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Fiorina, al-Mansour and the World Economic Forum

by: jb williams | published: 06 02, 2010

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When Mr. McAmnesty (John McCain) morphed overnight into Mr. Border Security, under fire from Arizona conservatives fed up with the death and destruction flooding across its southern border, there was no great shock and nobody was in awe…

When Tea Party princess Sarah Palin paid her political debt by endorsing former running mate Mr. McAmnesty for re-election to the US Senate, Tea Partiers’ were upset, but not surprised.

But when Palin endorsed California candidate Carly Fiorina, running against Barbara Boxer, people were forced to ask who Palin is taking marching orders from these days…

Fiorina is famous for her “Fiorina’s Folly” that got her tossed from Hewlett Packard. A disaster not yet fully realized. But to those who follow behind-the-scenes politics, she is famous for much more disturbing news.

Fiorina has friends in LOW places…

Carly Fiorina (aka Cara Carleton Sneed) sits on the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum, a United Nations organization responsible for shoving nations around the world into global governance. - “The World Economic Forum Global Redesign Summit ended with concerns that the post-crisis zeal for reforming the global system may be waning.”

But congressional support for global governance will not wane on Carly’s watch. Agenda 21 and “sustainable development” are the new buzz words for “global socialism” through global governance and Carly sits on the Foundation Board at the mother ship.

This is by no means new for Fiorina though. Her affiliation with global activists dates back many years and includes some of our nation’s most nefarious characters.

An inquiring reporter worth his or her salt should be asking Carly to describe her long-term relationship with Dr. Khalid al-Mansour – aka Don Warden, Black Panther puppet master, Saudi Royal front-man and Obama education financier?

Fiorina sits on other Boards with al-Mansour, such as the African Leadership Academy. Al-Mansour, aka Don Warden, was the man behind the men of the Black Panther movement in the 1960s. He has long held hope for a “black nationalist” president, starting as far back as his relationship with Malcolm X. In fact, X died while speaking at one of al-Mansour’s college campus rallies.

Al-Mansour moved in both Black Nationalist and communist circles throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s, including relationships with noted black communist Frank Marshall Davis, and Weather Underground domestic terror leader William Ayers. Fiorina’s name pops up here and there in these circles, dating back to her college years.

Al-Mansour has been accused of using Saudi money and Black Nationalist leaders like New York Borough chief Percy Sutton, to finance the young Obama’s high-dollar education, among other nefarious pursuits.

In Obama Had Close Ties to Top Saudi Adviser at Early Age, Newsmax reporter Ken Timmerman reveals just how far back the relationship between Obama and al-Mansour goes. But Fiorina’s relationship with al-Mansour (aka Warden) appears to date back just as far, all the way to Berkeley.

This might explain why On the Record has not been able to get Carly “on-record” on anything.

Then, in this brief video clip, Fiorina brazenly supports federal regulation of free speech. She is certainly on-board the global governance train and has been since it left the UN station. She supported John McAmnesty for president, even though she thought Sarah Palin was under-qualified to be vice president.

Do they even graduate conservatives at Stanford or MIT? I don’t think so…

Second only to Barack Obama, Fiorina has a long history of bad choices when it comes to friends in low places. So why is Sarah Palin endorsing Fiorina? How would Fiorina be better than Boxer? What is Sarah thinking?

I wouldn’t say that Carly has never done anything right… even a broken clock is right twice a day. But to put it kindly, she certainly comes up short in the conservative credentials category. What attracted the princess of the Tea Party?

Then again, what made Tea Party Express endorse a Democrat in Idaho and tell the most conservative candidate in Nevada to “get out of the race?”

This is why average citizens have no clue what direction to turn. Nothing is what it seems on the surface. Everyone is making a political power-play of some sort for some reason and no public figure seems the least serious about saving this nation from certain ruin under Obama or McCain.

Even talk radio clown turned political guru Glenn Beck, whom many patriotic citizens foolishly expected to save the day, just dumped his 912 folks under the Dick Armey Freedom Works (for Dick) bus. Void of any of his own solutions, Beck threw his support behind known old RNC power-broker and amnesty friend, Dick Armey.

They even have Palin talking amnesty for illegals these days. Is there any public figure with a real backbone out there? Are there any real conservative candidates who aren’t just parroting Tea Party talking points for a few votes?

Will the real conservatives please stand up! There are millions on the ground across this great country. But best I can tell, it’s getting increasingly difficult to tell real conservatives from any other candidates and the so-called conservative movement leaders seem to be doing a lot of following…


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