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Labor Unions Stopped NJ from Receiving Help?


published: November 04, 2012


If ever there was a case for right to work legislation in a northern union demolished state, this story coming out of storm ravaged New Jersey today should do the trick. Homes, businesses and live...

Obama WILL Do Anything to Win!


published: November 04, 2012


We are one week out from Election Day 2012 as I write this piece. Tropical storm Sandy has ravaged much of the north eastern sea board including New York, New Jersey, Virginia and the New England s...

American Voters Will Politically Hang Obama for Benghazi


published: November 04, 2012


Yes, Obamanomics are horrific! -- No, it’s not just the economy this time stupid. What the Obama administration have done to intentionally destroy the U.S. economy is cause enough for a polit...



published: October 23, 2012


The final 2012 presidential debate is scheduled for this coming Monday evening and the subject will be Foreign Policy. This is an area where the Obama Administration has failed more miserably than ...



published: October 21, 2012


Barack Obama is the most generous White House resident in U.S. history, when we are talking about your tax dollars and it suits his political ambitions. Not so much when it is his money we are talk...

Secret Service Must Investigate Obama Credit Card Fraud


published: October 14, 2012


The Obama campaign is reporting that it raised a record $181 million in the month of September alone. According to campaign FEC filings for September, the money came from 1.8 million individual do...



published: October 07, 2012


Reactions to the first Presidential debate are nothing short of astonishing. Pre-debate signs that voters were already migrating away from Obama were fueled by a disastrous debate performance by...

Six States, Soldiers and Seniors WILL Decide 2012 Race


published: October 07, 2012


As the 2012 campaign moves toward the first Presidential debate between incumbent Obama and challenger Romney, there is no shortage of crystal ball activity with politicos from all corners trying t...

When did Communism become an American Dream?


published: September 30, 2012


Sadly, too many Americans don’t know what communism is, or they foolishly think that it died with the fall of the Soviet Union. Nothing could be further from the truth. Communism is alive and...

Romney Spoke TRUTH!


published: September 23, 2012


The latest media effort to turn the 2012 election into another beauty contest for Obama is the media blitz and fake flap over Romney’s truthful statement to would-be donors at a recent fund-r...

Is Romney Losing the Beauty Contest?


published: September 23, 2012


According to Obama’s network of leftist propaganda outlets (aka news media & pollsters) -- Mitt Romney is behind in all of the polls due to a “likability” problem. Do you buy ...

Occupy and Arab Spring both Obama Ops


published: September 17, 2012


Americans shouldn’t need any TV talking head or White House press secretary to interpret events unfolding right before their eyes today. As the chickens come home to roost upon the head of th...

Storm Clouds Gather for DNC Convention


published: August 26, 2012


As Vice President Joe Biden heads to Tampa in a no-class attempt to crash the GOP Convention in opposition to Romney and Ryan, the real protest is gearing up against Obama and Biden at the upcoming...

Obama Still Decimating the Military


published: August 26, 2012


Despite strong opposition from commanders and chaplains, Obama’s Department of Defense chief Leon Panetta focuses his attention on the military’s participation in a new Obama-era Gay Pr...

Where are Those Tax Returns Romney?


published: August 20, 2012


Harry Reid, the U.S. Senate’s most famous scumbag since Ted Kennedy, floated a story from a so-called anonymous source that probably doesn’t exist, accusing GOP Presidential candidate M...

Romney Picks 2011 Conservative of the Year


published: August 15, 2012


Weeks of speculation over who would become Mitt Romney’s 2012 running mate ended with a bang, as the Romney Campaign announced Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan standing on the deck of the WWII battle...

Illegal Aliens CAN Vote, Military CAN’T?


published: August 12, 2012


Why is the Obama Campaign trying to disenfranchise military votes and at the same time, trying to make sure that illegal aliens remain on state voter rolls? Why are both political parties pandering...

Legal Eagles Say Anchor Babies are Natural Born Citizens too


published: August 05, 2012


Well, with the laundry list of political legal eagles lining up to claim that anchor babies like Marco Rubio are Natural Born Citizens too, one must assume that the RNC intends to place an anchor b...

GOP Readies August Suicide in Tampa


published: July 29, 2012


Back in June, I published a column demonstrating just how difficult it will be to unseat Obama in the 2012 election. In short, Obama will win a minimum of twenty states no matter what and those twe...

Hating Crime is NOT a Hate Crime


published: July 15, 2012


The United States of America is a nation of self-governed people who believe in the Rule of Law and the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Law of our Land. Hating crime is not a “hate crime&rdq...;

Lawyers and Judges at War with Constitutional Law


published: July 10, 2012


Last week’s Supreme Court rulings on ObamaCare, Arizona Immigration and Montana Campaign Finance, in which the high court acted beyond its own constitutional authority and against the Constit...

Why is Romney Vetting an Ineligible VP Prospect?


published: June 24, 2012


ABC News picked up reports from new media sources claiming that Marco Rubio was not being properly vetted by the Romney campaign. USA Today raised the question with Romney who responded - Mitt Rom...

Are Democrats Preparing to Jettison Obama and Biden?


published: June 24, 2012


Last week I presented a realistic look at Romney’s 2012 chances. That analysis was based solely upon the electoral numbers needed to win and did not factor in the reality that Obama has set l...

Can America Win in 2012?


published: June 17, 2012


For America to win, Obama and Clinton must lose. With removing Obama from office being the highest priority in America today, I decided to study the landscape of the 2012 election myself, taking no...



published: June 17, 2012


The recent release of my previous column titled Rubio Can Lock the Election for Obama resulted in numerous reader emails that demonstrate a continuing confusion over the indisputable definition and...

JB Williams Articles

JB Williams

370 articles
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JB Williams is a writer on matters of history and American politics with more than 3000 pieces published over a twenty-year span. He has a decidedly conservative reverence for the Charters of Freedom, the men and women who have paid the price of freedom and liberty for all, and action oriented real-time solutions for modern challenges. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, a researcher, writer and a business owner. He is co-founder of action organizations The United States Patriots Union, a civilian parent organization for The Veteran Defenders of America. He is also co-founder of The North American Law Center, a citizen run investigative legal research and activism organization preparing to take on American's greatest legal battles. Williams receives mail at:



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