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Barrett Kalellis's Past Articles

10 articles

Barack Obama and the Politics of Lying


published: October 30, 2012


After almost four years in office, it’s amazing to witness the American public become inured to the steady stream of finger-pointing, half-truths and palpable lies from the President of the U...

9/11: Lessons Yet to be Learned


published: September 13, 2011


Now that the mainstream media and cable networks have all fired their artillery for the 9/11 tenth anniversary memorials – programs replaying 9/11 timelines, introspective interviews with vic...

Is burning the Quran bigotry?


published: September 09, 2010


When Gen. David Petraeus weighed in against a nutty evangelical Florida preacher who wants to have a Quran-burning on September 11, an international incident was born. Petraeus apparently thinks t...

The Left, the Mosque and Islam


published: August 10, 2010


The current controversy in New York City over the construction of an “Islamic Center” at Ground Zero reveals a lot more about leftists in positions of influence – Democratic polit...

Fox News Still Gets It Wrong


published: March 14, 2010


Before and even after 9/11, the American people are still not being well-served by the national news media when it comes to purveying accurate information about the threat that radical Islam repres...

Obama's SOTU: In the footsteps of Hugo Chavez


published: February 05, 2010


During the 70-minute yawn-a-thon that was the President's State of the Union Address, my wife and I found the perfect solution to this political monolog – we turned off the sound. This was b...

Election of Lies


published: October 27, 2008


The dream of Democrat lefties never dies, and they will go to any length to make it a reality. The result of this political jihad is the most dishonest blizzard of lies coming from one party and it...

Sarah Palin, Experience and the Media


published: September 04, 2008


Like a needle stuck in the groove, the Democratic chattering class keeps repeating its mantra that Sarah Palin does not have enough experience (whatever this may mean), especially in foreign policy...

Vice President Blowhard?


published: August 25, 2008


One of the innumerable TV talking heads made the prescient observation last week that Senator Joe Biden “doesn’t have an off button.” He doesn’t have a lot of other but...

The Obama drama: actor in search of a script


published: July 22, 2008


According to biographer Robert Caro, young Lyndon Baines Johnson first honed his political skills while at college, learning to curry favor with conservative professors by wearing the mantle of a c...

Barrett  Kalellis Articles

Barrett Kalellis

10 articles
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'Barrett Kalellis made a career as a news and speechwriter and communications executive with various corporations and public relations agencies, Kalellis opened a second front as a freelance writer and reporter for various newspapers, trade publications and opinion journals. His op-ed columns and articles have regularly appeared in The Detroit News, the Washington Times, National Review Online, and many other web sites, and he is an adjunct scholar with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Michigan. In October 2005 he was named a winner in C-SPAN's National Essay Contest .



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