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Why We Should Not Negotiate with Pirates


published: April 13, 2009


It is good news and a happy outcome that the Somali pirates holding Captain Richard Phillips have been killed and he has been rescued unharmed. This is quite literally the only way to deal with pir...

The Two Sides of Failure


published: March 30, 2009


“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.” That’s pretty good advice from entertainer Bill Cosby who also just happens to hold a...

Is the Cold War Over?


published: February 02, 2009


Those of us born in an earlier era recall the Cold War that lasted from shortly after the end of World War II until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. It was the era of Mutually Assured Destruct...

Sealing the Deal


published: November 07, 2008


As someone who trains people in the art of successful negotiating, I had some professional reservations about the selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate. It wasn’t ...



published: October 19, 2008


In a negotiation, your job is not to be liked. It is to be respected and effective. In a political debate, your job is to be both liked and respected. That changes the dynamics of negotiation as it...

Do Not Let Your Emotions Drive Your Election Decision


published: September 26, 2008


The headlines regarding the federal bail-out of troubled banking, investment, and insurance institutions are scary enough without the political charges flying back and forth in an effort to shift b...

Election Assumptions and Expectations


published: September 07, 2008


We are all the sum of our experiences and much of the process by which we make judgments about others is the result of learning something about their lives and experiences. This is particularly tru...

Saying No to Unlimited Immigration


published: July 31, 2008


As a negotiation coach it is natural for me to view election campaigns conducted between the two candidates for president and voters as a negotiation with multiple agendas, adversaries, and intense...

Wanting the World to Love America


published: July 01, 2008


Americans, caught up in the daily struggles of their own lives would be astonished to discover the degree and amount of news coverage America receives in the press of other nations and they would b...

Jim Camp Articles

Jim Camp

9 articles
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Jim Camp, best-selling author of negotiation books Start with No® and No: The Only System Of Negotiation You Need For Work and Home, is chairman of The Jim Camp Group, founder, CEO, and president of Coach2100, Inc. negotiation training system, and inventor of Systematic Decision-Based Negotiation.Since 1987, over 100,000 people have used his negotiation training and management system. To Review Jim’s coaching programs for individuals & industry visit



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