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An Omnipotent President and Impotent Congress

by: jb williams | published: 02 17, 2014

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The United States system of self-governance is supposed to be a Constitutional Representative Republic of, by and for the people of the United States, ruled by popular majority with inalienable protections of State and individual Rights…

For the first time in U.S. history, the Federal Government now operates like a third world banana republic run by a tin-horn dictator bound by no set of laws, morals or ethics.

The Obama presidency remains opposed by the vast majority of Americans, on pretty much every issue under the sun. Yet the omnipotent White House resident continues to dictate anti-American policy from his ivory tower with complete immunity. How?

Congress Subverted

The entire world, including congress, knows that Barack Hussein Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen of the United States, and that he is constitutionally prohibited from holding the office of President under Article II, an office he has occupied for five years now.

Everyone in congress knows that Obama seized office on a forged birth certification and fraudulent DNC documents.

Because congress has allowed Article II to be ignored since 2008, congress now finds itself in the completely impotent position of not being able to uphold or defend any Article of the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

Because House Republicans fear a public backlash to holding the unconstitutional Obama regime fully accountable for their anti-American fraudulent actions, they sit silent, forced to go along with every executive office infringement of both State and individual Rights, completely subverted by the Oval Office pen as if congress no longer exists at all. Every member of congress should be fired today!

The House of Representatives holds the purse strings in America. No funds can be raised or spent for any federal use without the direct written consent of the House. Yet the Obama regime has functioned for five years without a single House authorized annual budget, driving the nation to $18 trillion in debt with no congressional oversight or authority.

The Obama regime has created more laws via abuse of executive powers than congress has passed by legitimate process in the same time frame. The constitution gives the federal government no authority over health care whatsoever, yet the Obama regime is controlling and destroying health care today, without a single Republican supporter in congress.

The US Senate is a mere rubber stamp extension of the White House. If there was a single decent Republican in the Senate today, they would have dragged Harry Reid out in the street and punched his lights out years ago.

The Supreme Court is corrupted beyond Repair>

Two members of the US Supreme Court were placed on the bench by an illegal invader of the Oval Office and they have no business sitting on that court. Senate Republicans allowed Senate Democrats to railroad them into confirming both and now the court is engaged in subverting Constitutional Law in favor of Marxist “social justice.&rdquo

Every member of the US Supreme Court knows that the entire Obama regime is nothing more than a laundry list of usurpations, fraud and anti-American policies. But not one member of the high court has the stones to stand up for the Constitution and the American people and call the Obama regime what it really is, a theft of America.

The People are Clueless

The people keep clamoring about the worst administration in US history, asking why the Marxist-in-Chief is allowed to destroy the greatest country ever known to mankind and the answer is right under their noses the whole time…

They can do whatever the people will allow them to get away with!

Because no one is holding anyone accountable for the misdeeds, abuses of power and direct affronts to the constitutionally protected Rights of the people and the States, they can do whatever they want and they are…

Comprehensive Immigration Reform was passed in 1986, covering all of the remedies being proposed by both Democrats and Republicans again today. The federal government gave a one-time amnesty to over a million illegal aliens in exchange for comprehensive immigration reform back in 1986. But the federal government never enforced the new immigration laws since 1986.

Today, both Democrats and Republicans work to provide amnesty with full citizenship and voting rights to more than 20 million illegal aliens who have invaded our country since the passage of comprehensive immigration reform back in 86’.

The idea that amnesty is being proposed again for benefit of the economy is proven to be a lie by the mere fact that over 90 million legal American citizens are currently unemployed. The notion that our federal government will enforce “new” immigration laws is proven to be a lie by the mere fact that the 1986 Immigration Reform Act has never been enforced since the last one-time amnesty for illegal aliens.

However, if Americans allow the federal government to do whatever they want, they will legalize illegal immigration again, this time for more than 20 million illegal aliens while 90 million Americans are without a job.

No Accountability Anywhere

The Omnipotent Obama is free to do anything he wants, so long as congress, the Supreme Court, fifty State governments and 300 million Americans continue to allow him to do it.

Eric Holder has NO constitutional authority to spend American tax dollars on providing marital benefits to homosexual federal employees, but he just did it.

The Omnipotent Obama has no authority to stop Arizona from enforcing existing immigration laws within the state of Arizona, or to stop New York State from balancing its state budget, but Obama has illegally used federal court appointees to do both.

Although the Obama regime thinks itself an omnipotent third world ruler, it is not.

Whether or not it is even an elected administration is clouded by accusations of massive election fraud and proven identity fraud on the part of Barack Hussein Obama, carried out and covered up by the Democratic Party since 2008.

But whether elected by fraud or not, the Constitution and Bill of Rights exist to protect the States and the People from a tyrannical tin-horn dictator like Barack Obama.

If congress and the Supreme Court are not going to do anything about it, then the People must. Do you know what people do when they don’t know what to do? – Nothing that matters!

The omnipotent Obama can do whatever the People will allow him to get away with, as long as they allow him to get away with it.

Contrary to popular rhetoric, what’s wrong with the current “patriot resistance” isn’t that “we have no leader…”—It’s that everyone thinks themselves a leader, and therefore, we have no followers, hence, no unity in force. The smartest leaders know when to follow…

Only when the People unite and act to hold public servants accountable, will Obama and Co. be stopped.

How much more do the people have to lose before they wise up?

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