 2009


It daily becomes more and more difficult for any but the most stalwart leftists to ignore or deny the grim visage of the “change” being inflicted on America by the liberal/Democrats. Li...

Will Historians Remember that George W. Bush Never Ridiculed the Disabled?


published: March 22, 2009


Like many Americans, from both the right and the left, I am not a big fan of former President George W. Bush. His failure to control spending was nothing short of scandalous, and his wanton disrega...

President Obama Assaults the Disabled--Again!


published: March 20, 2009


For two years now, the American people have been led to believe that Barack Obama possesses an intellect seldom bestowed upon mere mortals. His IQ, it has been alleged, is simply too high for scie...

OK for Bank Robbers to Return Just Half of Stolen Loot?


published: March 19, 2009


Edward M.. Liddy, CEO of AIG, apparently thinks that all Americans are uninformed dim wits who could care less about how taxpayer money is handled and accounted for. In Liddy's mind, fiduciary is ...

Based on First 60 Days, Why Should Anyone Trust Obama With Health Care?


published: March 19, 2009


In less than 60 days, Barack Obama has gone from world savior/Messiah to inept schlock and, in the process, has shown beyond any doubt that government is not the solution, but is, in fact, the prob...

More Worthy of Health Care: Disabled War Vets or Illegal Aliens?


published: March 17, 2009


President Obama continues to provide a "shock and awe" assault on everyday common sense with his seemingly endless stream of proposals that advance incredibly arrogant, illogical and fool...

An 'Imperfect' President Signs Ominous Omnibus


published: March 12, 2009


Everyone who can recall that presidential candidate Barack Obama promised to bring profound CHANGE to America if entrusted with the U.S. presidency, please raise your left hand. How many also reca...

Whither Obama's "Great Opportunity" for Baby Boomers?


published: March 10, 2009


The Obama administration, including the president himself, is trying to sell the current economic Armageddon as a "great opportunity" for anxious Americans. Which begs the question, &quo...;

California Proposition 8: Just What "Civil Rights" Are in Jeopardy?


published: March 08, 2009


California's Supreme Court met on March 4 to conduct a hearing on the constitutionality of voter-approved Proposition 8 which consists of the following 14 words: "Only marriage between a man ...

Abandoning Conservative Values Is The Problem, Not the Solution


published: March 03, 2009


Michael Steele is clearly an honorable, intelligent man and a timely choice to head the RNC. Timely because he is the first African-American to serve as the head of the RNC at a time when the GOP i...

Inherited Debt Versus Bequeathed Jihad


published: February 26, 2009


President Obama was quick to blame America's economic circumstances, past, present, and, presumably, future, on his immediate predecessor. In so doing, Obama sent his socialist colleagues into org...

Obama-nomics: Turning the Dollar Into CHANGE


published: February 18, 2009


Is it sheer coincidence that just as President Obama was signing the left's hideous "economic stimulus" into law, the barons of Wall Street were shedding nearly 300 points and closing in ...

The "Lillpop Smell Test" for Stimulus Proposals


published: February 06, 2009


OK, I confess, I am not an economist. Heck, I am not even particularly knowledgeable about high finances. Fact is, I use Quicken to keep track of my checking accounts, and until Treasury Tim Geith...

Obama in Stimulus Wonderland!


published: February 06, 2009


Who would have imagined that Walt Disney's magical film, "Alice in Wonderland," from 1951 would be a model for the Obama presidency? In particular, the Rabbit who ran about declaring &qu...;

John W. Lillpop Articles

John W. Lillpop

28 articles
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John belongs to the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley (CFSV). He writes extensively on political news, specializing in political satire. He is a staff writer at Capitol Hill Coffee House, California state editor of USAGOP, a national conservative web site, Assistant Editor at ChronWatch, a site devoted to monitoring and counter-balancing the very liberal San Francisco Chronicle. John is also a contributing writer to Newsblaze, Canada Free Press, Post Chronicle, Common Conservative, Landofthefree, Peoplepoliticallyright, Borderfirereport, and other conservative web sites.



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