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by: jb williams | published: 01 20, 2014

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After five years of unbridled intentional destruction of the Constitutional Republic, freedom and liberty, the American economy, the US Military and every known principle and value held dear by our nation’s Founders and once protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, America is in its worst condition since the Great Depression. What difference do you make?

If you think you can’t make any difference, then you don’t make any difference at all!

The most common question posed in America today is “what can we do?” and the second is “what difference does it make?” The answer to both questions is found only in the answer to another question… “What difference do you make.”

Over seventy percent of Americans are dead set opposed to pretty much everything happening in their country and the world today. Yet, they continue to allow the anti-American minority to run over them. Why?

During a congressional hearing on Benghazi, Hillary Clinton posed the most important question for every American to answer – What difference does it make? The people must answer this question…

- What difference should Benghazi make?

- What difference should Extortion 17 make?

- What difference does almost $18 trillion in debt make?

- What difference do 92 million workers leaving the US work force make?

- What difference do all the dead people around the Clinton’s make?

- What difference is ObamaCare making?

- What difference does military ROE make?

- What difference will legalizing millions of illegal invaders make?

- What difference does election fraud make?

- What difference does identity fraud make?

The North American Law Center released an 82 second video last week that should be enough to send every American into a fit of rage. These things make all the difference in the world and every awake and sane American knows it…

Still, the people ask “what difference does it make?” and “what difference can we make?”

Well, look at what difference a minority of anti-American leftists have been able to make. Are you telling me that these anti-American leftists are smarter, braver and more committed to their mission than the American majority is? Sadly, it certainly looks that way…

- The LEFT has patiently worked to destroy America for over a hundred years.

- The LEFT has left no stone unturned in their mission.

- The LEFT was smart enough to divide their opposition.

- The LEFT attacks on every front every day in a sustained assault.

- The LEFT is smart enough to unite in all of their efforts.

- The LEFT has only one rule of engagement, win at any cost.

- The LEFT never loses hope or considers quitting as an option.

- The LEFT is smart enough to plan their attacks.

 The LEFT is smart enough to stay on plan until they achieve their goals.

Now, what about the so-called RIGHT?

We have over 40,000 competing Tea Party, Liberty and 912 groups in the country, each running their own show, based on their individual agendas and poorly planned strategies, which very few people have the depth of conviction to carry out to fruition. The RIGHT majority is no match for the minority LEFT in this condition.

Do not believe those who say there is no right-left paradigm… there is always a right-wrong paradigm and these are the only two positions debated on any issue, right vs. wrong. The pro-American RIGHT is supposed to represent right, and the anti-American LEFT represents wrong. There is no escaping this reality at this late date.

Although the pro-American RIGHT is the absolute majority in America, even now… the minority LEFT is running over the RIGHT daily and the RIGHT never seems to learn from their defeats. Divided, they will fall… it is no more complicated than that…

Every day I watch from both a highly engaged position and a sideline position… and what I see is shameful.

What can we do? The correct question is “what WILL you do? If you are negotiating the price of freedom, you cannot have freedom, period.

If you think you can return America to its constitutional foundations by violating the constitution yourself, think again.

Freedom has never been free… it has always come at the highest price. A people unwilling to pay that price cannot have it. Is that what Americans are made of now?

What we can do… is very simple and the Founders provided the answer to every question regarding the Constitutional Republic getting off course. They provided a plethora of peaceful solutions. They also recognized that human nature would be to tolerate offenses until the offenses became intolerable, and that by that point, most peaceful options may have passed their window of opportunity.

1. Stop trying to negotiate the price of freedom.

2. Secure your families in every way beginning with spiritually.

3. Secure your communities in every way, including spiritually.

4. Secure your states in every way, under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

5. Unite to fight a tyrannical federal government.

6. Unite to protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

7. Exhaust all peaceful solutions while you can.

8. Unite in strategic (not symbolic) initiatives and refuse to accept NO for an answer.

How many “patriots” are fast to tell you that our election systems are broken and rotten with fraud, but always stop short of telling what they are doing to fix it?

How many “patriots” talk about the importance of States and Individual Rights, but have never lifted a finger to correctly defend them?

Unlike any other country on earth, America is and will be whatever the American majority decide it is.

If the American majority decides that the Constitution and Bill of Rights is no longer in effect, they will be right. If they decide that their founding documents do matter, they will also be right.

At the end of the day, the future of freedom is not in the hands of Barack Hussein Obama or any other politician. It is in the hands of the American majority. If they decide to continue allowing the anti-American minority to keep running over them, they will get run over.

But if the American majority decides to put down the threat, and they unite in intelligent strategies to accomplish that, they will accomplish it and in short order.

What difference does it make?

It all depends upon what difference YOU make!     

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