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Fire Jim Rogers

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by: freedom works | published: 03 24, 2011

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Due to ethical and business issues that have damaged the reputation of Duke Energy and put shareholders and ratepayers at risk, we urge you to exercise your fiduciary responsibility as board members and dismiss Jim Rogers from his position as chief operating officer. Specifically, Rogers’ leadership has led to:

  • Gross mismanagement surrounding the construction of the Edwardsport power plant in Indiana resulting in an estimated $900 million cost overrun.
  • A group of Indiana businesses petitioned the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to compel Rogers to testify under oath before the commission regarding emails between Duke Energy executives and a former state regulator. Rogers recently acknowledged an internal investigation found e-mails that "could be construed" to show inappropriate correspondence between the company and the IURC.
  • An unprecedented use of shareholder money to back the 2012 Democratic National Convention with a $10 million line of credit. Rogers had previously agreed to serve as co-chair of the convention but now he is using company assets to augment his personal commitment to the Democratic Party.
  • The company taking a high-profile position by aggressively supporting President Obama’s cap-and-trade plan.

These matters raise serious financial, ethical and legal issues that have the potential to negatively impact shareholders and customers alike. We urge you to hold Jim Rogers accountable for these lapses and take action by dismissing him from his position as chief operating officer of Duke Energy.

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    75 million voted last November. Only 40 million of the 75, million voted for the Tear Party candidates. 40 million out of 310 million does not give anyone a right to claim they speak for America.
    Attacking a persons livelyhood because they have a different political view is a threat to all Americans.
    Look out Tea Party this is not going to go over well.

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    Attempting to get a man fired because of his political ideology. How unAmerican. freedom is under attack by the TP party.. There is no greater threat To democracy then this. Trying to send a fear into anyone who might be a democrat that our jobs are on the line. Despicable!

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    brian grant

    tell us, what your real agenda is...
    all he cared about was bringing money to charlotte.
    you teabaggers are going to commit suicide.

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