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Obama Labels 38% of Federal Employees as “non-essential”

by: jb williams | published: 10 13, 2013

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The U.S. Federal Government currently employs approximately 2.1 million workers (not including the military), 800,000 (38%) of them, now identified as “non-essential” employees and furloughed as a result of a budget impasse between the “Anarchist” controlled House and “Communist” controlled Senate. If you haven’t been paying attention lately, congress is not made up of Republicans and Democrats anymore, just anarchists and communists.

Please note that over the past five years, in which private sector employment has remained in steady decline, the Obama Administration has kept somewhat of a false lid on “unemployment” numbers, in part, by adding “non-essential” public sector jobs.

After decades of bloated government intrusions into countless unconstitutional areas via record deficit spending that has driven our once great nation to the brink of bankruptcy with more than $17 trillion in debt, the so-called “government shutdown” may have a silver lining. Immediately, we learn that 38% of federal employees are “non-essential.” What? We have 800,000 employees more than we need?

According to the Obama Administration, 800,000 federal employees are not necessary or non-essential, although the administration changed the terminology this morning, to “accepted and non-accepted” instead of essential vs. non-essential. I’m sure that will help the 38% receiving furloughs this morning as they pack up their offices and head home not knowing if or when they can return to gainful employment.

To be clear, my heart goes out to the families of 800,000 federal workers who should have sought gainful employment in the productive private sector instead of betting the farm on a government position, which has drained the nation of its private sector prosperity.

It turns out Margaret Thatcher was right… Socialism is a great idea until you run out of other people’s money.

Clearly, in a nation on the brink of bankruptcy, more the $17 trillion in debt and over $100 trillion in unfunded federal liabilities, all of it caused by the over-bloated expansion of the federal government at the expense of freedom and liberty itself, it’s time for some house cleaning. If 800,000 federal employees are non-essential, or not necessary, this is a good start…

While I feel terrible for the families who bet their families financial future on a government job, I feel much worse for 300 million Americans expected to continue picking up the tab for a government that no longer represents the taxpayers in this country.

I am not happy that 800,000 Americans may have lost their livelihood today, but it was inevitable…. And it is going to get much worse before it gets any better. In the end, it was always going to come down to saving government employees or saving the entire nation from total ruin.

Americans need a refresher course in basic economics.

·       People who can’t profit don’t produce

·       Without profit, there is no tax revenue

·       Without tax revenue, there is only deficits and debt

·       Government jobs are a drain on the economy

·       Public sector employment destroys private sector employment 

Let’s get very real here for a moment… If we add up all “essential” members of congress, the administrative branch and judicial branch, it won’t add up to a thousand people. If we allow those thousand public servants to have 99,000 helpers, which adds up to a total of one hundred thousand federal employees, this means that 800,000 are not “non-essential” – 2 million are non-essential and one hundred thousand is a very nice luxury that no other American has…

Of course, this means that the federal government will no longer have the man-power to insert itself into the business of the states or the people, or the private sector, from which all national prosperity must come.

In short, it’s high time to give our government a major haircut, time to give the hippies running our government a bath. It’s time to neuter the people responsible for driving our nation to more than $100 trillion in unfunded social-spending liabilities, just to garner a few votes here and there.

If ObamaCare was such a great plan, lawmakers would accept that coverage for themselves and their staffs, but they don’t and they never will. This fact alone should end any debate over ObamaCare, which was put into law by less than constitutional processes.

Now that we have arrived at yet another crossroad on the path to the day of reckoning, it seems a perfect opportunity to address the real issue in America; the nation can no longer survive a Political Ruling Class which makes laws for the peasants while exempting themselves from those laws.

We can no longer spend money we don’t have, and borrow from ourselves when no one else on earth is foolish enough to lend to us anymore.

The silver lining in the “government shutdown” is the American people will quickly realize what they can easily live without, 38% of the federal employees responsible for 60% of the federal intrusions into the private affairs of the states and the people.

The simple truth is if every state was a sovereign economically secure home for American citizens, we could live in freedom again without 90% of the current federal albatross, drowning the nation in a socio-economic abyss like an anvil chained around the taxpayers neck.

I am no more for anarchy than I am communism. I stand firmly opposed to both. But I am entirely for freedom and liberty, a free-market economy like the one that made America the most prosperous and powerful nation ever known to mankind, and a real sense of sanity, which is completely absent in Washington DC and many State governments today. These damned communists must go!

The fantasy that we could spend our way to prosperity was fun while it lasted, but it is over, or at least it should be. The 50% of Americans currently dependent upon the other 50% of Americans for their very existence will have to grow up, become adults, learn to use their freedom to take care of their own instead of using it to rob others.

Every day that we pass on the opportunity to right our ship and kick the can down the road a little further before dealing with the day of reckoning, the hole is deeper, the walls are higher, the options are fewer and the costs become greater.

America will be a much better place, the type of country people envied all over the world, once we rid ourselves of the albatross around our necks, the federal government. This will happen one day, whether or not the American people are smart enough to want it. Sooner or later, we will have to dismantle the federal enterprise or it will dismantle America.

The smartest Americans want to deal with our disaster head on today while we can still survive the reset. Only fools want to delay the reckoning, unaware of the fact that the bigger the problem, the greater the fall.

The Republicans (aka anarchists) are not shutting down government. The people who have shut down any reasonable dialogue are shutting down government. That blame rests with Harry Reid and his communist (aka democrat) Senate.

But let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth here. Let’s begin the economic turnaround by eliminating the 38% of government deemed “non-essential” by the Obama Administration.

Further, until members of congress can balance the federal budget without raising any new taxes, they are “non-essential” workers as well and none of them should be paid either, until they do the jobs they get paid to do, which does not include driving our nation into the toilet.

NOBODY in the federal government should draw a paycheck until they begin to work for ALL of the American people again. It’s 99% us and 1% them….

The “shutdown” will never be the worst thing to ever happen in America, but it could be the best thing to happen since 1776. It’s up to the people to decide what to make of this opportunity.

God should show no mercy on a people who lack the backbone to win a battle in which they have a 99-1 advantage.

Today is the day to take our country back… if only we have the will. While pundits debate whether the shutdown is best for Republicans or Democrats, the people must decide what is best for AMERICA, with no regard for how it affects politicians who stopped caring about the people decades ago. 

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