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Erik Rush's Past Articles

6 articles

Joy Behar is a Fat, Stupid Commie


published: October 28, 2008


I thought it would be appropriate to include an example of the ridiculous (hence the title of this column) prior to eviscerating my fellow New Yorker, given the transcendent level of stupidity evid...

No Shame, No Blame


published: October 01, 2008


If my checking account goes into overdraft to a dramatic degree, obviously my bank would hear nothing of coming to the rescue with funds not only to ameliorate the overdraft, but to get me on my fe...

Black White Trash


published: September 23, 2008


Two weeks ago, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation published a piece by Toronto writer Heather Mallick that sprayed far Left elitism like blood from a cleanly-severed carotid artery. In it, she d...

Obama and the Trinity United murders


published: September 17, 2008


Members of Chicago’s Trinity United Church (the house of worship attended by Democrat presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama for 20 years) already had their Christmas trees up when members of...

Jackson and Obama: Unfortunate words?


published: July 18, 2008


I try to avoid making commentary out of commentaries of news items. I also try to avoid using the word "I" in my columns overmuch, but the reader shall see how that worked out. This is ac...

Upchuck City


published: July 09, 2008


No, this is not a review of an upcoming Spike Lee film; rather, the title of this offering is a reference to what the town of Unity, N.H. became on Friday June 27, when Democratic preside...

Erik  Rush Articles

Erik Rush

6 articles
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Erik Rush is a contributor of social commentary to numerous print and online publications. In 2002, his first novel, "The Angels Fell" was released. His nonfiction book "It's the Devil, Stupid! (Our Real Enemy and Why We Don't Talk About Him)" was published in June 2006.

Erik is also a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc., and is acting Associate Editor and Publisher of His entertaining and informative (if bizarre) website can be found at



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