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Slater Bakhtavar's Past Articles

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The Road to Freedom in Tehran (the Rise of pro-Americanism in Iran)


published: February 05, 2014


While the Islamic Republic of Iran, along with many Arab regimes espouses a doctrine of anti-Americanism the Iranian people have become profoundly pro-American in recent years. The officials of Ir...

Obama Administration must support the people of Syria and Iran


published: June 07, 2011


Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, sees the Islamic Republic of Iran as its closest ally in the region. While Al-Assad has pledged to help find a peaceful solution to the nuclear dispute betwe...

Support Iran’s pro-Democracy Movement


published: April 26, 2010


Subsequent to the June 9 elections tarred by fraud, a poorly-known organization further increased its power in Iran. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini created the Islamic Revolutionary Gu...

Carter Administration's Dilemma: Iran's Theocracy


published: May 27, 2009


"I did not know it then - perhaps I did not want to know - but it is clear to me now that the Americans wanted me out. Clearly this is what the human rights advocates in the State Department w...

Resignation Superman


published: February 11, 2009


Those who overlook the lessons of history are likely to repeat the mistakes of the past. President Barack Obama seems to be treading the same path on Iran that former President Jimmy Carter was o...

Obama's Jimmy Carter Disaster


published: July 04, 2008


During the 1970's, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who had acceded to the monarchist governmental leadership role present throughout Iran's history, implemented economic, educational and social reforms...

Slater  Bakhtavar Articles

Slater Bakhtavar

6 articles
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Slater Bakhtavar is a journalist, foreign policy analyst and political commentator. He has appeared as a guest on numerous nationally syndicated talk shows including G. Gordon Liddy, Jim Bohannon Show, NPR, Crosstalk America, Mancow Mueller, VOA and Newsmakers. He is author of "Iran: The Green Movement" and attorney at Bakhtavar & Associates, PLLC.



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