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Social Justice pastors, your chickens will come home to roost


published: May 28, 2010


"For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it begins at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?"— 1 Peter 4:17 When clerg...

Sweet hour of prayer


published: May 06, 2010


The National Day of Prayer will be a glorious one in spite of all the controversy that blows with today's political winds. From every state in the USA, there will be prayers offered up unto th...

America is sending this regime packing


published: April 22, 2010


The American people intend to send President Barack Obama packing in 2012. The Obama regime is headed up by the most radical president America has ever had the misfortune to endure. It's pretty ...

It was another Sunday morning before Easter


published: April 05, 2010


There are many articles and editorials written that cause people to ask the question: Where Is God? With every passing day, we hear of many unthinkable tragedies and acts of disregard for human ...

What we need is a change of heart that is faithful, true, and enduring


published: March 02, 2010


"Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new." — 2 Corinthians 5:17 At one point in my grandfather's young...

The president must lead America conservatively


published: February 05, 2010


President Barack Obama stood before Congress and the American people just a little over a week ago to deliver his State of the Union Address — but his words still resound as nothing more th...

A wonderfully true and uplifting Christmas Story


published: December 04, 2009


As the story goes, it was about this time of the year when police officers received complaints about an apartment at the edge of the city. When they went to investigate, they came upon a flophou...

Americans embrace George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, not Chairman Mao Zedong


published: November 18, 2009


America is under siege from within. Our nation has undergone a bloodless coup that required no military action. It occurred one year ago this month, at the hands of liars, cheats, and thieves who &...

He is giving us plenty of warning signs -- Christ is coming again


published: September 27, 2009


While trying to make sense of our world's current political and social disarray, many are led to believe that something extraordinary is about to happen. We could use some good news for a change. ...

We are coming: The president has more than Glenn Beck to reckon with


published: September 10, 2009


There has been a huge surge in the influence of the Glenn Beck Show on Fox News. Beck has become one of the airwaves' premiere conservatives. Be gratified that there lives such a patriot among...

We The People


published: August 24, 2009


"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." — Thomas Jefferson President Barack Obama, you've overwhelmed &qu...;

Obama's Advance Care Planning: code words for 'euthanasia'


published: August 03, 2009


President Barack Obama has proposed that every American's medical records be set before mindless bureaucrats who will determine their fate. The eyes of scrutiny have been set into motion, and the A...

If Christians fail, America will also


published: July 13, 2009


"I recommend my soul to that Almighty Being who gave it, and my body I commit to the dust, relying upon the merits of Jesus Christ for a pardon of all my sins." — From the will of S...

'That wasn't me' says President Barack Hussein Obama


published: June 10, 2009


While driving home from work one evening on a very rainy night, I stopped for a red light and saw a disheveled-looking man who seemed to appear out of nowhere. He held a squeegee in his hand and be...

'You Christians think you know everything'


published: May 20, 2009


While reading the Word on a flight to visit a family member who recently moved from Southern California, I overheard some remarkable comments. I have had some really amazing discussions on airplane...

The President leads America under the guidance of his own destructive beliefs


published: May 08, 2009


After a hundred days of Barack Hussein Obama's presidency, sadly we are finding out the meaning of Obama's slogan "Change We Can Believe In," followed by the mantra, "Yes. We. Can.&q...;

Americans who reject Marxist socialism are castigated as 'right-wing extremists'


published: April 23, 2009


It could not be nearer to what you suspect. Under his new regime, President Barack Obama's Department of Homeland Security sent an intimidating message to law enforcement agencies nationwide calcul...

Obama: Schlepping around to find a church to celebrate Easter


published: April 13, 2009


At the time of our founding, most Americans were avowed Christians. Those devout believers would be shocked to see modern revisionists claim otherwise, and they would especially be shocked at the d...

Suddenly one morning, tyranny


published: March 30, 2009


Imagine waking up one morning prepared to do your daily Bible study and discovering that Exodus Chapter 20 had been completely erased. The Ten Commandments were missing. Of course, you would wonder...

Barack Hussein Obama Is A Committed Marxist


published: March 13, 2009


On Nov. 5, 2008, Americans woke up to a very real Marxist coup — although most didn't realize it. I sat down and cried while a huge crowd gathered and were cheering. I intuitively knew some...

The pendulum swings


published: February 24, 2009


There are people who have many misconceptions of Christianity. Some believe it is a heavy weight of do's and don'ts piled upon one's shoulders. Others believe that it's an "if you sin, you'll ...

Man Was Created In God's Image


published: February 09, 2009


For nearly a century, our public school textbooks have been more than suggesting that humans are related to specific members of the animal kingdom. In fact, Darwinism insists on such teaching. The...

Congratulations To Those Who Voted For America


published: January 29, 2009


On January 20, 2009, a coronation took place. It was the most expensive inauguration in American history. Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as America's 44th President. The pageantry far excee...

Is There Ever Enough Time?


published: January 18, 2009


People can become frustrated because they don't have enough time to do everything they need to do. Too often they find that life doesn't provide them enough time to do more than one or two things a...

Lies and plenty of them


published: January 11, 2009


In Southern California, we have one of the largest county fairs, where there is always someone demonstrating a miracle knife that slices and dices. As people watch the demonstration, it looks...

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Marie Jon

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