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The Kindness of Strangers


published: January 20, 2013


When Sandy hit, my husband Steve and daughter Karen and I spent day after day after day freezing in our ordinarily-cozy home, unable even to leave the premises, as police tape cordoned off every me...

Paul “Lincolnesque” Ryan


published: August 12, 2012


The other day on the Drudge Report I saw a picture of the actor Daniel Day-Lewis in full Abraham Lincoln mode for his upcoming movie about America’s 16th president. The portrait was of a...

Bad Mommy


published: May 13, 2012


In 1960, as a young wife living with my husband on his Ivy League campus, I had a front-row seat when the Feminist Movement made its debut. I was doing nothing, according to Obama mouthpiece Hilary...

Obama – The Most Happy Fella


published: September 14, 2011


Over the past almost-three years, I’ve had to laugh – in contempt– when the so-called intelligentsia have shaken their collective heads in bewilderment and seeming incomprehension...

Obama’s Malignant Obsession with Jews and Israel


published: May 27, 2011


Jew hatred comes in many forms, all of them irrational and unsupported by empirical fact, but all of them powerful and largely effective in deflecting personal and political failures onto a tiny pe...

Trump Is Already Running the Country


published: May 13, 2011


The cartoonist Fuller depicts the billionaire-builder Donald Trump dressed in a circus-master’s outfit and holding in one hand a red, white and blue megaphone and in the other hand a hoop bla...

The Itch That’s Destroying America


published: March 11, 2011


It’s a funny thing about itches…the more you scratch, the more you itch. This is because scratching floods your system with histamine, which causes – itching! Oh, you can get rid...

Guts & Gonads Make Rudy the Only Choice in 2012


published: March 01, 2011


If you visit any online or neighborhood bookstore, you will see dozens of books about leadership, all of them – except Rudy Giuliani’s Leadership – written by corporate or polic...

Mourning in America


published: January 21, 2011


Our entire country, indeed the world, mourns the victims of the savage attack in Tucson that left six dead, including an esteemed federal judge and beautiful nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green; 1...

Obama Won’t Run…His Work Is Done


published: November 20, 2010


The drivel the media are blathering about Obama’s 2012 race for reelection is absolute baloney! All those talking heads and print [so-called] journalists should be ashamed of themselves for p...

The Obama Disaster Machine: Unfortunate Coincidences or Malevolently Premeditated?


published: June 10, 2010


Is it only me, or do the multiple disasters that have struck both well before and ever since the disastrous election of Barack Obama seem fishy to you? I won’t discuss the stock market crash...

Obama-Drooling Media Create Their Very Own Lame Duck


published: January 22, 2010


That’s right, and it wasn’t only Katie Couric. For the past two years, when Obama was in campaign mode and after his Acorn- and foreign-money-fueled election, the entire leftwing media ...

Brown Victory Signals Second American Revolution


published: January 19, 2010


When Scott Brown gallops to victory tomorrow, capturing the Massachusetts senate seat made absent by Sen. Ted Kennedy’s death, it will signal a definitive referendum against all things Obama ...

Who Is Behind Quashing the Birth Certificate Issue?


published: August 26, 2009


Back in October of 2008, when the subject of Obama’s Constitutional eligibility to be president of the United States was just a blip on the radar screen of public awareness, I wrote an ar...

Obama Lied – The Economy Died


published: July 26, 2009


"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill. As President Clinton&rsq...;

'Domestic Terrorists' Gear Up For July 4th Tea Parties


published: July 01, 2009


On April 15, over a million people – who had already smelled the contaminated coffee of the Obama regime’s galloping socialism-cum-communism-cum totalitarianism – attended thousan...

Obama’s Jewish Problem


published: May 18, 2009


In times past, coalminers working in the depths of the earth took along caged canaries. As long as the canaries warbled, the miners knew they were safe from the methane and carbon monoxide that wo...

The President Who Hates His Country


published: May 04, 2009


In the last century, the impassioned words and actions of patriots like Winston Churchill – along with America’s heroic help and sacrifice – saved Europe. The eloquence and action...

Obama Didn’t Know Nuthin’ Of The Tea Parties – But The Rest Of The World Did!


published: April 21, 2009


An amazing thing happened on Wednesday, April 15th, Tax Day, when nearly a million people took hours off from their workdays – many sacrificing pay cuts and even the threat of being fired &nd...;

Obama’s Incurable Nausea


published: April 12, 2009


In the panoply of human ailments, few compare to chronic nausea, the overwhelmingly sickening feeling that you’re going to throw up at any minute. So revolting is this gagging-in-the-throat f...

Obama’s Poison Ivy


published: March 25, 2009


After only two months of the Obama presidency, Americans are horrified, angry, depressed, and on the verge of full-scale revolt against the president and his toadying Socialist acolytes for doing t...

Bristol Bashing Reflects The Left’s Ongoing Fear of Her Mother


published: March 16, 2009


The Left’s tolerance knows no bounds. Practiced in the art of understanding and forgiving human foibles, and averse to the “judgment” they find so intolerable in those who think ...

Obama’s Toxic Brew


published: March 09, 2009


Double, double, toil and trouble;        Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Macbeth, Act 4: The incantation of three demonic witches over their cauldron, which heralds...

We’re Losing Our Country – But What Can We Do?


published: February 24, 2009


From the moment Barack Obama was inaugurated on January 20th, the leftists who control Congress have – at his behest – gone on a drunken binge of runaway spending vis-à-vis an $8...

Obama’s Revenge


published: February 16, 2009


Once upon a time, a white teenager from Kansas got pregnant by her black Kenyan boyfriend, Barack Obama Sr., or was it her husband? Whatever. (I say no whatever because we’ve never seen eithe...

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Joan Swirsky

36 articles
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