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Obama Has Issues


published: September 15, 2008


This is the problem with blindly entrusting your future to an individual who has accomplished nothing of any consequence in his past. It’s not hope you’re feeling, its euphoric blind fa...

Obamanomics 101


published: September 12, 2008


Like many other definitions that have been rewritten by left-wingnuts over time, the term “general welfare” no longer means what it did when it was written in our Constitution and ratif...

Obamanomics 101


published: September 12, 2008


Like many other definitions that have been rewritten by left-wingnuts over time, the term “general welfare” no longer means what it did when it was written in our Constitution and ratif...

Who is باراك حسين أسامة ?


published: September 10, 2008


A bright young student recently asked me this question in defense of her Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama... “Mr. Williams, my family name is Irish. Does that make me a terrorist member of the I...

Palin Properly Frames the Debate


published: September 05, 2008


As a small town hockey mom turned political ethics crusader in the biggest state of the union, Sarah Palin stepped to the RNC Convention podium last night an hit it out of the park. Even the left-w...

Two Very Different Tickets


published: September 02, 2008


With a multiracial candidate on one ticket and a female on the other, no matter what happens this November, history will be made in this election cycle. But these two tickets could not be any more ...

Two Truly Great Americans


published: August 31, 2008


You want change? McCain decided to offer you REAL change we can believe in!   McCain is nothing if not unpredictable! Only hours after the Hollywood made for TV DNC pander fest ended, confir...

Exactly How Biased is the American Media?


published: August 23, 2008


The average American voter is starting to come to grips with the fact that those who control the flow of their information, “the media,” are neither independent nor unbiased. In a Sept...

The Second 9/11


published: August 13, 2008


It was mid December 2006, days before the biggest Holiday in America, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ; only weeks after Americans angrily removed Republicans from control of congress i...

Obama Sets Sights on Trillion Dollar Cash Cow!


published: August 06, 2008


After forty years of Democrat led legislative blockades on domestic oil exploration and production, why are Americans shocked to find their country 70% dependent upon foreign oil and why are they s...

Tired of Obama’s Chicken Little Campaign Yet?


published: August 03, 2008


Before Americans will vote for more socialism in a nation almost bankrupt from social conscience already, they must believe that capitalism has failed the vast majority of Americans who now need th...

Party of What People?


published: July 31, 2008


The increasingly overt madness of America’s so-called progressive left makes one wonder what people on earth the DNC might be the party of…? It certainly isn’t the average Americ...

New Democrat Thoroughbred, Or Just Another Jackass?


published: July 28, 2008


As I watched last week’s campaign spectacle, our illustrious American press corps fawning like a bunch of eight year old girls at a Miley Cyrus concert, over the DNC’s empty suit intern...

Why Democrats Love High Gas Prices!


published: July 27, 2008


The average American voter understands no more about the contributing factors of the current price of gasoline, than they do the falling value of their national currency. That makes them easy targe...

Obama’s Pompous Circumstance


published: July 24, 2008


Presidential candidate Barack Obama has taken his pander machine on the road around the world in an effort to demonstrate two points vital to the success of his campaign for the office of Commander...

Don’t Talk to Me!


published: July 14, 2008


The biggest problem with political correctness is its net effect on society. People don’t talk to each other anymore because someone told them that they have a right to not be offended, ever,...

Phil Gramm, “economic condition is a mental crisis”


published: July 11, 2008


When I first heard former Senator Phil Gramm refer to our economic condition as a “mental crisis” and suggest that too many Americans had become “whiners,” my immediate...

Making the Best Of a Bad Election Cycle


published: July 08, 2008


This day has been a long time coming. We’ve arrived at a time in American history when we have reached the bottom of the barrel in terms of political talent and no decent American truly quali...

Marxists, Socialists, Communists for Obama?


published: July 02, 2008


Obama’s useful idiot minions [1] on college campuses across America may have no clue what types of change Obama has in store for America. But every Marxist, Socialist and Communist around the...

Meet Obama’s Useful Idiots


published: June 30, 2008


At the risk of being accused of “racism” for not falling in line behind the first half-black but wholly unqualified man ever to run for president, allow me to introduce the useful idiot...

JB Williams Articles

JB Williams

370 articles
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